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Next Week, On Gossip Girl

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Prepare to unwrap the JUCIEST Gossip Girl fruit, ’cause some cray sh*t is about to go down in the Upper East side… and we're talking semi-insestuous sex triangle cray!!!

Ch-ch-check out a preview for next Monday's episode, titled Portrait of a Lady Alexander (above)!

OK but let's discuss last night's re-donkey-dickulous episode… what the f*ck is UP with people acting so weird!

Take Dan H. for instance… Since when is he the type to backstab his best brosef Nate, just so he can climb up the NYC literary ladder?! And UGH we are SO bored of Serena right now and her need to 'mentor' the brattiest brat AKA Sage! Cut her loose, step-mother style and send that chicka off to boarding school HA!

Whatever, after seeing some telling pics of Serena in a gilded wedding dress holding hands with Dan, hopefully all their strange behavior will melt away and they'll both realize their undying luuurrrrrve for one another by season's end!

At least it's nice to see Chuck and Blair being the cutest couple ever… way to get her exhausted back, Chuck! We're glad you took a second out of your revenge scheme to help out your over-tired girl… there IS a gentleman in you after all!

Awww how is Chuck ever gonna deal with Blair moving to Los Angeles… HA!

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3 comments to “Next Week, On Gossip Girl…”

  1. 1

    I agree! WTF is up with Serena?!?! She is spitting on everyone despite them caring for her. She spits in Blair's face and then asks her for a favor which she agrees to without thinking twice, then she has a hissy fit she can't sit next to her bf.. how HS! The she doesn't even apologize she she single handedly destroys Blair's career.

    And weird Nate is still dating that underage witch. One would ALSO think… WHY would he be with her when she just destroyed his bff's gf's career and she is trying to destroy serena's relationship. And why would he date a child who acts like a spoiled brat? She looks 14 not 17!

    And Dan! they allow him to live in a super nice apartment for free… allow him to publish how HE wants despite lawsuits because no one else would.. then he says F U to the people who have actually helped him all along. Dan is just full of ick.

    And Ukki or whatever.. she's on this higher morale road which is full of crap. She only got into Yale by back stabbing her friends. And why would she fast track YALE to be some two bit fashion magazine author.. and why would she have any pull being a newbie? And could they just make a call to her mag and get her fired for being bitter.. or or tell gossip girl what a loser she's turned into.. still holding on to HS grudges when she won that round in the end anyway?

    I would like to extend a big WTF this season.

    thank goodness for Chair cuddling and scenes. It's worth it for those 60 seconds of bliss!

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  3. 3

    Although all of the characters are acting despicable at the moment, I have hope that they will change by the end of the season. It would be nice to see the characters become likeable again, and see them mature into the adults they need to be. After seeing this trailer, a coworker at DISH and I are already trying to predict when Serena’s relationship will end. It would be nice to see one of her relationships last, but I also would like to see her pursue a career and move on from the drama. I am determined to watch this season until the end, to not miss episodes; I have been recording the season on my Hopper. It helps that I have 2,000 hours of recording space, so I never worry about falling behind. I would love to be proven wrong about Serena, perhaps her and Steven will handle this newest drama with maturity. At this point it would be refreshing to see someone display it, rather than act in the irrational and drastic way they usually resort to.