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Christina Aguilera's Shiny White Knight Is …Adam Levine! Defends Weight Gain!!

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christina aguilera adam levine defends body weight gain

Okay, so maybe it's more like Maroon knight.

But Adam Levine is sticking up for Christina Aguilera with the heat of a thousand armies!

We're not joking. And yes, we know they've had their fair share of arguing on The Voice, but we are 100% serious. And so is he!

Revealing his true feelings for Xtina at a recent press event, he says:

"The fights that everyone thought we were having were fictional. We never hated each other. We never had these secret battles that everyone thought we were having."

"The one thing about the culture right now, celebrity culture particularly, is people feel like they can just say nasty things about other people whether it's Christina or whether it's me. She gets a lot and it pisses me off. Of course I have her back and of course I defend her."

"[Negative comments about her body are] not cool. I've never liked it. I think it's horrible and I'll totally defend her when people say things like that because it's no one's business."

Wow!! Is it just us or have things gotten hotter in here??

We didn't need another reason to love the man we've most recently been watching on American Horror Story, but Adam just has to surprise us with a passion like this!

And we have to agree with him. Christina has put on some weight, but she owns it! She's really fusing sex appeal with a body type that most media programming would want toned down. Applause!!

You know we want everyone to be healthy, but we can't judge what a healthy body means for one person compared to another.

We'll always be concerned if a celebrity is in OBVIOUS need of help (like starvation skinny or heart attack heavy), but Christina is neither of those. She's just beautiful, and Adam's defense is just plain sexxxy!!

[Image via Dan Jackman/FayesVision/WENN.]

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29 comments to “Christina Aguilera's Shiny White Knight Is …Adam Levine! Defends Weight Gain!!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    Why is the press focussing on her weight? STFU you piece of shit. You are ugly. Do you hear people running around asking why you're allowed to live because you're ugly? Perez, you of all people should stop this crap. Being gay and all, and fighting that all your life, why the "F" would you post something about someone's weight? That is just as (if not more) discriminatory than everything you have fought for. By the way, she looks fabulous. Rather look at her than a skinny stick figure who barfs all the time to keep their weight down.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I love Christina. I would love to see her with natural hair and make-up, but if she wants to be outrageous, good for her.

  4. ThatGuy says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Xpose – I agree. I like a woman with something on her, not that she is anywhere near having a weight problem. Not even close.

  5. Adam says – reply to this


    She is 10x hotter now than she was 10 years ago. Also, Beach, Perez posted this in support of her and praised Adam Levine for sticking up for her. Read the article before you flip sh*t, dummy.

  6. Jessica says – reply to this


    hasn't she been fat for years now? i guess people are still bringing this up since its the only way christina can get in the news. its not like anybody gives a shit about her music anymore.

  7. 7

    Xtina & Adam got few pounds for themselves & both look super sexy ! That Zero size for women is just Sick !

  8. 8

    People are just nasty and hateful. It's sad that people sit around bitching about others not working towards looking better on the outside while they are not working towards being better on the inside. Everyone should just focus on themselves more.

  9. 9

    Well, of course Adam is defending Christina's weight gain…he doesn't have to fuck her.
    She could be just beautiful with a makeover by the, What Not To Wear crew.
    Carmindy's makeup is first class.
    Guess she's more comfotable looking like a prostitute.
    Must be a daddy issue.

  10. 10

    Honestly we need to stop defending overweight, it's not cool to be overweight and unhealthy, it's ok to be like that though if that's all you got, but do not defend it saying it"s cool and sexy, accepting it ok but turning it into a nice thing is not. Are we soon starting to settle for a more unhealthy lifestyle? Do what you want I'm not following this trend.

  11. debi says – reply to this


    This coming from a man that only dates Victoria Secret models!

  12. 12

    Christina is an average looking, plump girl with an annoying personality who can sing very well. Given that she's a SINGER, the rest shouldn't matter much. The reason it does is because she faked us out by pretending to be a pretty, skinny, sweet/sexy singer and now people feel duped and taken advantage of. The press and public don't like frauds.

  13. 13

    shes not that fat this guy need to choose a side and stay there …

  14. scharle says – reply to this


    Love to know what you consider heart attack heavy since people of all sizes have heart attacks. Get off your high horse already.

  15. 15

    Re: scharle
    So, I'm guessing you have a fat ass too?

  16. Josie says – reply to this


    Re: debi – I love Adam, but you have a point. Christina is plump, but I don't know about fat. To be honest, it's that fake spray tan and ratty hair extensions that's hurting her look, not the few extra pounds.

  17. 17

    See? Real men don't diss women with real bodies. Other men who have to make shitty comments? Small dicks. Women who make shitty comments? an embarrassment to their gender.

  18. 18

    She slammed Kelly Osbourne for years about her weight. This is just karma coming back at her. She's a nasty mean spirited bitch who was blessed with a great voice. But if she had the body she has now back in 1999 no one would have signed her or given a shit. Adele, see, has fantastic pipes AND awesome songwriting abilities. Xtina can't write her way out of a comic book. So Adele can be heavy and have it not matter cause she brings more to the table and does not simply appeal to men's masturbation fantasies. Though Xtina can be heavy so long as she takes it in the ass…

  19. 19

    agreed with jessica here but really her 5 foot 1 short ass is so obese for her height its not even funny so ya this is def not a healthy weight for a 5 foot woman she should be 100 pounds not 150 thats just wrong man

  20. 20

    Christina is a diva. She can do (and eat) whatever she wants! She looks amazing and no amount of weight gain will ever change that and personally, I think it is incredibly ignorant for people to judge based on any physical trait.

  21. 21

    Why are you even commenting that she gained weight it's still rude to say. My problem is wi th her hair.

  22. 22

    fat or thin she still remains a has been and totally irrelevant to music. Just like mariah. They had their time in the sun and now they wrinkly and over.

  23. 23

    Re: debi – Good point! he actually does only date stick thin models.

  24. prg says – reply to this


    how ironic doenst adam only dates vicoria secret models

  25. nome says – reply to this


    Re: lastonestanding – Oh stop being a moron. You defend Kelly Osbourne like she's some innocent angel when in fact it was Kelly that started that whole feud with Christina in the first place by making fun of her for no reason at all.

  26. 26

    Well the one thing that stops public ridicule faster than anything is gracefully bowing out when you are no longer relevant it protects the longevity of your brand as well. She hasn't put out anything the World couldn't have done without. You can't come back when you won't leave. She's a train wreck and she likes to dish it on TV. She needs to drop the phony sassy act it's ridiculous and go raise her kid till people miss her. If that's never that's ok she has plenty and she hasn't put out anything to warrant what she has.

  27. 27

    well put perez! encore! she is fantastic she will loose weight when she is ready…or wants to…until this she is owning that shit!

  28. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Re: CDub2020 – OMG! The only thing XXL-tina owns is being a fat tub of guts, you idiot!!!

  29. We says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – Prove it