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Brit Brit's Former Nanny SLAMS "Low-Life" Sam Lufti! Denies EVER Seeing Any Signs Of Drug Use!

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All the more proof that everything that comes out of this wretched man's mouth is absolute BULL SHIZ!

Sam Lufti caused quite a stir when he took the stand for his lawsuit against Jamie and Lynne Spears for battery and libel and claimed that not only was Britney Spears addicted to meth during her 2008 mental breakdown, but that the reason she shaved her head was to hide evidence of the drug abuse!

However, the pop princess' former nanny Leah Frand - who lived at Brit's home for nearly six months and was around for the head-shaving and up until her subsequent hospitalization - is putting the 'manager' on BLAST by denying that she saw ANY drug use whatsoever…and claiming that the guy is just a straight up CREEP!

She explains:

"He's a low-life loser, in my opinion. I don't really talk bad about anybody, but he, at the time, was very desperate. He seemed like a wannabe in every sense possible. I used to lock my door at night because I was terrified of him, and he was just a really big weirdo. I lived there, I was there 24/7, worked around the clock, and I have never seen meth in that house, or any type of drug. If there was anything that was 'found' then it was probably set up by Sam…There was never meth in the carpet, there were never carpets ripped out, she didn't even have carpeting that needed to be ripped out. She had area rugs…He's not a life coach, he's not a manager, he has no capability of doing any of that stuff. I think any normal - or not normal - human being would go psycho with Sam Lufti sleeping on their couch every single night outside their bedroom door, in their face, controlling them."


Gurlfriend is not mincing words when it comes to her opinion of HIM!

Not that we blame her!

It takes a really twisted individual to not only take advantage of someone who was as clearly vulnerable as Britney was during that time period, put her through what he has, and STILL try to take what he can from she and her family!

We sincerely hope that more step forward and continue to shed light on EXACTLY the kind of man Sam Lufti is!

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Brit Brit's Former Nanny SLAMS "Low-Life" Sam Lufti! Denies EVER Seeing Any Signs Of Drug Use!”

  1. Honor says – reply to this


    She was so afraid of him she(nanny) was "terrified" and locked her door at night. If this guy was really this horrible it would seem drugs were involved (given her behavior at the time as well) because she didn't have trouble kicking out the father of her children, her old BF she goes back and forth with, and stepping out on JT. None of those things are horrible but it shows that she can stand up for herself…unless she is ingesting large amounts of drugs? I assume the conservatorship was more about keeping custody of her children. After holding her kids hostage from a social worker, being taken to a hospital. It was leaked her tox screens were clean…wonder who leaked that?

  2. Rigby says – reply to this


    I just want to give Brit Brit a big hug and tell her it's all going to be okay! Also, this isn't a PR thing or an interview - it's a court of law - there is no spin or angle other than the truth. This guy is clearly a sociopath.

  3. Nwvotes says – reply to this


    Britney Spears's Mom say's ex-manager drugged Britney and controlled her. Do you think Sam Lutfi is guilty? Vote at