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Taylor Does NOT Feel Guilty For Writing About Her Mean Ol' Exes!

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Watch out, lads!

If you screw Taylor Swift in more ways than one, she'll immortalize your dickish actions in song!

Lady Tay is currently making the interview rounds to promote her JUST released, already #1 album RED, and during a chat sesh, girl divulged that she doesn't feel guilty for writing about her ex boyfriends, although she wouldn't write anything mean if she considers someone a 'good' person.

Taylor expressed:

"I take these songs and these people who inspire these songs on a case-by-case basis. If there were someone who was a good person, I’m not going to write something bad about them. But if they handle a situation in a way that really messed up my life for a while, that’s what I’m going to write about…"


Girl even goes on to explain HOW her notorious song writing schemes affect her romantic relationships, stating:

"I’ve never had a guy say to me, ‘I was thinking of asking you out, but I was afraid I would end up in that song.’ I have had a guy say, as we were breaking up, ‘You better not write a song about this.’ At which point, I proceeded to write an entire album about it."


And we wonder who THAT particular ex-beau was COUGHJohn MayerCOUGH.

Perhpas if a dude is worried about Taylor's scathing tongue, they should enter into a pre-relationship agreement stating Tay CANNOT use her romantic experiences as song material… kinda like a prenup for the prenups!

Hmmmm we wonder if her current lover Conor Kennedy has already done this! His family is pretty political after all and wouldn't want a member of their own bashed in a Taylor tune.

Something to think about, Conor!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Taylor Does NOT Feel Guilty For Writing About Her Mean Ol' Exes!”

  1. 1

    Has the Nashville Prick-Teaser ever looked in the mirror to see what her problem is?

  2. 2

    You're a loser, Perez. You eat that shit up because you're a deviant with no morals, ethics, or purpose in life. Swift is a self-indulgent asshole who, if the shoe she makes others wear were affixed to her feet, would scream, yell, cry, and make herself out to be the victim. It takes two people to have issues that lead to break-up, and the fact that she lashes out in her shitty music makes her a vindictive, hateful twat. One day she'll get a good dose of the humiliation she imagines she's entitled to dish out. I only hope that it's a public as possible.

  3. 3

    Zero talent! Mommy and Daddy's money made her famous! I understand parents who like her wholesome image, but seriously, the girl can't sing!

  4. TaylorDumb says – reply to this


    She's very childish and somewhat bully-ish as well with her songwriting. I'm pretty sure she would not be able to handle it if one of these ex-boyfriends of hers wrote a nasty song about her.

  5. JulesNYC says – reply to this


    I'm starting to think she is the problem in the relationships.

  6. 6

    Re: Pansy Hunter – When are you going away…….

  7. marcella says – reply to this



  8. Rose says – reply to this


    She's a pretty girl and she's talented, but maybe, just maybe she should stop dating inappropriately aged men. Or boys. I'd run if I saw her coming.

  9. hmm says – reply to this


    She needs to go away and never to be heard from again. Anyone, male or female who kisses and tells about everyone they dry humped is a low rent and low class attention whore. It's no surprise men and boys dump her like a smelly sack of shit.

  10. Gonzo says – reply to this


    That's all she writes about. One trick pony.

  11. 11

    Mean ol exes huh. Why would they be mean, because she annoys the fuck out of them so they dump her?

  12. Rose says – reply to this


    Dont you have some sort of restriction in place to prevent the same person using multiple I.d.s?

  13. 13

    She is getting to be annoying.

  14. Connor says – reply to this


    She sounds like someone who takes ZERO accountability for her relationship woes. She's only 22 and yet she has how many ex boyfriends that kinda sorta ruined her life now? Maybe she's doing something wrong.

    I just love how so long as you aren't bold in the slightest, opinionated, or just vanilla overall then you're not considered a "bully" no matter how vindictive you are. Demi, Taylor, Selena….they're all dismissive in ways and have totally broken their own rules but never fess up.

  15. 15

    Tired of people asking her about this. Hey Perez, you're friends with her right? Can you please ask her to write a song called "Boohoo I Wrote a Song About You" already?

  16. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    it's funny how this album is mostly POP based, with a few country songs. I can't believe they even called this girl country, she's clearly pop. It's a POP album, her "We Are Never Getting Back Together" single isn't even played on Country Radio. lol. Too bad Taylor has to grow up some time, and trust me it won't be in Pop music. Hopefully in Rehab trying to kick her Meth Addiction because no one wants to date her.

  17. Shanghai says – reply to this


    Yes the Kennedy family are going to so very happy when she writes a song about him and about them when he eventually breaks up with her.

  18. 18

    Hasn't she already dated EVERYONE in Hollywood & Nashville, except for Chris Brown?

  19. 19

    I guessing Taylor is a LEZBO…..

  20. 20

    It's funny how she tells others not to bully people and then she goes and bullies people. Aw, they hurt you? cry me a river build a bridge and get over it…because that's what adults do!

  21. iamawesom-o says – reply to this


    You don't inspire a single thing in me except perhaps suicide. Also hear youre a bit of a wh*re according to the Kennedy's (Who DON'T like you, despite what they may be saying to your face) That whole cutesy act? No one is buying it. And you know what everyone's starting to realize with all of these songs? You're a bitter, insecure, jealous loser who has a hard time getting over anything. I wonder why you have so many ex's and you can't seem to keep a boyfriend? You're the common denominator in all these relationships honey…so next time someone goes to say 'it's me, not you' I wouldn't believe it…it's not them, it's YOU. It's probably the fact that you have the maturity level of a 5 year old and probably still think unicorns exist. Grow up and act like an adult. You are corny and cheesy as hell and that's what men can't stand you. Or maybe its the fact that your face resembles someone who is constantly sucking on a lemon. Oh and you know that insecurity you have for being known for cheesy over-rated generic crap music? It's totally founded. Your music blows. Nice attempt to try to be 'edgy' by adding that craptastic dubstep song to your record, ..that will really get people to take you seriously now. You aren't trying too hard to be somethin your not and totally didn't come across as desperate at all…not one bit. You're just so awesome. LiKe ToTaLLy LuV sPaRkLeS aNd rAiNbOwS! LiKe ToTaLLy! -_-

  22. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Girl has dated some known player/bachelors though. Either way I don't get why people give her so much shit for writing about exes. EVERY musical artist does. All the greats. I mean Rhianna keeps doing it and no one says anything.

  23. Kim says – reply to this


    I'm 17 and have NEVER been able to stand her music. She's about as mature as I was when I was 10. She's, what, 22 now? Shouldn't she be maturing and finding other life experiences to write her crappy music about? We get it, you can't sustain relationships with anyone because you're too self-obsessed to see your own flaws. Life lesson for you, Taylor: based on your track record, it's probably more you than them. Oh, and I feel so bad for Ed Sheeran. He's too talented to deserve to get stuck in her shadow on her album. He is a REAL singer-songwriter. She should take notes.

  24. 24

    She dated John Mayer, right? I think he should host a meeting with all of her other victims, I mean exes, to discuss what SHE has done wrong. Then they could put their songwriting caps on and release a giant mash up album of songs that pinpoint her shortcomings and wrong doings in her relationships. I'd buy that!

  25. 25

    I am amazed at all the snarky comments being made her about this woman. She doesn't do drugs, get arrested for DUI, get put in jail for whatever, or have traffic wrecks every other week. She handles herself with dignity and grace. What had any of you accomplished at age 22?

  26. 26

    Re: judalon – I agree that her behavior is admirable, but the girl can't sing!

  27. cari says – reply to this


    Someone better tell her that KARMA IS A BITCH BEST SERVED COLD. It's only a matter of time that her bitterness is gonna fly back in her face faster than a boomerang.

  28. Nwvotes says – reply to this


    Is Taylor Swift still country? Vote at

  29. 29

    Everyone talks about their past relationships. All of Adele's albums were about her exes. BUT and HOWEVER, Adele was classy about it and didn't announce who each song was about but with Taylor's song, she pretty much spells it out for you. AKA, Dear John. No one is buying her, "I bet you think this song is about you… You're so vain" technique.

  30. 30

    She's a 'serial dater' and intentionally does something to make a treat her like crap, or whatever… self fulfilling because without that input, she'd have no song material. She needs to prove she can write a hit about something other than romantic failures or else in spite of how big she is, she'll become a country carnival attraction as the years go by.

  31. Leila says – reply to this


    Haters gonna Hate because they honestly don't have anything better to do with their lives but the whole argument that she is untalented is redundant. She writes all of her songs, plays multiple instruments, is an amazing entertainer and she can sing. She is not a whitney type singer, but every concert i have been to her vocals have been on point and amazing. Her album just went number 1 in 31 countries on itunes which honestly speaks for itself. You would have to be pretty stupid at this point in her career to date taylor swift and be surprised or angry that she has written a song about you. She is very mature for her age, she hasnt made any stupid mistakes and it would be difficult trying to be a normal 22 year old girl trying to date in the spotlight so layoff. She is a great role model and I would rather her sing about not putting up with being treated like crap from guys than see rhianna get back together with the guy that physically assaulted her. Pink, Adele, Alanis Morrisette and almost every other female singer songwriter write about their love life but they don't apoligize for it and neither should Taylor, It's their job and the only reason Taylor gets hate is because she is under a microscope and everyone wants to tear her down

  32. 32

    She's childish and immature. Just looking at how she acts after a breakup. Typical irrational 16 year old girl. "Well, He's ugly! or well he has a tiny peen" Notice that women will diss on a guy even though he's way out of her league? Coping mechanism. That said, writing songs about what goes on behind closed doors is no different than blabbing to people. I'm betting its mostly her fault for all of the breakups. I mean, she writes her favorite number on her hand with a sharpie..I used to do that too, in 6th grade….

  33. 33

    I've already predicted her future. She will marry that Kennedy boy. He will cheat on her just like every other piece of shit Kennedy does. She will become an aged, washed up singer. Bitter and barely able to sell any records. Then she will turn to booze and pills and in a drunken ramble whine about how every man has done her wrong.

  34. 34

    Taylor Swift is THAT girl. The pretty, geeky self-absorbed "victim" who thinks everyone wants to hear her "woe is me" stories. Word to Taylor: only your pre teen fans give a shit about your pathetic love life. And, uh, a word of advice: look in the mirror and ask yourself, what's the common denominator in all of your tragic break-ups. Now write about HER.

  35. Summer Rain says – reply to this


    Re: JulesNYC – Joe Jonas did just that, "Much Better" and it wasn't really a problem.