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Stevie Wonder Wants To Keep Moving Forward And Endorses Obama With NEW SONG!

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Stevie Wonder may be blind, but he can still see that this country is going in the right direction under the leadership of Barack Obama.

In a brand new song endorsing the President for a second term, the iconic musician sings:

"Jobs for all that succeed in their task/and healthcare for the middle class/the common man deserves a chance/Barack's the one who'll take a stance/so keep moving forward, don't turn around."

Even if you don't support the Democratic nominee, Stevie believes that, "It's your right. Get out and vote."

We couldn't agree more, sir!

No matter your choice, make sure you are voting for SOMEBODY on November 6.

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10 comments to “Stevie Wonder Wants To Keep Moving Forward And Endorses Obama With NEW SONG!”

  1. 1

    Throws the ball in Obozo's lap.
    Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus has emphatically denied that he or anyone else at the CIA, refused assistance to the former Navy SEALs who requested it three times, as terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on the night of Sep. 11.
    The Weekly Standard and ABC News report that Petraeus's denial effectively implicates President Barack Obama, since a refusal to assist "would have been a presidential decision."

  2. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Obama said he wouldn't run again if he didn't cut the deficit in half… guess we can't rely on him to keep his word.

  3. 3

    Ya! Like he can fucking see the problem with this President driving us off a cliff!!!

  4. 4

    NObody knows NOTHING like the Mexican gun running with Hardon being let off too!!

  5. 5

    the ignorance of Wonder's message is eclipsed only by your stupidity. "Right direction?" Yeah, 16 Trillion in debt, rising health care / energy costs, solyndra-type crony bankruptcies, a massacred U.S. Ambassador ON NINE-FUCKING-ELEVEN, an incompetent cover-up, Joe Biden, etc., etc. Right direction, eh? What's worse is the "don't turn around" fear factor as if bogey man Mitt Romney is gonna come in and turn our county into a communist, pro-slavery, round up the gays dictatorship. IDIOTS.

  6. WorstoftheWorst says – reply to this


    Poor Stevie….as old as he is…and still sticking up for the worst Prez since Jimmy Carter.

  7. 7

    Remember, Perez, a few months ago when Stevie said "some gays aren't really gay, they're just confused." I suppose that's just water under the bridge now that you can both wave the Obama flag together.

  8. 8

    Stevie Wonder, great musician…. big moron

  9. teeter totter says – reply to this


    You know the saying "Fool me once" - well Obama fooled me last time and I lost my job, so I already sent in my absentee ballot for Romney.

    For those of you who do not like to vote, either do not comment, or sign up for a permanent absentee ballot, as it only costs you the price of a postage stamp.

    And yes, it is horrible what happened to those Americans in Libya.

  10. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Still beating the drum for Obama? Are you even remotely aware he is lying and covering up over the Sept 11th MURDERS of 4 Americans who were BEGGING for security help and they were denied?

    The media is just as much to blame because they are NOT covering this. They are hiding it in hopes Americans won't find out.