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Watch Donald Trump's BIG Announcement About Barack Obama

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And then help us scratch our head.

Donald Trump has been teasing a "very big" announcement about Barack Obama that could swing the election, which he finally released today. Thing is, when you watch it (above), you'll see it's not really an announcement so much as a triple-dog dare to show MORE proof that he is an American citizen.

Ugh. Give the birther theory a rest, dude.

Instead of presenting some kind of revolutionary information about the President that would forever change our opinion of him, Trump simply confirmed the public's prediction that this announcement would be total bullshiZZZzzzzz!

The real estate mogul challenges the POTUS to release his college records and applications as well as his passport records and applications so that Americans "will know something about their president."

In an effort to make himself seem like some kind of a martyr sacrificing his own wealth for the American people, Trump promises to give $5 million to a charity of Obama's choosing once he releases the records.

That's a nice incentive and all, but we have a feeling his motivation has nothing to do with helping people in need. Instead, Trump wants to give Obama's opponents another opportunity to criticize him no matter how he responds to this taunting.

If he ignores the outlandish request, his detractors will jump at the chance to continue the conspiracy theory and criticize him for robbing a good cause of an easy $5 million. If he does go ahead and dig up those docs, we're sure conservative pundits will find some way to spin it against him anyway.

We can hear them now. "He should be fixing the economy, not trying to prove the authenticity of his passport to Donald Trump!"

This is nothing more than a poor attempt to continue to distract American voters from the real issues at stake in this election.

Nice try, Trump, but we thought your celebrity dating advice was more valuable than this.

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