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Demi Lovato Breaks Down Over Her X Factor Eliminations & Top 16 FINALLY Revealed!

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After one big mess of a scheduling screw-up, FOX finally aired last Wednesday’s elimination episode of X Factor last night!

Unless you read the spoilers or caught a bit of the east coast feed last week, probably the most surprising moment was when judge Demi Lovato had to choose between CeCe Frey and Jillian Jensen!

Check out DemDem making her heartbreaking decision (above)!!!

Aw! There, there, DemiBear! We hate to see you cry!

We’re sure Jillian will be fine, we just hope that CeCe can find some way to make herself more relatable and likeable!

Mz. Lovato also ended up eliminating rapper wannabe, Nick Youngerman, though that choice wasn’t nearly as shocking as Jillian’s was.

Find out who else will join CeCe as a part of the Top 16 finalists who will go on to live shows… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Britney’s Teens category: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller

L.A. Reid’s Over 25s category: David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens and Vino Alan

Demi’s Young Adults category: Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones, CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas

Simon’s Groups category: Emblem3, LYLAS, Sister C and LYRIC 145.

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29 comments to “Demi Lovato Breaks Down Over Her X Factor Eliminations & Top 16 FINALLY Revealed!”

  1. 1

    Damn it, Demi!!! Jillian was my favorite, i would have given up two from this group for one Jillian, hell give up all the rest. That girl made me feel whatever she was singing… the rest are either not that good or generic.

  2. 2

    She F*cked it up. She should have never kept Willie Jones, he won't last, and Cece Frey will not get any votes because she was a raging bitch in auditions. She better hope the other two pull it out.

  3. Fir says – reply to this



  4. Carol says – reply to this


    Stupidest decision eveeeer

  5. Mark says – reply to this


    Jillian has a fucking raspy voice. she can't sing like cece . Without her sob story she would have lost in the auditions . Demi made the correct decision

  6. ooo says – reply to this


    i feel really sad that Jillian went, like i know why demi did it but its like saying oh i feel you and then i don't want you!!!! she had a connection with her, but she wasn't a good singer and probably demi thought it would be to much since she could barley pass the auditions alive! the judges probably gave her a YES because they thought she would improve and that its was just a one time thing!!! and she was was too foreshadowing, all them she was like all "yeah, but that's not all you have to have" and made loads of pauses! they all were like OMG i not through and them she goes your through..that could give someone a heart attck!

  7. 7

    Let's keep Willie Jones. Yeah, he has the X Factor.. by that I mean missing a chromosome. This just goes to show how NOT talented Nick Jonas is. I blame him.

  8. Moi says – reply to this


    Jillian was the best of this group. She had a chance to all the way! In that group I would have given the 5 million right to her as all the others were not as ready as she is right now! I would have dropped any one of them for her.

  9. juvii says – reply to this


    Re: Fir – be quiet its her decision u shouldn't have said dat no 1 deserve to be talked like dat

  10. juvii says – reply to this


    enough guys give demi a break stop talking crap to her…. her decision was made and everyone can agree and everyone can disagree but its not right talking to her like that, in my opinion all the young adults were very good like they all deserve to go through the final and i really wanted jillian in but i have so much respect for demi's decision, and for cece u should stop too making horrible comments its very hurtful to her….. i really thought there will be a wildcard but who cares jillian will be shine bright like demi lovato and as of right now demi isnt bringing jillian back because she sticking to her decision and thats what i like about her shes brave strong and truthful…. so lets just support young adults, demi and jillian #lovatics #jillianator #demi'syoungadults

  11. Beren says – reply to this


    Re: Fir – why are you calling Demi bad names? how rude..and she didn't stomp on anyone..if anything she introduced Jillian to the world and gave her the opportunity to show her beautiful voice and personality..don't insult a truly good and beautiful person like Demi..how rude!!

  12. JoAnn says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – I agree, she went on there with a sob story, boo-hoo'ing about being a 'victim' then *gasp!* as soon as they chose her as part of the 24, she's backstage grinning, exclaiming she was ready to get on with her life. uhuh, a miraculous recovery in 15 minutes

  13. JoAnn says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – I agree totally! Tired of the never=ending sob stories.

  14. JoAnn says – reply to this


    Re: Moi – LOL you are delusional

  15. Thala says – reply to this


    Not fair!!!!
    CeCe`s attitude is so bichy! Demis image will be doomed cause she chose CeCe…!
    CeCe`s attitude is too ugly to be star! I know she will get out after the first liveshow!!!

  16. Kimbo says – reply to this


    Don't get me wrong I liked the girl but, man, does the girl cry or what! She should be glad she got to work on her confidence and proved alot of people of what she is capable of. Now stop crying every two words.

  17. ashli says – reply to this


    Jillian was so talented. SHe was my FAVORITE. She seriously messed up. DEMI, come on….

  18. tj says – reply to this


    Don't buy that crap about Jillian not being tough enough to make it on X Factor. Everyone just go and look at her resume and you will see that she is a real pro who has done way, way more then CeCe has ever done. She's got plenty of confidence.

    Not talking about Holiday Inn and state fair gigs, either. CeCe will be lucky to last a show or two. Can't imagine people lining up to buy her CD's, either. She is a good singer but sounds like thousands of other "good" singers–nothing that really grabs you and moves you. Jillian has that and will shine if they wild card her. Of course, that would make Demi look really bad if they do and Jillian delivers and CeCe gets voted off. Guess she'd just have to live with it and learn how to be a better judge of talent. But it is, after all, a "reality" show–maybe it's a set up for a wild card move. Most people are not happy about the cut, if you take a look on the internet and YouTube hits…

  19. tj says – reply to this


    Re: Beren
    How do you know she's sticking to her decision? She does what the producers who pay her to do what they say to do. If they want the drama of bringing Jillian back, Demi will do it. It's been done before and if they do this time, then Demi will deal with it. It really made her look bad, though. Like, you wonder if she is actually capable of being a good judge of talent. Hope they can work this out and salvage this mess.

  20. MaryC says – reply to this


    Re: Beren – It wasn't just Demi that gave Jillian a chance it was ALL the judges. Demi sent her home tho. Those few of you saying Jill can't sing I disagree. I love her raspy voice it has character and so does she. She has tons of stuff on youtube.

  21. avidwatcher says – reply to this


    To Simon Cowell & Demi…You made a mistake, Simon. You should have kept Jeffrey Gutt on the XFactor. You said he was better than Josh Grogan. Why then did you not include him? That was NOT his moment - just auditioning. And Demi, you and Britney & L.A. should have reminded yourselves of what you said when that man (Jeffrey) sang. I would have bought his record, cd's or whatever in a minute! I thought you were in this to make money Simon. That guy was better than 10 or 12 people you took to the judges' house. Think about it and get him back.

  22. pippa says – reply to this


    People expected Jillian to stay cause of her story and because CeCe was a bitch… Jillian has a great voice but there's no doubt that CeCe has a better one! Anyway…Willie Jones is my fave! I just love him!

  23. Savvy says – reply to this


    I was shocked they put Cece Frey & Simon's comprised boy band through. They will most certainly get axed next week. Yay to Lyric 145 I love me some Lyric da Queen. Willie & also Paige. Woo hoo. The over 25's Ummmm not liking any of them so far. Hopefully someone from that group will prevail.

  24. bomberman905 says – reply to this


    Demi is too young or simply jealous to do this those she chose were soooo generic. Eliminating Jillian was a huge mistake she was the full package heart and soul.

  25. bomberman905 says – reply to this


    hey I don't blame Cece. for Demi's bad choice. I like her, too, I like Jillian better than all 3 other contestants. But there were others who clearly were not captivating, whether they could sing in pitch or not. Jillian is a star.

  26. Kabbles says – reply to this


    Where is the sob story? She reacted just like any other person.
    Demi was someone who inspired her, so she took time to tell Demi how much she means to her because of the battles they've both fought. God fuck forbid she takes the time to explain why she likes a judge, just like the millions of others who auditioned.
    Also, Jillian was already working on anti-bullying stuff long before Xfactor.
    AND Jillians voice is simply great, not even looking at her audition video I'm outrageously impressed.
    Do I think Demi made a bad choice? Honestly I was expecting either Jennel or Willie (Nick was the obvious second person to go) to go home quite frankly. Simply because I felt the strongest performances were from CeCe, Paige,and Jillian.
    But obviously, that's not why she went home cause Demi even said it takes more than amazing vocals to get through. So whatever.
    Honestly, I'm quite over it and don't give much of a fuck. Carly Rose Sonenclaire will probably win this year regardless, nobody is as impressive as she is.

  27. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Demi made the right decision!! Cece is much better!! i like her but my favourite is Jennel!

  28. Jack says – reply to this


    Jillian should have stayed over Jennel, Paige, and Willie. Honestly, Paige doesn't have a good attitude ("I don't belong anywhere but the limelight") but standing next to Cece and playing the "this is for my daughter" card are doing wonders for her public image, her beef with Cece seems extremely fake and encouraged by producers, her voice is good but pretty generic (I think Cece won both of their little face-offs) and her weekly breakdowns are just annoying at this point. Willie seems sweet but how far is the country kid 'n play gimmick going to take him? Jennel is a fire-cracker and fun to watch but if she does and hip dip and flips her damn hair one more time… Frankly, I'm already bored with all 3. The top 4 young adults should have been Cece, Jillian, Paige, and the nail-biter should have been between Willie and Jennel *sexy hair toss*. Cece came across as a bitch but I actually like her. Her voice is better than Paige's (although, neither of them are all that unique) and maybe without the stupid leopard paint and attitude she'll win over some viewers. Who knows? Maybe Jillian can be the wild-card Melanie Amaro of this season. Will any of the young adults win? Probably not, but the more talented contestants should have gone through over the gimmick-y acts.

  29. rebecca says – reply to this


    OMG IM Totally crying right now!