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New Couple Alert?? Niall Horan Has Moved On From Demi Lovato!

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niall horan dating drama student amy green

Uh-oh! We bet Demi Lovato is going to be kicking herself over her decision to keep things with him casual!

According to new reports, One Direction's Niall Horan has a new girlfriend…a drama student named Amy Green!

Witnesses saw the pair together during last week's X Factor at Fountain Studios in Wembley, and they claim:

“Niall was ­introducing Amy to people as his girlfriend and they were very happy from the look of things. He was kissing and cuddling her when people weren’t watching and seemed really into her. She was very posh and I have to say they seemed like a great couple. It’s definitely early days but Amy was on his arm as a girlfriend not just a girl friend.”

And ch-ch-check out a photo of the pair together (above)!

Don't they just look absolutely ADORABLE together?!


Plus it's always so exciting when you first get together with someone!

Enjoy this time, you guys!

And most importantly, just have FUN!

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22 comments to “New Couple Alert?? Niall Horan Has Moved On From Demi Lovato!”

  1. How cute says – reply to this


    Aww they look so cute together. They have been spending so much time together. Amy tweets about it all the time. She seems like a really nice girl. And she looks soooo much like Kate Middleton it's unreal. Especially in some other pictures I have seen of her. She could be Kate and Pippa's 3th sister :p lol..
    But good on him. Don't think he and Demi would've made a good couple at all. Stick with Amy, Nialler!

  2. Alma says – reply to this


    Im happy for him if its true, Amy Looks like a young Kate Middleton. I hope hes happy and that directioners don't send her hate. If the rumors arent True…. Ill be even more happy

  3. jazzzzzz says – reply to this


    She looks like Justin Bieber's mom.

  4. nana says – reply to this


    excuse me while i go cry in the corner with a bucket of ice cream im happy for you niall #Namy *runs to stereo plays moments on replay and starts to cry while eating ice cream*

  5. 5

    why would it bother Demi in the slightest? She's a beautiful young woman who when she might have had the chance said she didn't want a relationship with him. I'm no Hollywood celebrity, but unless there's something fundamentally different about dating there than the rest of the world, I usually don't cry after men I didn't want to date hook up with other girls.

  6. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! Niall got a whiff of Demi's puke breath & hit the ground running!!!

  7. MB says – reply to this


    She's cute. And personally, I think, the best thing any "big star" could do romantically if they want it to last, is get with an average unknown, and keep her and your thing away from the camera and people who want to dig into it.

    BUT, these kids are like a bunch of rabbits. Why "move on" from something your not over? Why? Is it to make people jealous or get a reaction at the expense of the people you're getting with? A game? You don't get over anybody that quick, or you never had feelings, and if you're not over them, them then what the fuck? Why aren't you with them? Why would Demi care? Not sure how it went, but knowing how these girls work, if Demi called it, to play games or get a feel for his reaction, then forget her Niall… you got yourself a keeper there in that picture.

  8. Mark says – reply to this


    lol Demi friendzoned niall and kicked his sorry ass 231324 times , she must be glad that he finally moved on and got a girlfriend. why would she be mad

  9. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – I don't know he doesn't look all that sorry to me… I'd probably choose her over demi too… but then I hate all these young pop bitches. Not a fan of 1D, but I fucking hate all these young american pop girls of today, ESPECIALLY if they were owned by Disney.

  10. 10

    yes the adoring tilt of the head in the photos towards each other and cutesy smiles shows they are into one another

    i doubt simon would allow any of them a normal life

  11. Meghan says – reply to this


    Well, it's cute now, but I don't think it will last. I mean Take Me Home is coming out all over the world soon, and they have a huge tour next year. I mean, Liam and Danielle just broke up because they never get to see each other. I mean, she's going to get a lot of hate and it won't last, sorry. One Direction's at their peak now, so it's stupid to get a girlfriend now. Sorry, Nialler, I love ya, but there's no point because it's going to end pretty soon anyway.

  12. bigfun says – reply to this


    what a loser he is gos from a beautiful and sexy woman to some 1 that looks like buckwheats twins sisiter ur lose niall

  13. 13

    he needs to run from that fat psycho with the crazy grin on XF. she'd squash him to death if she got on top in bed.

  14. Alicia says – reply to this


    They should date .. they'd be the most adorable couple ever <3

  15. Toy story says – reply to this


    He is not daiting her it's his friends girlfriend like the day of louis's soccer game he was spotted with her nope his friend was there and Amy went

  16. Dani says – reply to this


    She's very tan omg

  17. Franni says – reply to this


    I think they look so cute together. But oh how I wish we was mine. We'd be so perfect for each other. If only I could meet him :(

  18. autumn says – reply to this


    i wanna back over her with a pick up truck niall is my man

  19. Allie says – reply to this


    I think, and this is because I am so a Directioner, that Niall thought we Americans are weird to keep it at just friends. But honestly, all the kissing and cuddling doesn't sound like Nialler. I mean, he says he's been waiting for his princess to show up and this doesn't seem at all like a thing he would do! Do ya get me?

  20. carter says – reply to this


    i love diall hovato i love you demi and niall

  21. carter says – reply to this


    but i miss joe and demi. now i love niall and demi i love one direction

  22. carter says – reply to this


    you are crazy taylor swith i dont like i m sorry i love demi lovato i dont like jonas brothers i love one direction