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63 comments to “twitter-there-will-be-no-halloween-candy-for”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I believe the word is 'narcissism' ….

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    You can give a 'pig-nose' a new body, but you still have a 'pig-nose' …wonder when he'll get THAT fixed … ?

  3. MMia says – reply to this


    Looking good - but please do something about that crazy hair :)

  4. Zeke Dumbrowski says – reply to this


    You've really accomplished a lot with your body. Kudos to you. However, your politics is as attractive as your face. DUDE, U R F'ing ugly!@!

  5. Birdie says – reply to this


    You have come such a long way since i fist came to site years ago. True inspiration.

  6. smurf says – reply to this


    you look amazing!!

  7. david says – reply to this



  8. carmencita says – reply to this


    Lately you don´t look healthy…

  9. 9

    Can't believe how many bullies there still are crowding the internet. Get lives. Congrats on the progress, Perez. Love your site.

  10. 10

    Re: Be-Atch – How about, don't be such a jerk. He lost a lot of weight and he's proud of it. No likey, no lookey. Douche.

  11. Jes says – reply to this


    You look amazing!!! What a gratifying experience it must be for you!!!! Good job!

  12. vimeco says – reply to this


    NICE work perez - you look so good and happy

  13. 13

    Put a bag on it.

  14. Jane says – reply to this


    we don't care. we come to read about celebs.

  15. 15

    Less of the rude comments people! I think you look great well done!

  16. Marinka says – reply to this


    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? que cuerpazo !!!! me dejaste sin palabras!!

  17. Veronica says – reply to this



  18. 18

    Last time I commented on your physique, I said you were too skinny and sickly looking. You look better this time. Perhaps you realized that sucking in the gut for the pose wasn't a good look?! Well done P, well done.

  19. AJ says – reply to this


    now all u lack is a haircut!

  20. 20

    You look great Perez. But I find these self taken photos kinda desperate. Not just you - everyone who does them. Reminds me of Demi Moore's pathetic bikini shots in her bathroom.

  21. 21

    You look great, Mario…you were too skinny and much healthier now.
    Be-Atch is right.
    Get your nose shaved down and nostrils reduced.

  22. kellbell says – reply to this


    You look incredible and don't listen to these people on here! I don't agree with you politically and probably even ethically but you deserve a standing ovation for what you've accomplished with your health. Will you share with the rest of us what you are eating and how often you're exercising? Those of us who battle the bulge would love to know!

  23. 23

    That head is way to big for that body. Fckn huuuuuge. Wow ur ugly

  24. Aazom says – reply to this


    you can lose all the weight you want, but you can't change that face

  25. 25

    Hey Perez …… Ur head is huge. Way too big for that body . Doesn't look good. Hey. If I keep bullying you will you appear on obituaries next week.

  26. Lisa says – reply to this


    You look amazing. I've followed your blog since the begining, you brought great things into my life, like the music of Amy Winehouse. You have a great ear for new artist that I admire. I've followed your posts pertaining your weight loss journey since it's inception. I think what you have done is inspirational. I think it's admirable the way you have expanded your blog to encompass your varied interest. Way to go, Perez!

  27. 27

    EEEEEWWWWW that face is vomit inducing. GROSS!!

  28. 28

    Props to you. If I made a natural transformation like that, I'd flaunt it too.

  29. sarah says – reply to this


    more like DAMN! good for you!

  30. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Fugly is as Fugly does…in this case, taking self-photos a la that whack job Demi Whore …..

  31. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Who sh*t on his face….oh, wait, THAT IS his FACE ! LOL !

  32. Brian says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430 – Perez is a bully. If you can't see that I feel sorry for you. Too bad for him he can't work out his face.

  33. Intelligent Gay Guy says – reply to this


    Nobody cares what you look like. Get over yourself and just love yourself, fat or skinny. You do look sick and clearly the look is not a good portrayal for young people and certainly not sustainable for the average person who does not receive services for free…get your head on straight and talk about education rather than how superficial you can be. You've come a long way from your insecure mocking and bullying of others but you still have a long way to go.

  34. simav says – reply to this


    get a life peaple perez looks amaizing and he did a great job getting healthier ps i love your site

  35. 35

    Dude your still ugly as sin. You'll be a fat mess soon. Hey everyone over under 1 year before the pig gains all his weight back?

  36. 36

    I'm upset by some of the comments here, I don't think under any circumstances that its acceptable to call someone ugly, I like alot of people struggle with self esteem and if i were called ugly I'd be heart broken and mortified. What some of you are saying is pure bullying. I'm sure alot of you wouldn't say that to someones face so why say it here, just because you can cowardly say it behind a computer doesn't make it justifiable or any less hurtful. Yeah Perez was a bully back in the day, but he's drastically changed his ways since then. He shows some favouritism and bias but what media outlet doesn't! Give him a break he's worked hard all round and looks great!

  37. 37

    Re: Brian – Then why do you come here?

  38. 38

    And also for all the blatant Perez haters out there, why do you not only keep coming back to his site, but you've signed up to it too!?! Wheres the sense in that? There are plenty of other sites you can go to. Clearly you all just like to be rude and bully.

  39. emmyisaretard says – reply to this


    Re: simav – engrish much?

  40. madla says – reply to this


    you, perez, are an awesome example of a butterface (as long as i remember you used to call fergie that….), you really do look like a monkey.

  41. 41

    Lookin' good Perez…you should feel good about yourself. :)

  42. John H says – reply to this


    Now you have to figure out how to get rid of your HEAD!

  43. emmyisaretard says – reply to this


    you look like a human version of moe sizlack

  44. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    LOL ! Moe of 'The Simspons' ! LOL ! I am thinking the male version of Demi Whore….tweeting pics of herself…drug use…delusions of grandeur….. You get the pic….

  45. lela says – reply to this


    people are so rude! good for you but it's okay to have some candy! whats life if you cant enjoy it!

  46. lela says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Says – SOOO RIGHT! this is why kids are killing themselves because people are SUCH bullies for no good reason, people need support and positive encouragement and reinforcement not hateful words

  47. 47

    Great job with the weight loss, but dude you seriously look like the poster boy for birth control!

  48. 48

    at least he didn't put himself in the "top story" section this time…

  49. cari says – reply to this


    ewww. lowered expectations. there is a lot of immaturity in you for taking a pic like that and posting it.

  50. Alex says – reply to this


    wow you are fucking ugly
    and proud of it?

  51. 51

    How about a Halloween Paper Bag ?

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    So you've turned from a chubby guy into a half naked self promoting narcissist then? It'll be nice when you swing back to the middle after this fit thing isn't new.

  53. Markie says – reply to this


    Im so proud of Perez! If I ever meet him I might needs to leave my husband…;)

  54. Amanda says – reply to this


    It's amazing how rude people can be. None of us can know the time, effort and
    determination it's take him to get to where he is. Who are we to make snide comments to try and take that away from him? As someone who has recently lost a good amount of weight and understands tremendous work it takes, I applaud you!! You look wonderful :)

  55. 55

    Congrats! I've been following you for 6 years and you've come a LONG way. Of course you will never make everybody happy, and I'm glad you realized that and continued to do your thing! WORK IT!

  56. Chuck says – reply to this


    WHY Disgusting photo STOP!!!

  57. bri-job says – reply to this


    C'Mon, yuck, so gross.

  58. mrsd says – reply to this


    wow, you do definitely look good!
    But like most celebs, I think there's a definite correlation between people losing weight and an income increase, much easier to do when you have people telling you what to eat and how to work out. When you were just a regular bitchy internet blogger you definitely didn't have pros telling you how to do it!

  59. the real shttt says – reply to this


    Ur still gross. Like ur site but spare us from ur stupid face and that nasty body, yeah its a bit more toned but yucky still. Just photoshop urself or get some platsic surgery

  60. JUDY@)@ says – reply to this



  61. Evelyne says – reply to this


    Awesome. Amazing to see that all that hard work, dedication and perseverance is paying off.

    ABSolutely amazing.

  62. 62

    All this bullshit about Perez-isms, you thinking that you are inspiring, people believeing you. I wish these people knew about your last trip to London, when you latched on to a group of my friends, tagged along after them, and then harrasing the 'blonde boy' begging him in the taxi to 'please give me a kiss, i love cute blondes' then when you were refused, you screamed at him 'YOU ARE FUCKED!' and ran away..remember? Mr Hollywood

  63. phanter says – reply to this


    YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! And you also look like DEXTER!! hot!