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Britney Spears' X Factor Future Remains Uncertain!

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Britney Spears X Factor Third Season Return Uncertain

Oh shiz!

Even though Britney Spears passed the test during X Factor’s first live show of the season last night, it’s sounding like her stint on the show may be short-lived!!

Reportedly, although XF has already been renewed for a third season, the ratings still have not been up to par and they’re thinking about cutting costs!

The first thing to face the chopping block? The judges’ salaries!

A source explains:

“Britney, who was signed on a one-year deal, is the first person who will be expected to have her salary chopped. She is on a $15 million contract, which is absurd given that there's been no huge surge in the ratings.”

Of course, we’re sure the pop princess could afford a few million less, no??

Not so fast, as an insider stated:

“Problem is, when Britney signed that contract she expected to make more if an extension for a third season was agreed. That won’t be the case now, and it is highly unlikely Britney will accept a pay decrease.”

If Britney’s salary demands aren’t met, this could mean she won’t be returning next season!!!

Also adding to the doubt is the fact that Simon Cowell — as we’ve seen in the past — can find another judge to replace our beloved Brit Brit for WAY less money!

Uh oh… this isn’t sounding too good!

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19 comments to “Britney Spears' X Factor Future Remains Uncertain!”

  1. 1

    Robo-Brit has proven that she is not worth the money. It didn't take long for people to see that she adds nothing to the show. She is so scripted and controlled that you can almost see the strings of the puppeteer controlling her. I love her as a performer - but judging and mentoring are not her forte.

  2. ChelseaBells says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I was going to comment on this, but then I read your comment, and you took the words out of my mouth. Very true.

  3. 3

    Brit's having fun and she would never do a second season anyway!! lol!!!!!!!! NEVAH!!

  4. 4

    I think Britney's done a great job but I do hope she becomes more varied in the way she talks. She keep's saying the same things in a different order half the time, and then she opens up more and is like the other judges. Honestly, though I'd rather her release more albums and stuff than do X Factor.

  5. Carlos Perez says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – very well said. she brings NOTHING to the show, she says the same one-line comment to every contestant. she's so not worth 15 mill. i thought it was pretty obvious she was only there for one season.

  6. Bar says – reply to this



  7. 7

    britney sucks shit!!!! the move to younger more inexperienced judges has ruined the show. there is no credibility factor, the contestants are terrible compared to The Voice. the younger singers on the show sucks balls and made it a lame boring teenage talent contest. britney adds nothing, terrible judge. all she says is "amazing" or "good job". Wow, that's worth fucking 15 mil??? damn, i know more than brit brit and I'll do it for 1.5 mil. the only redeeming factor to the fans is taxes take away half her salary. Xtina on the Voice is 10x better more knowledgeable judge than Britney… #fuckoff_fatboy!!

  8. no says – reply to this


    Re: Bar – NO.

  9. 9

    Re: xcalibur – u always sooooooooo angry!! i swear you got no dick!!!!

  10. 10

    Re: Valentina – me too

  11. 11

    When is Britney's new song going to happennnnnnnnnnn???? whennnnnnnn???

  12. Life says – reply to this


    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle – Britney is having nervous breakdowns at stage and you say she's having fun?????? hahahaha Yeah right!!

  13. sandman says – reply to this


    Re: no

    Oh so you are an Xtina stan. Obviously you were gonna hate on Britney even if she were a better judge. people love to watch her whether or not she says something original and incredible. Go watch the Voice and dont waste your time dissing Britney. The voice has professional singers who of course sound really great. Its a fantastic show. The X Factor on the other hand tries to nurture young talent too, not just profs. So

  14. 14

    I have no idea how a grown up industry-experienced woman like Britney has no opinion. Why does she have to learn these simple scripted sentences??

  15. 15

    Passed the test? are you kidding? she looked odd and robotic.

  16. 16

    Am I the only one watching the show DEMI AND LA AND WON'T DENY BRIT AND SIMON everyone one is scripted. I've seen the voice an lets be honest there on tv to entertain not keeping it real.Ps kloe is reading a TelePrompTer duh if anyone is scripted it her !

  17. 17

    Re: Life – don't know what ”at stage” means!! lmfaoooooooooooo!! it that ebonic speak for ”my pimple needs to be popped"???? :-)

  18. lilshack says – reply to this


    ive never watched the show before now…and the only reason im even watching it now is because brit is a judge…take her off and i no longer watch the show!

  19. 19

    lmfao britney is the worst judge ever… she says the same thing in different ways the whole time. 15 mil????? lmaooooo FLOP! Get the lip syncing hoe off the show + back to the studio so she can make more trash songs + I can hear her at the club! ;)