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Sarah Jessica Parker Will 'Feel Enormous Despair' If Mitt Romney Is Elected

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Sarah Jessica Parker just went on a verbal rampage on Access Hollywood Live to explain her support for Barack Obama.

And we mean verbal rampage in the best way possible, of course.

After sharing a story about how a nun said she was praying for the President, SJP pointed out all of the issues that Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on and then articulated exactly WHY she's voting for Obama:

"The only reason I care — it has nothing to do with me and my personal state, because I am one of the people that would benefit from the things that are most important to Romney and his extremely right-wing vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan — I am concerned about the greater good for this country."

Like many others opposed to the Republican presidential candidate, she cited equality and women's healthcare rights, as she continued:

"I'm simply concerned about equality and women's rights in terms of their physical autonomy and access to important things like mammograms and screenings for cervical cancer — all the things that are necessary and important to live full rich lives."

Right on, gurl!

This election is so important to Sarah for so many reasons that she admitted she will "feel enormous despair for the future of this country" if Romney wins.

To conclude her message to viewers, the Sex and the City star stated:

"There is too much at stake and there's too much at stake for people that matter. This is not about the affluent or the privileged. I am not concerned about their future. I am concerned about people in this country who have been trying to carve out a middle class existence … I'm talking about our veterans, I'm talking about our senior citizens, and I'm talking about children who are living below the poverty line."

Wow! She really DOES know what she's talking about when it comes to important issues that are on the minds of American voters these days.

Preach it!

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63 comments to “Sarah Jessica Parker Will 'Feel Enormous Despair' If Mitt Romney Is Elected”

  1. 1

    Just another has-been that no one gives a shit about.

  2. boston61 says – reply to this


    Re: switz11

    And what have YOU ever done besides be a Romney SUCKER? Dumb F.

  3. 3

    She'll get over it !

  4. Mama says – reply to this


    Vote Gary Johnson 2012

  5. Dualstar says – reply to this


    She does not know what she's talking about. She's rattling off air-headed talking points with no facts to back up her position. Entitlement programs do not help the poor. Entitlements suppress the poor and keep them dependent on the government. Romney's plan to limit tax exemptions and put more Americans to work will increase revenue and improve the economy. Programs such as Welfare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps are important and necessary. They will not disappear under a Republican president. Instead, fewer people will have to depend on them to live because there will be more and better jobs. Access to mammograms and cancer screenings also will always be available to the poor. Republicans are not calling for an end to Planned Parenthood, they are just questioning whether the federal government should pay for it. What's wrong with private funding? Hollywood has plenty of money and it seems to be a pet program. Put your money where your mouth is, Hollywood. I'm glad Ms. Parker is planning to vote, but who gives a flying fig who she's voting for and why? She is not educated, she doesn't live in the real world, and she doesn't really have to live with the consequences of her vote.

  6. Princess Vespa's Nose says – reply to this


    Ohh believe me MANY people would love to SWIM in Sarah Jessica Parker's despair! Bring it on spoiled Jewess! We know its the over-priveleged Jewish population (2% that really have full control of the DNC) that you think of with an Obama win as opposed to the so called minority population you use like dogs and rodents with Hollywood handouts! Matthew please start clubbing again before its too late. Too many women would love to make you happier than Princess Vespa with her 'old nose'!

  7. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    That poor pathetic horse faced fool
    As a Jew she should be doing everything in her power to see that Obama is not allowed to set foot in the Oval Office ever
    His support of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have vowed to destry Israel, kill Jews, and slaughter Christians
    Obama has already pledged one billion dollars of our money to them

  8. barb says – reply to this


    Does anyone who posts on this site know how to "actually" read or do you just post garbage because" you can" ?? This is not about SJP….it's about putting a man in office who is actually going to set woman back to where our fight began. Think about it before you mark that ballot….this is NOT a game. Anyone with brains reading that is reading these comments would really doubt the intelligence of some of these posters.Sounds like a bunch of uneducated children.

  9. crystal says – reply to this


    Romney is trash!! He's anti LGBT and is against same sex marriage. We don't want a president who is prejudice and full of hate.

  10. 10

    OMG!!! Dumb bitch would have to spend money on her broke relatives. I hate it when self absorbed "actresses" talk "politics"…PULEZZZE

  11. jess says – reply to this


    you go girl! americans voting for mitt romney have given into mass hysteria and are making ill informed decisions that could hurt and consequently kill thousands of americans.

  12. 12

    Oh for f*ck's sake. Stop being a child & threaten to throw a temper tantrum if things don't turn out the way you want them to. It's called life. Maybe get one?

    For the record, Bush was pro life & he never did anything to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Obama has no place being president & these last four years have been the proof. He's VERY anti military, trying to find a way to take away their benefits. Not to mention trying to get rid of our 2nd Amendment right & in the end, innocent lives have been taken. Fast & Furious, anyone? Hey Obama, what was that deadline on getting Gitmo closed? 2011? Btw, VERY convenient that you announce your support for gay marriage during an election year, Mr. Obama.


  13. Ed says – reply to this


    Sarah, Please move out of the country if Obama loses, we won't miss you. Take your other bitches with you.

  14. 14

    meanwhile most of america is in despair at this very moment.
    also I think it's one of the most ridiculous statements one could make when they say that "romney as president will set women back to the fifties", are you guys serious? that would never happen!!! that is the most preposterous rational ever, if you actually believe that, i don't even know what to say to that besides "you're crazy".

  15. Dualstar says – reply to this


    Re: crystal – Perhaps you can educate the uneducated. How will Romney set women back to where the fight began? Please explain intelligently so that we might be able to understand your point of view. If you explain your position clearly and without insults, you might change minds and votes. I am definitely open to learning more about these policies. Please let us know.

  16. CLAMROCKS says – reply to this


    And millions of homeless..jobless…and hungry folks will FEEL GREAT DESPAIR IF OBAMA IS ELECTED…SO GET OVER IT.

  17. Destroza says – reply to this


    SJP is such a spolied brat. She is of priviledge (don't know why since she is a horrible actress). Get over it Mitt is going to win!!

  18. 18

    Actors are the best…. they are so self absorbed in their fairy tale lives that they actually believe they will sway voters. she is a typical obama supporter…. a narcissistic idiot claiming that romney hates everything and everyone. smart women don't fall for this shit.

  19. 19

    fuck her and the horse she rode in on.

  20. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    We have 4 Americans MURDERED on Sept 11th in Benghazi and they had pleaded for more help and security and Obama denied it and went to bed as they were being murdered and then jetted off to Vegas for a fund raiser and you are talking about SJP???

    Perez and the media should be ashamed of themselves for even printing anything about this. SHAME ON YOU! AND SHAME on any AMERICAN who defends Obama after this.

  21. LuLu says – reply to this


    get ready to feel "enormous despair" then

  22. Jen says – reply to this


    As compared to four years ago, there are more people on food stamps, more people unemployed, we've increased our national debt by trillions and it's not looking up. Furthermore, Obama has no business being Commander in Chief of the military if he can't even tell the truth! This election needs to be about the economy.

  23. The Matrix says – reply to this


    With her failing career she's counting on BO's food stamps, and free rubbers for her lady bits.

  24. Vcaps says – reply to this


    She's so right!! good job SJP !

  25. true dat says – reply to this


    Re: barb – Well said Barb

  26. 26

    Re: barb – You go vote with your girly parts and intelligent women will vote with their girly smarts!
    Romney/Ryan 012

  27. 27

    Re: smithygirl – HaHA! Very clever. That was funny and cute.

  28. Liars the lot of them says – reply to this


    Funny how Obummer can flip flop on gay marriage, but HE is never called out on that. Biden said the same thing yet suddenly they are all for it. If Mitt changed his mind would anyone believe him? Wake up suckers you've all been had.

  29. 29

    What's it to her? She'll still be swimming in her millions in her cozy NYC penthouse with a nanny carting around her twins. Celebrities are so out of touch it's ridiculous.

  30. TRUE DAT says – reply to this


    Re: smithygirl – Ps SMRTtgirl, intelligent women don't vote for Romney only the misinformed do. Plus your comment makes not sense… and its not funny. I would never vote for a man who has a binder full of women…. that shit is just creepy.

  31. Frances27 says – reply to this


    Yes, well, whenever I have to look at Sarah Jessica Parker's face, I feel "enormous despair" so…

  32. 32

    Yeah, the "I'm a celebrity and I hate Mitt Romney" stance is a GENIUS way to explain your support for Obama. It really shines the spotlight on Obama's character and accomplishments. WOW, thank you SJP for making my voting decision so simple. Imbecile.

  33. 33

    She's 100% right. Romney hates the gays, non Christians, teachers, unions, Planned Parenthood, women's rights….he's a typical piece of shit Republikkkan. After Bush DESTROYED our economy, you'd think the dumb fucking Republikkkans would've learned that their party would shit on their faces and murder their children if they could make money off it. It is disheartening to see our country come so far only to have Republikkkans try and turn us backwards.

  34. 34

    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – Fuck you douchebag. Go back to Faux Republikkkan News you uneducated prince of shit. You know why know one else is reporting on it, CUZ IT'S NOT FUCKING REAL. Faux isn't real news, THEY'VE ADMITTED IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN, they're an entertainment site, no different than the one you are on. Uneducated Republikkkan, nothing new there.

  35. tadge says – reply to this


    As will the rest of the western world. After mitts disastrous European visit even the euro conservatives want obama to win

  36. tadge says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – wind your fuxking neck in before someone snaps it off

  37. 37

    What was it she said, Perez, to give you the impression she KNOWS what she's talking about? Sounds like Dem talking points to me, not original thinking.

  38. 38

    Re: barb – Would anybody educated be on this site? I keep hearing this fight for woman, what more do we want? When I think of what brave women did especially during turn of the century for us today and instead weve made a mockery. Vote for Mitt.

  39. 39

    The economy stinks because Republican policies have ruined it!! You Mitt supporters are all disillusioned and easily misled. According to Bloomberg Business (who I'm sure have their share of Republicans) have stated: 17% of the deficit is due to Bush tax cuts to the wealthy (that Romney intends to keep!), 12% is due to the wars Bush started (and Obama wants to end), and 7% is due to the stimulus package (that actually HELPED our country!). If you stopped listening to empty talking points and remembered that the stock market manipulation (allowable via Rep. policies) led to the housing market crash (again due to risky Rep. policies with banks and loan companies) that led to massive lay offs in areas dependent on housing, etc. Other job losses are because we have been sucking on the dinosaur bones of Henry Ford. Obama has the right idea - NEW industry for NEW jobs.. the old ones are gone. We need to innovate like we used to do when our Country cared about its people not just making a quick buck. But go ahead and elect the candidate that doesn't care about you. And then he certainly won't care about you when you join that 47% either because of his "business-minded" ideas. You really don't want him to treat this country like a company he buys….

  40. Alex says – reply to this


    You guys are assholes. Jessica is hero and inspiration, someone who stands behind their convictions and isn't afraid to voice them with the public. She was well-spoken, passionate, and made a lot of good points. She is doing this for the country, for all of you jokers who so quickly dismiss her. She is better than all of you. I'm a straight man and haven't seen much of SJP before this but I am a fan now.

  41. 41

    Re: gypsy1020 – What flavor is that Obama Koolaid? You must really like!

  42. 42

    Re: TRUE DAT – I don't give a shit what you think.

  43. 43

    How can a mother want to kill babies?

  44. automaticsystematic says – reply to this


    Eloquent, compassionate and thoughtful, SJP! And don't worry about feeling that despair anytime soon; by the way the Republicans react to everything on this site, its very clear that they're frightened, oppressed individuals (as it should be! :D )

  45. 45

    I'm afraid that Obama will end up winning and the current state of the nation will continue to go down as it has over the past four years. I dont know how celebrities and approx half of the country who are in support of Obama can justify the lack success he has had during his term. I can only conclude that they see Obama as a cool, charismatic leader but the truth is, he is all talk and no action when it comes to domestic issues. If Obama was a white man, the country would turn on him and Romney would be the clear leader. If the domestic economy is what you are worried about, then what you need is an intelligent businessman to lead the country in order to recover from bankruptcy. Many countries who suffered from the Global Financial Crisis have or is recovering and that is a testament to the leadership of great leaders who know business. Why is that America are still suffering, it's because of the current leader Obama.

  46. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – Yes I am surprised that there is not more commentary in the media about this atrocious action ( do not expect it from most celebrity gossip sites since they have to deal with the actors who are mostly clueless and take their cues from others).

  47. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: tadge – Seriously, who gives a darn what the Europeans think? The real money is in Asia and somewhat in South America. Have not been to Europe in years, the bang for your buck is not worth it.

    SJP - You might like to move to Costa Rica, no standing army and universal healthcare, althoug

  48. teeter totter says – reply to this


    SJP - Costa Rica is a nice place to live, visited 3 times. No standing army and universal health care although the expats we met all had supplemental policies. Just an idea if your despair overcomes you since Romney will win this year.

  49. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: barb – Actually it is you that needs to be educated — as clearly your information about Romney and his platform and priorities comes directly from the Obama campaign and is chock full of lies an distortions. Do you really think you are getting accurate information from Obama- the guy that wants to beat Romney? Seriously? Yes Romney has conservative social values but all of these accusations about taking away womens rights are made up lies by Obama — There has been a conservative advantage in the Supreme Court for decades and Roe v. Wade is still here. What women need to do is vote about what really matters and that is our economy being sound long term, jobs being created so Americans have hope for a great future and a foreign policy that gives us respect around the world and keeps us safe– Obama has failed miserably on each of these issues - he has proven that the job requirements are over his head. . By the way, women that "sell" their votes for $9/month in free birth control are beyond cheap dates — they are down right stupid. And for the record — I am a pro choice socially liberal fiscal conservative that strongly supports Romney.

  50. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: TRUE DAT – Wow are you ignorant and simple minded. The binder comment — really — those petty immature comments from the Obama campaign - because they are desperate and losing? Really? How about the fact that Keith Ellison, the Muslim Congressman from Minnesota gave Barack Obama a BINDER FULL of qualified Muslim candidates to put in some of the hundreds of jobs in the White House right when he became President? Its a business term moron - its not sexist . Yet another distortion in the media to try to help Obama and his losing campaign. Bottom line is that when Romney was Governor he had more women in his cabinet than any other Governor in the entire country - and 10 of the top 20 positions were all women. So tell me — who supports women more — Obama who pays men in his administration 20% more than women - or Romney? You really should get facts about Romney from sources other than Obama — he doesnt really have a motive to be honest now does he?

  51. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: gypsy1020Re: gypsy1020 – Wow — didnt know it was possible for one person to sound so ignorant and stupid in such a short comment. You have no idea what you are talking about and it is completely pathetic that all you can do is the typical far left name calling and useless rage. Better get used to it — you'll be saying President Romney for the next 8 years — oh and take notes — because you'll be watching someone thats actually qualified for the job do it right.

  52. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: tadge – You have no idea what you are talking about. Conservative publications in Europe are not supporting Obama and I assure you their readers get the same facts as the non Obama ass kissing newspapers in the US do — the actual facts about his horrible performance as President and all the damage he has done to our economy and our position in the world. But you'll get to see for yourself what a man qualified for the job does when he's President when you enjoy 8 years of President Romney starting in January.

  53. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: venus_oriental – You conveniently forget that nothing that you claim caused the recession would have happened without the housing crisis.. and how did that happen? Way too many sub prime mortgages and Fannie Freddie getting way too big.. and who led the way to make them happen? Far left Democrats like Barack Obama, Frank, Schumer, Dodd, Waters that encouraged the explosion of working poor with no savings and a limited earning stream getting 6 figure mortgages they couldnt afford. These same losers also stopped Bush43 on 3 separate occasions from reigning in Fannie/Freddie (that owe taxpayers close to $200B right now). So.. none of the Wall Street misdeeds — all from questionable financial products created from these subprime mortgages would have been possible without the work of people like Obama — But then again Obama never takes responsibility or blame for anything —does he? What a leader — the buck NEVER stops with him. Obama helped create the mess he walked into as President and then did a horrible job trying to fix it because he doesnt understand how business or the economy works. Obama doesnt even like the job — he just wants the power, the prestige and the pllane. He did a lousy job and he will be packing his bags over Xmas. Say it with me people PRESIDENT ROMNEY PRESIDENT ROMNEY PRESIDENT ROMNEY

  54. A Woman**** says – reply to this


    I will no longer watch this stupid woman in anything she ""act"s in"", and I use this term very losely. WHO CARES what her opion is? I don't!!!

  55. Kristin says – reply to this


    SJP sounds ridiculous. Women somehow survived George Bush and will manage to get black market mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. Her argument is demeaning to women.

    I like how the liberal comments here are either equally ridiculous or just call conservatives who post rational thoughts stupid. OMG did Romney really have resumes filed in binders? How dare he follow common hiring protocols! From the liberal arguments posted it seems pretty clear they are losing. All they have is utterly unbelievable fear tactics and personal attacks.

  56. 56

    Re: bTeri – That's right, Teri! The housing crisis happened because of the subprime loans that ALL the banks were already profiting off of when Obama took office. Even Sheia Bair, ex FDIC chairman (a Republican) has said that the PREEXISTING policies of lending were earning all parties (banks, lending companies, and especially home owners) too much money for anyone to want to stop. It was also a convenient way for Wall Street to make some easy money selling those bad loans to China. Bush knew it was happening and wanted to put Social Security in the (soon to fail!) stock market! The Rep. allowed our triple A credit rating to fall to score political points. Politics isn't a sport. Reps should spend more time doing THEIR jobs helping CREATE jobs (and cooperate) instead of blocking bills that would help. History will reveal Obama's record is actually pretty great, all done with little to no help from the right. Reps have had four years ALSO, and they have proven that they won't participate in Government unless it's the way THEY want to do it. They should be outsourced for not doing THEIR jobs and Americans should be angry about that!! The Republicans and Flip-Flop Romney aren't trustworthy to do right by America. That's what I've learned in the last four years.

  57. 57

    Re: Kristin – Kristin, you really should read the real news. Romney (and the other Gov. candidate) were GIVEN a binder full of resumes from women CEOs who were tired of being overlooked for jobs by officials (men) and compiled a binder with qualified women. They then gave a copy to BOTH men in effort to increase women in the workforce. He shouldn't claim credit for something that was given to him, as if he went in search for them..that is dishonest. It's actually kind of funny that he is almost bragging that he HAD such a hard time finding qualified women…so he's clueless, and uh…clueless he's clueless? Great. Also - you can tell that "binder full of women" is exactly what he and his male cronies (probably laughingly) called it, as those women were a joke! PIG! FTR: he actually had LESS women working for him during his term than before or after him. Who cares though….I was more insulted by his "women need flex time so they can get home and cook dinner" line. The 1950's are calling on a big black rotary phone, Mitt. Seriously.

  58. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Well I feel enormous despair every time I look at her face

  59. MinorityLatina4Romney says – reply to this


    Wow. After seeing the vast support for Romney on a site such as this, I can honestly say I'm proud to be an American, again. Most of these celebrity supporters would just as quickly vote for an equally ill-fit Kardashian! :)

  60. MinorityLatina4Romney says – reply to this


    & Honestly I am so proud not to vote (i.e., have the same principles) as the majority in Hollywood do. Who takes political advice from actors anyhow? lol

  61. 61

    I see dumb people

  62. Jere says – reply to this


    I have been a fan of SJP for years but……I was mistaken about her. Her ignorance about our country's welfare has completely turned me against her. Let her go to the MIddle East and live! She loves those Muslims! Gag

  63. Jere says – reply to this


    Dear God, let her feel GREAT despair! I fear she may be mentally ill. Definitely, not very bright.