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Michael Lohan Ready To Request A Conservatorship For Lindsay From The Courts!

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Lindsay Lohan may be trying to get an order of protection taken out against her father, Michael, but with her management and legal team on his side and one failed intervention behind them, the group is looking for another way to get the troubled starlet the help she so desperately needs…and they may be taking a page out of the Jamie Spears playbook!

Lohan plans to meet with lawyers this week to propose a conservatorship over LiLo, who's substance abuse problems have escalated in recent months due to her friendships with various enablers - including mother Dina!

And before you all start screaming that he's only attempting to gain control of her finances, Michael has no plans to request the role of her conservator, and instead wants the judge to decide whom to appoint…so long as it's not her mother!

With this in place, he hopes to get Lindsay into rehab without the influence of her peers, who insured that "she went in dirty and didn't come out clean" during her last stints. He also hopes that this move would finally convince Dina to agree to family therapy, as her refusal to do so in the past has hindered her daughter's recovery.

Wow. Lots to process here, isn't there?

While Michael's past behavior has certainly made us weary of jumping aboard the bandwagon, we have to say that he DOES carry a significant amount of clout here, due to the involvement of her handlers and his assurance that he does NOT want to be appointed her conservator!

We just hope that if they all can somehow convince a judge that this is the best option for the actress' health and well-being, he or she assigns someone the job who can successfully get her the help that she clearly needs…and away from BOTH her parents!

At least until she's well enough to really grasp how their behavior has taken a toll on her and how to handle them better in the future!

What do U think? Team Michael or Team Lindsay??

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19 comments to “Michael Lohan Ready To Request A Conservatorship For Lindsay From The Courts!”

  1. 1

    You are like a bunch of little children. Even though Brittany made it the in thing, a conservatorship is not easy to get. The Spears got one, because their daughter was admitted against her will to a physc eval. She then AGREED to a conservatorship. Quit beeing so fucking dramatic. This isn't the 50's, you just can't take over a grown ups life without their consent. My god, get a clue. The only way she gets a conservatorship is if she agrees to it herself.. Fucking moron's.

  2. 2

    A conservatorship is a great idea for Lindsay providing her parents are not the conservators.

  3. 3

    Honestly I never thought I'd say this, but definitely Team Michael in this now. I thought about this the other day, it worked for Britney, Britney resented her father for a while but now credits him for saving her life and her career. The fact Michael wants court appointed conservators for her health speaks volumes. Maybe he's grown up and fixed his life and now it's time, as a father, to help fix Lindsay's. The girl is out of control, she's starting to look questionable again her eyes seem glassy and she's back getting into Drama. A conservatorship very well could be what's needed in order for her to maintain sobriety and structure long enough for her to grow up like Britney did.

  4. 4

    If LL was dead broke her dad would be MIA. He's just trying to get control of her money obviously. Ya. That's a good idea. Put Michael Lohan in charge of a bunch of money. It would be gone within a week and they would find him in some hotel with a mirror, a razor blade, and some white trash chick who is not his newest baby mama. What a joke

  5. 5

    Re: hoochpit – That's not true, it has happend against peoples will before when they've exhibited behavior like Lindsay's over an extended period of time. It's a very viable option, and yeah it was easier to get it back in the 50's but Britney didn't get it because of being admitted for a psychiatric evaluation, her drug use and alcohol abuse were major factors in the court ordering a conservatorship. You can be admitted for psychiatric evaluation and then be discharged a day or two later and go home and live your life.

  6. Leslie says – reply to this


    This man is such a hypocrite. He should be ashamed of himself and go crawl in a dark hole and never come out. Has he no shame? Does nothing embarrass him? Of course his ex wife is just as bad. Lindsay should get far away from both of them and go into rehab in some secret location and not let them know where she is. What would they do then for attention?

  7. 7

    Re: Valentina – will never happen with lindsay. drugs are not enough and personally don't think drugs are her issue right now. they would have to prove she cannot function on a day to day basis and that's going to be impossible to prove. there is also a big flaw in your theory. lindsay did a rehab at UCLA where she would have been checked out psychologically and was not found to have any major mental issues that would not allow her to make her own decisions. this is nothing more that her father trying to threaten her and punish her for cutting him off. he was saying in interviews just recently that she was fine and never once mentioned the need for her to go to rehab. that all changed after she cut him off.

  8. jenny says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – I agree iwth you and lohan isn't a psych case she's a druggie

  9. 9

    Re: Valentina – I understand the commitment thing, I was making a point of there being more evidence in her case. But, my point is still fact, you cannot just walk into a court room and say we want a conservitorship. Drugs and alcahol are not viable any longer. In the 50's, people woudl do that to thier kids that were on drugs. That is what "One Flew Over the Coocoos Nest" was about. But no, they cannot take her life over for partying and being irresponsible. There has to be a compelling reason, very compelling. In this country, we don't take every single right away from a grownup for acting in a way that their parent(s) disaprove of.

  10. Emmy says – reply to this


    Re: sparkles43 – Unlike her mom, Dina, who to my knowledge has never had a job and who Lindsay has been financially supporting. Michael Lohan is trash, but at least he was trash with a little money once upon a time. Has Dina ever had to quarters to rub together…that wasn't her daughters? As much as I think Michael Lohan is a publicity loving scumbag, I still believe he is a lesser of the evils when put up against Dina…and that's a scary thought! Basically, Lindsay is pretty much fucked!

  11. 11

    Re: sparkles43 – isn't Lindsay already 'dead broke'? Are you commenting on the same post I just read? Lohan clearly states he does not want to be the conservator.

  12. 12

    Isn't Lindsay 26 years old now? You would think if she had any survival instinct some of it would have kicked in by now. It's a shame everyone who needs help in this world hasn't had a portion of the chances and help she's had.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, brother. Golden goose grab? Young people who are long of age have to make their own way, along with their own mistakes. She's a far ways away from head shaving. I seriously doubt it will fly, but it WILL cost him a bundle. Lol. Would they even consider giving a conservatorship to a felon? Even if they managed it, and she doesn't come close to fitting the criterion, good luck making her work under those circumstances. She's more like her father that way.

  14. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Oh she certainly does need conservatorship, but he sure as fuck doesn't need anything to do with it. They all need to be strapped down in padded rooms. Why isn't he more concerned over his OTHER kids. He's a piece of shit, he wouldn't do all the sneaky shit he does if he wasn't.

  15. barny says – reply to this


    The best thing this piece of trash could do for his daughter Lindsay would be to have a Massive Stroke and DIE.

  16. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Hey @v@, I really like you and you make intelligent comments however if you read the story in full he specifically does not want to be her conservator. He wants someone independent. However whether this will fly or not is a whole nother story, my personal bet is it will not and I am in the Dead Pool for Jan. 2013.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Cheers. If that ever happened, (due to a 5150 or something) it should be someone completely independent of HIM. I hope she gets a real spine here and goes back to work, and watches out for set ups.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her best bet is rebuild her work rep, stow away a hundred million or more, and then throw both her parents a few mill to keep them quiet (along with knowing they're looked after properly); along with the understanding that any more public spewing or embarrassment about her or eachother, and there will be no. more. cash.

  19. ElaineRenoire says – reply to this


    Britney Spears is trapped in a conservatorship and likely won’t get free until her money runs out – and then suddenly they’ll say she’s able to take care of herself.

    Lindsay Lohan is about to enter the same nightmare.

    Conservatorship is not warm and fuzzy; and every measure possible should be taken to avoid it.

    Learn more at NASGA’s website: