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Anderson Cooper And BF Come Out After Storm

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Anderson Cooper And BF Come Out After Storm

Hurricane Sandy may be over for NYC, but it looks like Anderson Cooper is still feeling under a cloud!

The current former Anderson Live host was spotted walking hand in hand with his boyfriend Ben Maisani on Tuesday morning.

It seems like Anderson couldn't wait to get out of the house as soon as the rain stopped!

We're guessing that after finding out he's going to be unemployed for a while, the LAST place he wanted to be was at home during the day.

Poor Anderson! We're bummed not to see him everyday too! We hope looking around at the hurricane aftermath reminds him how lucky he is!

[Image via Splash News.]

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19 comments to “Anderson Cooper And BF Come Out After Storm”

  1. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Anderson host a CNN show "360" ? So, then how is he unemployed ?

  2. 2

    AND why are you not harassing this guy about his cheating scandal? Granted you shouldn't be harassing anyone, but you DO preach about equality and what not. . .

  3. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Get your facts straight. He's not unemployed. He still hosts 360. Duhh.

  4. jett7060 says – reply to this


    He was out in the storm half the frickin' night reporting on it for CNN, dimwit!

  5. Jim says – reply to this


    Hypocritical piece of shit! Where are all your cheater jokes now! Equality for all when it suits your loser ass.

  6. boston61 says – reply to this


    Anderson looks about 65 years old. Weird.

  7. 7

    Um…he has a show every night on CNN. You can still see him.

  8. lmlol says – reply to this


    Why didn't Andersen dump that guy after the cheating pictures? Are gay relationships different in some way that is not being talked about openly? I'm pro-gay rights, I'm just confused. A straight couple after a pubic cheating scandal seems to go through an openly rocky period, and media speculation….I just don't understand this Andersen relationship…are they just truly roommates, as closeted gays used to say 25 years ago?

  9. 9

    Looks like hes dying of aids

  10. 10

    Unemployed?! He has more work than Perez Hilton

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Anderson Cooper's house is under 2 feet of water, although he IS
    lucky to be alive.

  12. 12

    I never realized how unattractive they are without makeup and stylists.

  13. shadowplay says – reply to this


    Let's face it. Mr. Cooper's show was cancelled because he came out this season, & he talks about being gay this season. Season 1 he was still in the closet. The powers that be are homophobic. This still patriarchal society feels more threatened by gay males, than lesbians like Ellen DeGeneres. Maybe one day…

  14. 14

    Everything all is not well in Paradise. I know I had to stay in for two days ALONE, well with my doggie, and I know if I were trapped inside with Ben Maisani, I would emerge with a BIG smile on my face (if you know what I mean). Poor Anderson, like they say, "when it rains, it pours".

  15. Maria Gomez says – reply to this


    seriously the losers who are commenting about this guys relationship or sexuality!! you are a sad excuse for human-beings, leave well enough alone and worry about your own lives. who cares if he is gay or straight, if he stays with his boyfriend or leaves. Americans are dump and hated for very obvious reasons their bigotry and hate and self pitty

  16. GaPeach says – reply to this


    Is Anderson sick? He looks awful in this picture.

  17. sobe says – reply to this


    Anderson is still employed with CNN

  18. Nallely Jaramillo says – reply to this


    He is still the host for AC 360 he was in the middle of Hurricane Sandy..he also does interviews for 60 minutes and travels to different countries like every other day lol. The guy's bankin'. Not to mention, he needs to find him someone that's not going to screw him over like that! :(

  19. Mark says – reply to this


    They don't look unhappy, they look neutral like most people look when they walk around. They always look like that on pictues. Bascially like two people who like their privacy don't like their pictures taken by paparazzi.

    And Cooper has AC360 on CNN and also does segments for 60 Minutes. If anything he might now have the chance to get more than 5 hours of sleep again after his daytime show ends which might be better for his heart anyway.

    Oh and everyone would look a bit rough on such a picture in harsh daylight, with a frown on their face not to mention that the pic is of rather bad quality.