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Meanie Mom Won't Let Son Be A Disney Princess For Halloween! What Would You Do?

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There he goes again! John Quiñones keeping it real!

On a very special Halloween episode of ABC's What Would You Do?, bystanders on hidden camera get a televised integrity check!

If you were in a costume shop watching a Mom yell at her son for dressing up as a Disney princess, what would you do?

Ch-ch-check out the honest reactions of people caught in a gender-bender dilemma (above) when parents pretend to disapprove of who their kids are at heart!!

We were moved to tears by the last woman's insistence that a parent's primary concern should be supporting their kids at any cost and making them feel comfortable and proud in their own skin!!

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37 comments to “Meanie Mom Won't Let Son Be A Disney Princess For Halloween! What Would You Do?”

  1. Shittrell says – reply to this


    I actually agree that a mother shouldn't let her son be a princess for Halloween.

    If the kid is gay and wants to play dress-up at home, and play with dolls at home, that's fine, but we all have to adjust to the world we're living in. If the boy was a princess for Halloween, the other kids at school would tease him mercilessly, and make the poor kid's life nothing but torture.

  2. TEMPE says – reply to this


    I'm 100 per cent gay and I 100per cent dont go along with this idea of "gender bending" at an early age. This is just too early in a childs life. Perez stop with the sexual politics of children.

  3. 3

    I wonder if the last woman would have had the same reaction with the boy dressing as a princess. It is easier for girls to get away with being tom-boyish

  4. pearlchavez says – reply to this


    I completely agree with the comments made - the mother is not selfish at all and it isn't that she's not supporting her son. If he gets older and decides he actually wants to be wearing dresses then that's different.

  5. mktb says – reply to this


    WTF… if the kid wants to be a princess, let him be a damn princess! Why force him to be someone he doesn't want to be? Trying to tell a little kid he can't be who he wants… Wtf is wrong with people? This "mother" should be slapped.

  6. James says – reply to this


    Re: Shittrell – I love how much of a weak-minded puppet of society you are.

  7. siegrid says – reply to this


    for some reason I was less offended by the girl trying to be Spider Man than by the boy trying to be a princess, why is that? Perhaps because that princess dress just looked so bad. Does that make me shallow or a lesbian? Also, the whole point of halloween is that you're supposed to dress up and be something different than who you are. Older people gender bend at halloween all the time. I once dressed up in my brother's football uniform for fun and I was like 3. It was fun!

  8. I'm gay says – reply to this


    Re: mktb – you are fucking stupid!!

  9. Meckde says – reply to this


    perez is a connoisseur in underage homos dressing like princesses

  10. 10

    There was a boy who used to play with Barbies when I was in grade school and he got beat upand made fun of for it so much. I wouldn't send my young child out like that just for his safety. Especially nowadays where people are so violent against anything oit of the norm. When he gets older he can dress how he wants.
    Also wanting to dress as the opposite sex at a young age doesn't mean gay gay gay. I used to dress like a boy when I was little because I wanted to be like my dad. Not because I was gay, and this goes for many kids.

  11. headless says – reply to this


    I would let the kid be a princess, who cares its Halloween plenty of men and teenage boys dress as women.
    When my brother was five he really wanted a Barbie, so my mother took him to the local kmart let him pick out a Barbie, he just wanted to sleep with it and after week was over it.

  12. 12

    As a parent it's up to us to love, support, and accept our children for who they are… but it is also up to us to protect them. Being a parent is not easy, and there is no guide to being a perfect parent. There is no perfect parent. We make decisions with our children's best interests at heart and that is that.

    At a young age, I wouldn't let my boys dress as a princess either. And I'm pretty damned loving/supportive/accepting.

  13. 13

    Re: Shittrell – Kids are going to get teased regardless of what costumes they wear on halloween. Parents shouldn't tell their kids to act a certain way just t=so that they won't get teased. Kids should be encouraged to be themselves. Thats how you build confidence. You're right. We all have to adjust to the world we're living in. Lots of kids and adults don't like dressing according to the gender that was assigned to them. You need to adjust to that fact. Until we let children feel like it's okay to be different, IT WILL NEVER BE OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT. People like you are the reason that some kids turn out to be bullies.

  14. 14

    Re: James – It's natural for parents to want their kids to fit it and avoid teasing. Elementary school years can be much more harsh than adult life.

  15. jojo says – reply to this


    id rather get picked on by kids at school than be made to feel ashamed and repressed by my own parents.

  16. 16

    When I was 6, I was daddy's little helper in the garage, had my own pair of overalls and everything. Playtime was with tonkas and hot wheels, never EVER dolls (they always creeped me out). I rarely wore dresses until I was in my late teens. My socks never matched and I played in the mud with bugs.
    My parents never once told me who to be and what to do, but guided me to become an independent thinker. I didn't turn out gay, like these parents are insinuating, and if I did, it wouldn't have been a problem. At 25, I don't need anyone to support me both financially or otherwise (and I have a beautiful supportive fiance who loves me for me!), I can change my tires, oil and lights on my car, I look great in a dress and I'm a hell of a nurse.
    In the end, let your child be who they want to be because that is what will create the most balanced, well rounded person they can be :-)

  17. andylu3085 says – reply to this


    praise that last woman! i wonder if she realizes what an inspiration she will become just for simply standing up for a little girl that she didn't know. if that had been a real situation, she could have easily made a huge impact in that girl's life. in this day, where children ranging all ages are committing suicides for being bullied, it's refreshing to know there are some adults out there to show kids it is okay to be different and to also put a positive spin on it for the judging and "worried" parent.

  18. 18

    Re: Shittrell
    I was teased because I wore glasses as a kid. Should I have been kept in the home due to my bespectacled ocular disorder?

  19. 19

    Too young too fast all for fashion
    At that age you don't know who you are sexually.

  20. Max says – reply to this


    People would side with the mother cause nobody cares enough to argue against her.

  21. georgia girl says – reply to this


    Re: headless – It is a little difference playing with a Barbie at home and going out dressed as a Barbie! He would get the crap beat out of him and then years on down the line Mom would be dealing with a suicide for bullying. My son had a cabbage patch doll when he was young and my daughter used to wear his " He-Man" underwear- AT HOME!! They are both straight.

  22. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: mktb – your just weird if u let your kid dress like a weird'o

  23. Sally Rahman says – reply to this


    Re: andylu3085 – I didn't know until now; thank you so much for your positive response I am so humbled and overwhelmed with the positive feedback this show has given me; you all have really warmed my heart that it brings me to tears; Thank you Perez for your positive response as well and congratulations to Robert Zepeda on your success; I am more than honored to have been your "lab-rat" and I mean that with the upmost respect :') Sending my love to all who diserve it <3333333

  24. 24

    Re: andylu3085 – I didn't know until now; Thank you so much!! :')

  25. 25

    thank you so much for everyone's positive response; I had no idea what an impact my reaction to the situation would have on people and I am so humbled and overwhelmed with the positive feedback this show has given me; you all have really warmed my heart that it brings me to tears. Thank you Perez Hilton for your positive response as well and congratulations to Robert Zepeda on your success; and thank you to John Quinones; I am more than honored to have been your "lab-rat" for you both and I mean that with the upmost respect :') Sending my love to all who diserve it <3333333

  26. 26

    Thank you so much for everyone's beautiful responses. I had no idea my reaction would have such an impact on people. I am so humbled and overwhelmed with the positive feedback this show has given me; you all have really warmed my heart that it brings me to tears; Thank you Perez Hilton for your positive response as well and congratulations to Robert Zepeda and John Quinones on your success; I am more than honored to have been your "lab-rat" and I mean that with the upmost respect :') Sending my love to all who diserve it <3333333

  27. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    It's Halloween for Fucks sake! Who cares. It's A COSTUME! Nobody said anything about how Jesus dressed, Egyptians dressed, etc.

  28. Ashley says – reply to this


    The mother was completely wrong and should have let the son wear a princess costume if that is what he wanted to do. Gender is something that is fabricated by our society and is taught through socialization. This isn’t just a matter of children who may or may not be gay, it is what children are being taught. Why are we encouraging girls to dress as subordinate princesses who rely on men and encouraging boys to dress as villains/superheroes who use violence and aggression as a tool to get what they want? Yes, maybe the child will be teased, but is that worse than compressing their identity and making them feel like who they are/want to be is not good? At least one person had the sense to stand up to that mother.

  29. 29

    I wouldn't say anything. Boys wear so and so and girls wear dresses. Simple as that. Leave it to the stereotypical liberal 20 something to actually be the one that says something LOL…

  30. 30

    His mother isn't being mean. She's trying to avoid raising a pansy. No mother WANTS to have a homo kid who will end up bullied. Actually, no normal mother wants a homo kid at all. Quinones isn't keeping it real, you dumb homo. He's exploiting a sensitive issue, which is what YOU always do, ape face. You don't fool anyone.
    Re: James – You're an asshole. It's clear you're a deviant like Perez, who has to make embracing deviance accepted to make himself feel less like a freak. But here's the deal: we have gender roles for a reason, and embracing those is what makes our society normal. There are MILLIONS of us who feel that way; we can't all be wrong and a few disturbed people like yourself the only ones right. Get some therapy and get a clue, loser. Or just jump off a really tall building; no one will miss you.

  31. Theresa says – reply to this


    Why does a boy wanting to be a princess for Haloween even have to be something deeper? Maybe he just likes that Disney movie and Halloween is about dressing up as someone or something other than yourself. Why can't that include dressing up as someone of a different gender just for FUN?

  32. Heather says – reply to this


    If enough people in society would speak up and say something, gender roles wouldn't be such an issue. In the 1880's and before children wore neutral outfits (all of them wore mostly white and many times they wore dresses, regardless of gender) and left their hair long until age 6 or 7. The idea of pink and blue wasn't even introduced into children's clothing until 1919 when clothing retailers were trying to get people to purchase more kid's clothing, and even then they introduced pink for boys (as a strong color) and blue for girls (as a dainty, pretty color). It wasn't until the '40's that pink began to be associated with girls and girly clothes and blue for boys. It wouldn't happen overnight, but in time people would change their perceptions on gender roles if enough people actually opened their mouths and said something. When I was in school in the '80's and '90's it didn't matter if you bought all the right clothes, said all the right things, had all the latest gadgets, if kids wanted to target you to bully you, they would. School is not easy for anyone and everyone gets bullied or has anxiety about social interactions in school. Things are getting more out of hand now because kids are using the internet as a tool to bully children at school and at home, and maybe if their parents were teaching them to be more loving and tolerant (or showing it in their own actions) maybe their children would follow suit.

  33. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Actually Pansy Hunter, just because many people believe something doesn't make it ok….remember a little thing called slavery? Everyone thought that was a great idea for many years, and a large amount of people felt that way. Over time, people who did not agree with this practice starting speaking up, starting getting active and slowly over time we, as a society, realized that this was a horrible and barbaric practice. So yes, a large group of people can all be wrong, even if they do all believe the same thing. Having a belief is not synonymous with being morally correct. It just means that is how you feel about a particular subject.

  34. K says – reply to this


    Sorry. Gender is biological whether we like it or not. Even though he might think he's can be a girl, the truth is, he can't, because every cell in his body contains a Y chromosome. The sooner he gets used to this fact, the better it will be for him when he grows up. Kudos to the mom for not being a total sheep. Also, people need to learn to mind their own business; what right does that other woman have to tell a stranger how to raise their kids?

  35. 35

    I don't think strangers really have a right to get in the middle of a situation or tell others how they should parent. We may not agree with it, but it's their decision on how they parent their child and telling your son he can't dress as a princess for Halloween is not abuse. Therefore, there is no reason anyone else should be getting involved.

  36. 36

    Re: sskiles – well; here's the thing if the parent asks for your advice odviously your gonna give it to them. She asked for my help and I offered my advice.

  37. ktktkt says – reply to this


    I agree with everyone on the gender roles. At such a young age everyone is made to believe they have to act a certain way to be accepted. I learned in sociology that we have these boxes of ideals that each gender has to fit into. Those aren't correct. In fact, they were created recently by the media. As for the mother trying to prevent against bullying and with in a discussion of parenting, how "every mother" would do the same. I think mothers should be more focused on reprehending their kids for being bully's rather than telling them how to avoid bullies. Kids get picked on no matter what, if this does have an undercurrent of sexual orientation, which can be known at that age (how many of you had your first kiss with a boy in kindergarten?), you can't tell a kid to not be open if their gay just because they will get bullied. That would be taking one step forward and two steps back.