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One Direction & Ed Sheeran Combine Forces To Create A Beautiful Ballad! Listen HERE!

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Directioners, gather ‘round!

The boys of One Direction have finally released their second single from their sophomore release, called Little Things!

Think of it as the ballad version of What Makes You Beautiful… only with a COMPLETELY different acoustic sound!

Check out the lyric vid for the Ed Sheeran-penned track (above)!!

Aw!!! How simple and sweet!

We’re glad we finally get to hear the song Sheeran wrote at age seventeen, which he stated contains one of his favorite lines he’s ever written!

The line in question? Harry Styles sings:

“I know you never like the sound of your voice on tape and you never like to know how much you weigh and you still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me.”

We LOVE the lyrics!!! Well done, Ed, and well delivered, 1D!

We're glad the boys could bring about a message of self acceptance through their song… and that their accents are accentuated in this track!

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18 comments to “One Direction & Ed Sheeran Combine Forces To Create A Beautiful Ballad! Listen HERE!”

  1. Emma says – reply to this


    It just might be their best song to date. I like the simplicity. Liam's delivery in the second part of the first verse was spot on. Great technique. This song would suite him well as a solo piece.

  2. Michael Jorge says – reply to this


    Not sure who sings what, but i like the voice of the guy who sings at the start and the guy who sings second in the second verse.

  3. brenda smith says – reply to this


    What else would a manufactured boy band do then cover someone elses song.

  4. K says – reply to this


    Love this track. Love the pics of Ed in the new issue of brink magazine too…

  5. Hannah says – reply to this


    Wow I actually really like this song. It's simple and beautiful. Who knew One Direction could actually sing. Wouldn't have expected an acoustic song from them. Well done boys.

  6. Hannah B says – reply to this


    Re: brenda smith – They didn't "cover someone elses song", Ed gave it to them as he wasn't going to use it and didn't want it to go to waste. :/

  7. Britt says – reply to this


    Re: brenda smith – Clearly you didn't pay attention to the article itself. Ed Sheeran wrote it for them. He never actually sang it or anything. People write songs for other people all the time.

    But anyways, it's a good song and it really shows their voices. Not bad at all.

  8. Peter says – reply to this


    Their vocals are good, but nothing special, if I'm being honest…in fact one of them (I think Louis?) sounded as if he hadn't reached puberty yet…that part was really uncomfortable to listen to.

    The lyrics however, were wonderful! But it's Ed Sheeran, so I'm not that surprised…

  9. 9

    Re: Michael Jorge – I agree. Zayn sings the first part and Liam the second. They are the best vocalists in the group.. For me Zayn is technically a bit better cause he's the one that sings all the high notes and the riffs in the band.

  10. 10

    Re: Britt – Actually. Ed wrote this when he was 17.. It got lost and then he found it the day he was in the studio with the boys.. And they liked it and he gave it to them even though he was suppose to sing it for his new album. He said this in a radio interview with Capital FM.. :)

  11. Fe says – reply to this


    Re: brenda smith – ed sheeran gave it to the, so it is their song dont find stupid excuses to try and offend them while its a great ballad

  12. Emma says – reply to this


    Re: LoveForMusic
    Zayn's "riffs" and "high notes" are always very pitchy. Liam has the best technique by far. The falsetto, pitch, and tone are always spot on.

  13. 13

    Re: brenda smith – The song was written for them, but they have written most of the song on their new album. Why don't you try writing a quality song and tell me how great that goes?

  14. 14

    By the way the first part of the first verse is Zayn. Then it's Liam. Then Zayn comes in on the chorus as Liam harmonizes for him. To start the second verse is Louis, then Harry comes in and then sings the chorus with Louis harmonizing to him. Then Niall sings the bridge. Then it's Harry again…AND THEN they finish it off together.

  15. Dani says – reply to this


    Re: brenda smith – It isn't a cover… Ed wrote the song and gave it to them. Plenty of artists don't write their own songs, so calm yourself.

  16. elisa says – reply to this


    I know this may shock some of you but zayn was the one who started the song, then liam

  17. Carrie says – reply to this


    All I can think about listening to this is how it would sound so much more awesome if Ed was singing it….

  18. jacobb says – reply to this


    The thing is.. zayn starts it off well, then liam.. keeps it going nicely, louis sounds abit off in the song and doesn't blend well.. harry is the best, and could have done the whole song by himself.. Nial sounds very very average.. . all up they did a descent job, But the main thing I like about the song it definitely the lyrics.. and its hard to give them credit when they didn't write one single word. Ed sherren would have done a better Job, but they did it justice.