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Cory Monteith Leaves Lea Michele For Jessica Sanchez?!

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How typical, a girl gets fake pregnant and the baby-daddy leaves for some hot, young thang!


Ok, so in REAL life, Monchele is JUST dandy and Lea Michele is NOT preggers, but American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez WILL be guesting on Glee come January, and many are speculating she's gonna feature as Finn's (Cory Montheith) new love interest!!

Jessica recently dished on the Finn rumors, expressing:

"Everybody thinks [I'll play Finn's love interest], but I'm not even sure. That would be interesting."

Hmmm, this could potentially be cute… but its also kinda creeps since Jess is 14 years his junior!

Ah well, whatever role Jessica plays we're sure it'll perfectly exemplify her ridiculous vocal talents and sweet-as-pie demeanor!

BUT, now the important question is… WHAT songs will Jessica belt out on Glee?!!? Oooo we can't wait find out!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Cory Monteith Leaves Lea Michele For Jessica Sanchez?!”

  1. noro says – reply to this


    sorry but without my finchel i refuse to watch glee finchel 4 eva

  2. Aaron:) says – reply to this


    love me some Jessica Sanchez. Can't wait to see her on Glee :)

  3. Monica says – reply to this


    She's going to be the lead in vocal adrenaline I'm sure of it!

  4. leen says – reply to this


    Re: noro – yessss!!!! We want Finchel<3<3<3

  5. 5

    He does seem to like the barely legal ones

  6. 6

    Perez, the headline is gross. And it's not been confirmed whether Jessica is FINN's love interest or not. Jessica's team is just using that angle for promotion. I doubt they're gonna put a 30 yr old male lead of their show with a 16 year old amateur actress.

  7. 7

    Re: hamster25 – He's currently dating a 26 year old woman.

  8. Manny says – reply to this


    Adding a vocalist like Jessica makes a Streisand episode very possible. If Anyone has any doubt that Jessica can pull off the biggest Steisand song, just listen to her live version of And I Am Telling You. That song is crazy hard to sing correctly and Jessica breezes through it like a seasoned pro.

  9. Peyton says – reply to this


    I don't think she'll be the new L.I for Finn, maybe the new lead of the Vocal Adrenaline. Anyway if you're a true fan of the show, you're open to any changes! I don't get these co-gleeks of mine who are so rude, mean and bitter about her joining Glee, WTF?.lol So I can't wait to see Jessica Sanchez and what she can offer to glee.

  10. Henriettopex says – reply to this


    Jessica Sanchez will just be the second coming of Charice.

  11. estevann says – reply to this


    Re: Henriettopex – wronggg..Jessica is cast for the whole season(4) or more and have a big part of the series…charice auditioned and invited for 2 guesting only… Jessica was hired on the spot, no auditions..big different.

  12. Lisa says – reply to this


    Sorry but I will be fast forwarding through Finn with another romantic interest. I only like him with Rachel! While I think Cory can pass for a nineteen year old I think it only works when his co-stars are in their twenties or older. Looking at him next to Jessica makes him look way too old for her!

  13. GLEEKS says – reply to this


    WTF? First the rumors were that Finn would be the new Mr. Schue as everyone conveniently ignored how there isn't a public school in America that would allow a recent high school grad with NO credentials to be in charge of their minors in any way, shape or form. Now we're being asked if he's going to DATE one of those MINORS? Freakin' sick!!!!

  14. ukcat1 says – reply to this


    If Finn is going to be a school employee/volunteer, he cannot date a student (an underaged student in particular. The Puck and Rachael's mother story went there. Mr. Murphy please don't let Finn commit a FELONY. He does not need to start adulthood with that on his record.

  15. contec says – reply to this


    wouldn't it be illegal for her to be his love interest - if they kiss he'll be guilty of child molestation seeing he's 30 and she's 17, not 18 yet. PS - I'm so sick of finchel breaking up, every friggin season!

  16. efffyoufools says – reply to this


    those who disagree of JSanchez' inclusion on Glee can just go fuck off.

  17. eneriafanatico says – reply to this


    The only thing I can say is that I am an open minded person who opens wide and open changes to some stories that should be happening in GLEE. Old casts made this show very popular and this is a great show to always remember and hoping to be remembered for the coming years to come. Joining of Jessica Sanchez in GLEE is one of the changes to look up to. The changes she could contribute/deliver that can uplift the interests of the potential viewers. Everybody has the chance, can predict and wonder what are the possible roles that Glee could give Jay but its too early to judge anyone like her when not any of us seen her singing and acting at the same time yet. Let's see.

  18. S T O P says – reply to this


    Re: ukcat1 – He's not the new teacher. He's directing the play and helping with the Glee club. There's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference. Also, people are using this idea that Jessica will be playing a love interest for Finn as a promotion to get people to anticipate her role. Jessica is 17, Cory is 30. There is no way that the producers would even consider this.

  19. Hahahaha says – reply to this


    Lol at whoever said Cory can pass for 19 in any shape or form. Love Cory but just no. I also wish they'd stop putting Finchel back together every season. Finn has no plans. He barely graduated high school, can't cut it as a professional singer/actor/dancer, isn't good enough to play football on a scholarship so how exactly wil Glee get him and Rachel back together again in NYC?! Its bound to be cray and unrealistic regardless…

  20. Lauren says – reply to this


    To be fair… shit like that is gonna happen when you have a 30 year old man playing an 18 year old boy!! Ever since James Van Der Beek played Dawson, I've found it incredibly creepy when older men are hired to play teens.

    At least Jessica Sanchez is a teenage girl playing a teenage girl. Cory needs to start playing his age because every year he becomes less and less capable of passing as a teenager especially now that he's dying his hair to hide his grey.

    But it's not just Cory that needs to move on, Mark Salling is also pushing it to be playing a teenager. Both now pass as Mr. Shue's slightly yougnger brothers rather than recent high school grads.

    It also doesn't help that they are bringing in all these new baby faced actors to the show. Now it just looks creepy seeing Finn hanging around McKinley with a bunch of kids.

  21. muhddie says – reply to this


    I love Jessica Sanchez, but I really don't want her to be lovers with Finn. She's 17 years old and Finn is way too old for Jessica Sanchez…