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Katy Perry & John Mayer's Loud Sex Upsets Neighbors?!

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Well… singers ARE told to PROJECT their voices!


Currently on-again couple Katy Perry & John Mayer have been spotted lately getting intimate alll around NYC, and most recently were cuddling up at Kaypers' halloween-themed birthday party…

But it seems the duo can get a tad overzealous when indulging in their sexy selves, ’cause Katy Perry's West Hollywood neighbors have apparently complained that they can hear Katy and John's love-making, ’cause it's so gosh darn LOUD!!!

One source claims the neighbors are irked because:

"[Katy & John] have very loud sex, keep very late hours and like to turn up the tunes."

HAAAAH! Hoh goodness, we're just dithering about over this HIGHlarious news!

We know you're both successful singers guys, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE wants to hear you moaning and groaning while interlocking your private parts at all hours of the night!

But hey, all they need to do is install some soundproof padding, and they can basically turn their bedroom into a sexcapade sound studio… they could even record that sh*t and put it out as a duet album!

It would be like the popular musical equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey!


[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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34 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer's Loud Sex Upsets Neighbors?!”

  1. 1

    We’re inviting all of Katy Perry’s fans to a big Group Gift for her that we’re putting together on the largest Group Gifting site on the web: VenTribe. Join the fun and help us get her a birthday cake. Check it out here:

  2. dave says – reply to this


    hey dave

  3. 3

    BS story

  4. Emmy says – reply to this


    Well maybe if these neighbors were gettin some themselves instead of listening to others handle their business, they wouldn't be so grumpy.

  5. blahblahblah says – reply to this


    Well maybe , this story was spun out by katy herself trying to hurt somebody.

  6. Jessica says – reply to this


    She's such a used up slut. Why would anyone want to marry her again? Just use her and leave… she'll be fine with it. Man, I have lost ALL respect for Mayer.

    P.S. This is true because a co-worker of mine lives near KP's place and the sound of loud music coming from that house is always bothersome. She never said anything about sex noises, but not giving a damn about the other people living around part is true.

  7. Emmy says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – I'm not a big fan or hater of either one, but your statement shows how much sexism and cattiness there is in Hollywood, even from other women. You call Katy a slut, but no one has as much baggage and skeletons as John Mayer, yet HE is the one slumming here? **scratches head**

  8. 8

    The neighbors should have recorded the noise and sold the recording.

  9. 9

    YUCK. I think this story is BS but the mere thought of him, makes me want to vomit all over myself. Katy, you can do better. Way better.

  10. 10

    I think that they are both media whores and that they belong together.

  11. 11

    god shes in deep watch ur purse love

  12. 12

    Well, they are after all, entertainers.

  13. BS says – reply to this


    TOTAL BS STORY. Dont u guys have some facts to tell about Katy aside from these fckin tall tales? Dont dare ruin her birthday

  14. 14

    Gross… THIS is considered "news?" No wonder America is doing so poorly…

  15. LIZZZZ says – reply to this


    Mygod! Yer eyes are widely open Katy!! Use them wisely. Stop playing wid this shizz!

  16. Kerry says – reply to this


    If the neighbours can hear Mayer, he must whisper very loudly because he's still on botox injections while his throat heals. LOL! Except for katy's birthday party which was a paid charity gig, these two have not looked at or smiled at a camera for months. This is such a BS story but I have to laugh at how curious people are about their sex life. They are both so smokin' hot!!

  17. automaticsystematic says – reply to this


    Mayer is obvs the one making all the noise; he's totally trying to use his Katy association to feed his textbook narcissism. Newsflash, John: players are passe, you're not in your 20's anymore and you're just her rebound!

  18. 18

    Whatever happened to the big $6 million mansion that Katy and Russell had? Did she sell it? I remember reading that she was doing some renovations or something earlier this year. Did she move to a condo or apartment temporarily because the construction noise was freaking out her cats? Did she sell because of the bad memories of Russell?

    I recall reading that John has a house in L.A. Maybe they should just go to his place, close the windows and doors and scream like hyenas while they are having sex. Surely, their neighbors couldn't hear that. Katy and John probably have heavy duty stereo and HDTV systems so they probably have to make sure they close doors and windows to crank that up … especially at 3 am.

  19. Electric says – reply to this


    It makes sense because they are an incredibly sexy and spectacular couple.

  20. ME says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Even if its true, good for them! They are awesome together.

  21. boy says – reply to this


    Re: blahblahblah – Your full of crap. Katy has a lot more important things than to put out a story like that. So, I politely ask you to shut it. Your showing your green.

  22. boy says – reply to this


    Re: Emmy – True that! This person is obv. very jealous of beautiful Katy.

  23. Juan says – reply to this


    That's impossible since John can't singggg due to his surgery. How cruel are you and how far will you go????

  24. Nicolynn says – reply to this


    Re: blahblahblah – I was thinking the exact same thing after reading this story, and even if she didn't… I'm sure she's definitely been Acting like this to hurt someone. I don't blame her BUT…. i didn't know she had it in her. >.>

  25. dovesflybyebye says – reply to this


    Bwaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa look, the power couple (lol, yeah right) showed up to promote themselves, now, I think about it, didn't john post a pic before, with writing on a mirror? Saying f..k you KERRY? That was quite some time ago.

  26. 26

    Maybe they were having a napalm moment. LOL!

  27. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Katy you deserver better…John is a ahole, he needs to be with a no name women.

  28. kirahhh says – reply to this


    JOHN MEYER has been in how Many Kitty Kats?? omg… Katy 'commmmon girl!! thats just plain Nasty nasty! JOHN Mayer!! really

  29. KatyKitty says – reply to this


    We’re inviting all of Katy Perry’s fans to a big Group Gift for her that we’re putting together on the largest Group Gifting site on the web: VenTribe. Join the fun and help us get her a birthday cake. Check it out here:

  30. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: Kerry

    Her birthday party was a paid charity gig? How do you know?

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    TMI. He doesn't really strike me as a long bet or a settling down type. I hope she realizes this.

  32. Kerry says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – she wasnt paid but she set it up and hired photographers to take posed pics to sell and post to bring attention to her request that people send donations to that meditation charity instead of sending her gifts. The party guests paid and donated also. That is the only time in 5 months that Mayer and Katy have posed for pics and welcomed cameras. She has a charity birthday party every year. Mayer also gives hundreds of thousands of dollars and donates time and song proceeds to charity like when he gave $500,000 of his own to Haiti relief.

  33. Bill says – reply to this


    Re: automaticsystematic – Mayer can't talk!!

  34. LuYaBoth says – reply to this


    Absolutely! Love them both. They are both SO creative, talented and beautiful. I bet they have love-making that blows away the rest of us. Have fun you guys and don't pay no mind to your jealous neighbors!