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Kristen Stewart Sympathizes With Girls In Love Triangles

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Kristen Stewart Sympathizes With Love Triangles

Kristen Stewart has a LOT of experience with love triangles!

After all, she was in her own love three-way with Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders, aaand became famous for playing the gal stuck in a yummy vampire / werewolf sandwich!

In light of recent events, we were surprised to hear talk so openly and sympathetically about ladies falling for other men during a Tokyo fan event at Shinjuku Piccadilly.

The Twilight actress told the crowd that it’s easy to develop feelings for two people, saying:

“As a woman I think it’s really important not to discredit feelings. There weren’t too many difficulties with the whole love triangle thing.”

Talking about Bella’s on-screen relationship with Jacob and Edward, Kristen said:

“I mean, she needs Jacob in her life. He needs her in the same way…. if you can get pass conventions and what everyone else is thinking then you can have what you want. They get to a point where they get to have everything and that’s nice.”

Um… sure you're talking about Jakob there Kristen?

Cause if we recall correctly she didn't discredit her feelings for Rupert, aaaand in the end she and her SWATH director both got what they wanted.

Love triangles are tick bidness, but Kristen understands how to navigate them just like a pro!

She should teach a class. Heck, we'd sign up!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kristen Stewart Sympathizes With Girls In Love Triangles”

  1. 1

    OMG, Stop already. I have lost every ounce of respect for you, Hilton. It's as if you keep dogging them, he will break up with her. You aren't going to get him regardless. You aren't reporting news, you are spewing garbage. You make me sick.

  2. Kkk says – reply to this


    I am speechless.. She finally convinced me she is absolutely lost it and I am just so sorry for Rob. Or maybe she never had it in a first place..
    GUYS! I have Twilight special 2 dvd edition with commentaries. I "Eclipse" DVD Rob/Kristen commentary, when Kristen kisses Jacob on the mountain, Rob is saying that in his opinion it is not ok on Bella's part and Kristen defends Bella saying it is perfectly Ok and if Edward knew what she was thinking when she did this he will understand and it would be ok. Rob said "that what girls think, that if we knew what she thinks it would be ok, but guys judge on actions not on her thinking" etc..

    Basically, Kristen seams was open to triangles back when.. And she already had it justified in her head…she even called Rob "immature and insecure" in that commentary..check it out

  3. Vennie Bermudez says – reply to this


    2 or 3 more of BD2 promotions and things will be fine. It was and will be a journey well spent. Time to move on, time to split, time to head home to real family and old friends in London.. Time to heal wounds, in the heart and in the mind for a new start.
    Robert, you can’t be tied down to a big rock immersed beneath the floor of the ocean; free yourself from what’s tying you down and swim for the ocean shore/s; another love, that’s more deserving, will be waiting for you there.

  4. DilitaGz18 says – reply to this


    Still with that shit? Geez man is enough!! Everyone move on and you still digging in the same shit? Just over it!! Leave her alone!! I mean is their life if they want to be together or not is their choice!! Stop being such a jerk!!

  5. Tina says – reply to this


    Shameless Stewart. Good on you calling attention to her shady beliefs and selfishness. Look more into her relationship with her bodyguard.

  6. CC says – reply to this


    Easy on the bullying there, Perez. I thought you turned over a new leaf a while back…

  7. tempe says – reply to this


    WTF is "tick bidness" ? Do you EVER proofread ?

  8. Kim says – reply to this


    Too bad she discredited the WIFE's feelings! Think she will ever just STFU? I mean, she sooooo wants to be the little rebel girl and she just looks like an idiot with this kind of talk. What you did was WRONG girl! You don't mess with a married man with little kids. YOUR feelings don't matter… you will learn that as you grow up. Just, please, grow up soon!

  9. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – Too bad you're reading too much into this. You do realize they were asking her about Edward and Jacob, right? I just love how that was completely discredited and people (Perez) totally applied her statement to Rupert Sanders.

  10. 10

    Wow. Can't believe she said that. She has no conscious or morals? Doesn't seem to feel bad for what she did at all.

  11. Woody88 says – reply to this


    We are trying to imagine what Kristen was thinking when she said this. Who knows? I think that the underlying truth here is that Kristen needs to find a way to rebuild her public integrity without dredging up actual details of what happened. I tough balancing act to pull off!

  12. vampirelady13 says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – What the hell are you talking about.Her bodygaurd are you making up shit like Hillton. We all watch these movie's or read the book.She was talking about Bella.Pretty funny your going to give Kristen shit about this.When in the book its Bella who is love with two people.Simple mined and mean people leave them alone.How would you like the people in your life to twist your words for there convence and to make you look like an a$$.

  13. 13

    she is the most selfish arrogant Tramp out there , no education just a pretty face and Body.I have no respect for her because she plays with people's feelings and gets away with everything, well Karma is a biatch and when Rob is in Australia she'll get bored again.

  14. dana says – reply to this


    Pattinson is 10 kinds of dumb for staying with a girl who still doesn't think she did anything wrong. She just couldn't "discredit" her feelings, y'all!

    She and Sanders are probably still hooking up on the dl.

  15. Meme says – reply to this


    For idiots who though This SLUT talked about Bella Jacob Edward you're all completely blinded by her aura ( she has sexy devil aura). Of course it's also talk about her and her cheating pevr director. It's look a glimpse into her shallow brain and morality. For Her CHEATING IS OKAY as long you do it with your feeeeeeelllling

  16. marcy says – reply to this


    Re: Kyle73 – You realize you're on a gossip site, right? If KStew's going to keep giving tone-deaf, idiotic interviews, gossip columnists are going to keep calling it out. It's not Perez's fault that Kristen is so consistently self-centered and unlikeable.

  17. Me says – reply to this


    Love triangle is not ok at all. God I hope people don't start thinking that it is ok. If everyone involved agrees then ok but the way she did it was dishonest. I hope that she realizes this. There is no mention of the lessons she has learned instead this stuff about her understanding love triangles. She talks way too much and needs to think more. The stuff coming out of her mouth is sometimes odd. Can someone pleas advise her and I am not trying to be mean.

  18. Me says – reply to this


    I am not sure what she makes me, not sure if t is anger or annoyance but I know it is not joyous!

  19. me says – reply to this


    She is speaking about the MOVIE not her life….Bella and Jacob do not have a 'relationship". But they are part of each others lives. Read the book or watch the movie. Kristen is promoting a film…she is not promoting her life…PLEASE be respectful of the difference. Leave her alone and BE KIND!!

  20. 20

    @me Your advice to "be kind" would be better directed at KS. All this talk defending love triangles and ignoring social conventions like fidelity is an insult to the people she hurt.

  21. 21

    Not talking Kristen here. Bella needs Jacob - he is her best friend and he was there for her when Edward was not. As a mortal, Bella's instincts serve her well. Bella was meant to become a vampire but she has to survive amongst supernaturals. It's the story… In real life, people can and do have feelings for people who are not their significant others. Mistakes happen if you do not remove yourself from situations that can arise.

  22. 22

    they should just move on , separately