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It doesn't look like RiRi has to worry after all! Her Navy was up in arms (pun alert!) yesterday after Chris Brown was caught chilling with ex-flame KarrRead more…

10 comments to “Chris Brown's Rekindled Flames With Rihanna Burn Karrueche Tran Up Inside!”

  1. Music Lover says – reply to this


    That's a lie. Why did she need to go to the studio with him if she was just getting her thing? Why is it taking her so long to remove a few scraps of clothing? It's not like she brought any furniture to the house.

  2. 2

    Karrueche won this one because she's rid of him!

  3. neks says – reply to this


    its better for karuuche to just bow out gracefully cause chris and rihanna are not gonna stop messing with each other any time soon.

  4. rush says – reply to this


    based on how i look at it, chris prolly held her back in some ways, like her career as a model for example! draya said chris was a control freak when they were together! she had modeling gigs n he wouldnt allow her to do her thing cuz he wud want her around him at all times. so prolly the same thing happened to kae!!! she prolly wanted to divulge in her modelling career but has to caput her lil ass beside chris!! now it'll be harder for her cuz her image has been soiled from the love triangle fiasco, n im not sure how the public will take to her modelling career after the break up, draya, got lucky with the basket ball wives show, n her personality is a fire cracker so she's good there…n the shitty thing is if chris was supporting kae, now she'll be in a predicament there…i just hope for her sake she managed to save up eough money or sell the car to do a bizniz to support her, cuz it would suck ass to be parring with bourgeoisie one day to not rubbing shoulders with the "A" class n popping champaigne in the club the next day. im sorry but i usually dont take celebrity news to heart, but this right here got me tied up in knots. im just a sucker for feelings, and i hate seeing when a girl gets swept up off her feet, wined n dined then dashed!!!…i dunno, i could conclude from a conspiracy theory stand point that chris n kae planned this whole thing to use her as a beard for a relationship while time passed to get back with rihanna. chu BUMBO YAH MAN!!!

  5. rush says – reply to this


    a relationship involves COMMITMENT. its not something u should be taking lightly…..i think the main reason he ran back to rihanna is for redemption for his actions. if she forgave u n u moved on u should have stuck ur ground n just keep it moving!! cuz obviously he's not gonna stick to rihanna for long..slowly but surely his ways will resuface if he gets back together!! even if he behaves for now just cuz he's in the public eye. if you're are not mature with relationship n you're fickled with your feelings then you're just sacrificing the other party's time & love….anyway, im really sorry about kaerruche though, no one knows her story, n she's getting the shitty end of the stick..

  6. Sandy says – reply to this


    So three weeks later and she still moving stuff out…yeah right! Chris is single so he's not cheating on anyone. Rihanna and the media can keep trying but looks like CB may be enjoying the single life for a minute. Also Karrueche seems fine to me so all these reports of her hurting have to be assumptions cause she acting like a caged bird that's been set free! She actually seems quite happy!!!

  7. 7

    He must have a gigantic cock because I don't get why women are fighting over this fucktoad.

  8. Blue says – reply to this


    It like I am watching a show. Even if Christ is messing with kt ri would not care cause she blind. And Christ is not that cute, his talented but not hot.

  9. 9


  10. Diamond says – reply to this


    Re: rush – What the hell you talking about??/ When since a midget gets legit model jobs?????