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Chris Brown Cozies Up And Swaps Spit With Rihanna At Her Halloween Bash!

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One day he's back with Karrueche Tran, the next he's blowing her off for Playboy bunnies, and as of last night, Chris Brown was dressed as a terrorist at Rihanna's Halloween party…but none of that seemed to matter to her!

According to sources at El Lay's GreyStone Manor, the first thing RiRi did when she arrived around 12:40 was approach her possible boyfriend and present him with a rose!

And that's only the BEGINNING of some serious PDA that went on between the two last night!

Insiders continue:

“His entire entourage made sure Rihanna was taken care of first and foremost. It’s really sweet the way he was treating her. Everytime she stood up, she rubbed his head as if he were a little puppy.”

Furthermore, witnesses reveal that as the night continued and the booze kept flowing, Breezy not only got up and danced along to RiRi's music, but kissed her repeatedly…with TONGUE!

And people close by them even claimed they overheard Rihanna saying to him:

“I love you, and you know you’re my man."

DOES he know, though?

Given his recent behavior, we'd think he's under the impression that he's single!

Who knows, though? Perhaps this is a turning point for them that will lead to more of a commitment!

Only time can tell!

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15 comments to “Chris Brown Cozies Up And Swaps Spit With Rihanna At Her Halloween Bash!”

  1. 1

    She clearly has a low self image. She put it out there in public what she went through and she isn't done. I feel bad to the little girls who are learning from her.

  2. 2

    Don cha get it? Guns are fun! Violence is fun! Being a lady beater is fun! Dating and redating a lady beater is fun! Look at me, I am cool with my pose, my posse and my women. Words cannot convey my distaste for these 2.

  3. anon says – reply to this


    @Austin TX. Please do yourself a favor and get a life.

  4. Deshae says – reply to this


    There are some people in this world who cares less about Rhianna & Chris Brown. Just look at the devastation by Hurricane Sandy. Entertainment sites & shows are just like the Enquirer.

  5. 5

    Re: Austin TX – I agree. There is so much misogyny in our culture. It is bad enough when men portray women as objects to be used and abused, but when women like Rihanna contribute to the misogyny it is really sad. I know she doesn't give a f**k what people think, and she has said that she is not a role model, but the fact is that as a famous person she is a role model. With fame comes responsibility - she has chosen to ignore the damage she is doing.

  6. 6

    Y'know, you really should start sucking his dick. For all the bullshit fake horror that you show towards women beaters and fucking dooshbags, you seem to post about him every single fucking day. Even after he has called people f*g*o*'s. You are such a pathetic fuck, gay people look at you, point, and say, "Damn, that's one gay ass mother fucker"!!!!!!

  7. Get a life people says – reply to this


    It's freaking HALLOWEEN..A costume for crying out loud..People dress as the devil, ghosts and ghoblins..you people need a f'ing life…ALWAYS in this man's business. As if you all are sitting perfect. QUICK to JUDGE…He as well as Rihanna are entertainers..THEY ARE NOT ROLE MODELS for kids..Be your own damn kid role model. They have and are working on their issues but you @ssholes dont see that..Only what the media shows you…No wonder this country sucks….Judgemental @ss citizens of the USA…..

  8. 8

    she needs to get sober. she seems possessed.

  9. ikeepit100 says – reply to this


    I say let them live their lives….they are only human people make mistakes the question is have they really learned anything from their experience! Instead of bashing them and being judgmental how about u pray and hope them the best! #Icantdeal oh and rhirhi no matter what people say do u and they are saying that young girls can't learn from u then they r lying b/c ur sending a message to all girls out there going through what u went through or have went through it that its ok to forgive! Its ok to seek out help! Most importantly to learn from ur experiences in life!

  10. Hate Free 077 says – reply to this


    they are young and living their lives, and moving on, if you don't like it so what who cares? THEY DON'T EVEN READ YOUR COMMENTS SO WHY WASTE YOUR TIME BASHING, SOME OF YOU ARE JUST SILLY. GO LIVE YOUR PERFECT LIVES AND LEAVE THEM ALONE.
    By the way chris and are together, chris and kae are not together, he only helps her out because she has no job or go to school, the girl is lazy.

  11. Hatefree says – reply to this



  12. david says – reply to this


    what should one expect from a 3rd world black girl? her culture says women are sub's, and that a dude beating his girl just means that he loves her more.

    dumbass third world girl.

  13. KAT GRAHAM says – reply to this



  14. Gene says – reply to this


    When she said "you're my man". He should have said and "you are my woman". Or the reporter forgot to print that. But then, maybe she is not.

  15. Elise says – reply to this


    I really hope for her sake Rihanna comes to her senses and cuts ties with chris. He obviosly still has anger issues(who could forget the gma chair incident or the badketball fighy fiasco). Its only a matter of time before things go bad betwern them. Sering ad chris is still seeing his ex and we cant forget the infamous fight started cause chris was still talking to an ex and rihanna found out. Just sayin. If rihanna stays with chris i hope girly has learned to duck and bob.