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Rihanna Gave Chris Brown The Sexiest Halloween Lap Dance!

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chris brown rihanna halloween lap dance

We haven't seen a celebrity couple this hot for each other since Kate Moss and Johnny Depp!

After swapping spit at Hollywood's GreyStone Manor last night, Rihanna was said to be grinding ALL over "her man!"

An eyewitness from the Halloween bash reveals:

"Rihanna was all over Chris Brown all night giving him amazing and dirty lap dances."

Oh, there's no doubt they were "amazing and dirty." Gurl has the skills of a million goddesses. It is known.

Earlier, a source said that Breezy's entourage kept an eye on RiRi the whole time — but not in a creepy I'll Be Watching You kind of way.

Apparently they were making sure everything she wanted was taken care of, no questions asked. So a loving bubble. Ha!

Clearly they're doing their thing, and nobody can tell them otherwise. But we just wonder if they'll ever commit again. We'd be willing to bet she wouldn't mind it, but Breezy's player ways have us worried for our Diamond's heart!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

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30 comments to “Rihanna Gave Chris Brown The Sexiest Halloween Lap Dance!”

  1. steph says – reply to this


    I can not believe that you guys post this stuff! HE BEAT HER and you guys act like it never happened!!!!!!! Disgusting! Just lost a fan Perez.

  2. 2

    These two were definitely made for each other. Both tacky, both crappy, one sado and one maso. Yep. Definitely two flies eating from the same dogshit.

  3. david says – reply to this


    ignorant 3rd world girl, where a man beatin' on ya' just means he loves you more. sad. sick.

    and then the woman-beatin' brown boy. fuckin' sick, folks.

    sad state of the world this is. but then again, look at me, on a gossip site, spouting off….

    these two will end up going out in a fireball (maybe in her own 777, with 150 paps onboard), somewhere, sometime. like in life, these two sad-sacks egos will need a big end

    thats it. thats all.

  4. 4

    Why the fuck do we keep having to read about these lowlifes? Fuck me running. If I had a way to filter them out of this feed, I would. They're both so classless. The thing is, they probably thrive on that image. Look at us, we're trash.

    And people keep buying their shitty music and turning them into role-models for consumers too stupid to know any better.

  5. 5

    Chris and Rhiana are absolute trash. And, what's sadder is they are dumb trash.

  6. 6

    If you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas. These two ghetto trash wannabes deserve each other. Let them be!!

  7. 7

    I wonder how long she was in the hospital for after he beat the shit out of her this time?! When will that dumb bitch learn to leave him alone. And u can say "Oh, she forgave him" all you want… doesn't mean he's not gonna do it again… stupid assholes.

  8. sadique says – reply to this


    Chris brown and rihanna god bless you both lov lov i am very happy for you guys.

  9. electlady1 says – reply to this


    How can you hate somebody you don't even know you need a new heart of forgiveness Jesus is forgiveness and love not hate cast your stone if you don't have no issues or sin. Just like Perez you hate Chris because all you do is smash him let this man live and he is not with Karrueche Tran if he was why wasn't she at court with his mother today. Perez Rihanna going to be alright with Chris give them a time to breath.

  10. YES I'LL KILL U says – reply to this



  11. 11

    And? Someone else was probably grinding on him earlier in the day,the day before and the day after. Grinding on Chris Brown hardly makes any woman a special someone in his life.

  12. no says – reply to this


    Homophobic trash. Rhianna's fans should disown her for associating with him.

  13. 13

    Re: saoirselei – You are so right cuz he left Rihanna shindig and went right over to Playhouse to party with his ex K sadly i've seen the pictures of him there with her. Gosh where are these girls mothers??

  14. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: no – Agreed..so much for setting an example.

  15. Joemoney says – reply to this


    I like Chris a lot even after the ass beating he gave her. I like his music

  16. 16

    and after the lap dance he offered her the generous gift of another beating

  17. Candy says – reply to this


    People leave them alone already, It's all up to them if they want to be together or not!! if they have problems or not or if she forgave him or not it's all up to her or him. Rihanna was the one abused not all of you! If she's willing to move on with him thats her business, we're all humans.. we all make mistakes in life especially when your young don't tell me all of you are perfect? lol! I didn't think so.. but then again you're not famous so no one knows what you do and no one talks there shit on you. I just hope that if they do get back together is for the best and I wish them luck! We all deserve to be happy :)

  18. fan says – reply to this


    im a massive rihanna fan (which nowadays i wish i wasnt but i still love her music unfortunatly) sadly im pretty sure she likes getting beaten and is probably jst as fiesty and aggresive as he is if not worse! they dont care and is probably normal in there world and only us the fans and media that made a deal about it which makes me realise we shouldnt really care either, there going to b on gossip sites like this and magazines as long as there music is relevant so ppl jst need to stop wingeing and jst stop worrying about it, scroll through and read the next post serously its not that hard just remember to teach ur own kids not to b like these sorts of ppl and that abusive relationships r not ok and its definatly NOT OK TO GO BACK ! oprah was right, from everyone i know and my own past stupidity if they've hit u once THEY WILL HIT U AGAIN, weather its soon or years down the track, once a beater always a beater!

  19. 19

    the day I give a fucking lapdance to the pathetic asshole who beat me and left me for dead… urgh I can't even compute that thought

  20. sad says – reply to this


    omg i just read this blind item on a website called supposedly about rihanna, who knows if its true but if it is it breaks my heart :( even though i obviously dont know her but needles? thats sad :(

    3. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#3**
    This A+ list female singer with hit after hit was found two nights ago with a needle sticking out of her arm, passed out on the floor of her hotel room. A few hours later she was out doing her thing for another 16 hour day. I'm shocked she can still function. All she does is work, party and take drugs 24/7. Rihanna

  21. sad says – reply to this


    **sorry i didnt add the website, off a blind items website, AGC Web Pages blind items

  22. Liveurlife Thisyear says – reply to this


    Satan's People!!! AND WHY SHOULD I listen 2 the kind of people…
    THAT when they SEE dead people….
    THEY PEE on Dead People!!!
    ITS been said by GOD, 2PAC and ME!!!
    ONLY GOD can JUDGE C.B.!!!
    AND I AIN'T talkin' ’bout U Jay-Z!!!

  23. 23

    I'd prefer to only hear Rhianna's music and nothing about either of their personal lives. If Rhianna's a fool to go back with him that's her problem, stop rewarding them with attention for it. Unfortunately that's not going to happen because theres people out there that find it interesting and media willing to make money from it.

  24. I'm for it if she is says – reply to this


    You guys don't know what led to what happened that night. I don't support a man hitting a woman but im a realist and there are plenty of women who will put themselves in a mans place. meaning she gets mad starts yelling screaming and fighting. she keeps the sh!t going and won't let up. and how long can you expect to put your hands on someone without a reaction. and if you think you can just keep putting your hands on a man because your a woman and he has to take it you will be so disappointed in the end because eventually you will write a check that your ass can't cash. rihanna has a firey personality and strikes me as this type. Hell I used to be that type and eventually i got snapped the fuck out on. If he was just all out abusive he woulda been beating her ass and woulda been beating other girls asses too. Something set those chain of events into motion. not saying its right because its not but there is a reason why SHE is pretending like it never happened. something tells me she knows why it happened and knows why it won't happen again. I love rihanna and chris' music and i love them together.

  25. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Why are all you stupid pricks posting comments about how they are flies on dog shit, you don't care about this woman beater, blah blah blah. It's obviously bothering you in some form or fashion. You're all fucking jokes and need to worry about your own lives. They are human beings, not animals, not aliens. They have lives magnified by people LIKE YOU, which in a sense makes our normal lives seem well "normal." Just because they are famous doesn't mean they have no room for error. So suck a phat dick! Ignorant ass fucks!

  26. meme says – reply to this


    Saiorseli yu are so right…tomorrow he gonna get a grinding from karreuche…lol

  27. anisha says – reply to this


    rihanna dont get me wrong you and chris are great together but i think you should be with drizzy drake. i love your music your my idol make sure you shine bright like a diamond oh and i love your music too chris :P

  28. vanz says – reply to this


    Rihanna herself is acting like he never beat the hell outta her.its not perez's fault she wants to be stupid and gi back to that dumbass

  29. Phinemofo says – reply to this


    You guys are so ignorant. What she does is none of your business. So what if shes getting trying to show him a good time? SO what if she still has feelings for him? He didnt come JUST for the drinks. And for @STEPH, Its not Perez's fault, he's just part of the media. Hes reporting what happened; no way is he affiliated with her and ENCORAGING her to get back with him. Stupidasses. Rihanna's a Gangsta 4 Life. She doesnt give a flying fuck what you guys think.

  30. Santos 28 f dallas tx. says – reply to this


    I love them together ..he deserves. A second chance…everybody needs to stop pointing fingers at Chris..like they ain't never done something the later regretted..please look at a mirror..u ain't god don't pass judgment on nobody