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Justin Timberlake Did NOT Want Lance Bass Or Joey Fatone At His Wedding!

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nsync sad news

Heartbreak of the day!

It turns out Chris Kirkpatrick was the only ex *NSYNC member to watch Justin Timberlake say "I do" to Jessica Biel.

We heard that J.C. Chasez couldn't make it to the Italian wedding cuz his brother was getting hitched in Florida the same day. (A totally valid excuse!)

But what about the rest of the band??

Former *NSYNC lovers, brace yourself. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone did not go to JT's wedding because… they didn't get an invite! GASP!

A Timberlake insider says he is totally over Joey and Lance, and didn't want his ex bandmates at his fancy movie star wedding because:

"Justin thought a reunion would overshadow the wedding, and Justin hates Lance now."

WHAT?!?!? How can this be??

The insider swears it's the sad truth, but refused to give anymore details on their falling out.

If Justin and Lance really are on the outs, Mr. Bass has done a fabulous job of covering it up!

He always has such nice things to say boy Juss aaaand his new wifey. Just last month Lance told Wendy Williams that he like Jessica more than his pal Britney Spears.

We don't want to believe this story… so for now we're just not going to!

Instead we're gonna stare at these vintage pics (below) of the boy band and try to forget what we just wrote!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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8 comments to “Justin Timberlake Did NOT Want Lance Bass Or Joey Fatone At His Wedding!”

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    Get top trending news in one place: headlinedigest.com

  2. 2


  3. 3

    BS Story

  4. 4

    You just make shit up now huh?

  5. 5

    If true, its sad. I dont think Ive ever heard of either Bass or Fatone saying anything but positive things about Timberlake (who always seemed like a preening, ego-centric priss).

  6. 6

    lance bass is a NO-TALENT, fame-whoring douche who would sell anything to anyone for ink on sleaze sites like this. and that's exactly what he did, right perez?

  7. Tezza says – reply to this


    You only have to read Lances autobiography to understand why Justin hates him. And Joey is Lances best friend so I suppose that's why he wasn't invited. Personally I love Joey, I think he's adorable but Lance has turned into such a celeb lately, it's annoying. Nice guy though and I kinda believe what he said about Justin in his book.

  8. Nina says – reply to this


    Chris already confirmed that nobody from Nsync was invited to justin's wedding cause he didn't want a "Nsync Reunion" which I think is messed up.. they been his friends for SO long & one day he's gonna regret not having them there! besides who cares what ppl think.. they should of been there! But chris said there was no hard feelings about it & it was coincidence that he was in Italy the same time with his girlfriend & the proposal was spur the moment! It's all in the articles of him being engaged now! smh now no one's gonna shut up about this now! smh =[