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Britney Spears Wants Sam Lutfi To Pay For His Lies!

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Britney Spears Wants Sam Lutfi To Pay For His Lies!

Hell hath no fury like a Britney Spears scorned!

A judge has thrown out Sam Lutfi's lawsuit against the Spears family, because he was "unable to point to any evidence let alone CLEAR and convincing evidence" that any Spears family member committed libel, breach of contract or assaulted him.

It's a victory for team Spears… but that's not enough!

Brit and her team have been dealing with this pointless trial bull sh*t for YEARS now, and have racked up quite the legal bill. Since it's her notorious ex-manager/BFF-turned-stalker's fault she racked up these fees, the pop star (or whoever is making legal decisions for her) feels it's only right that Sam is forced to flip the bill.

An anonymous Britney insider explains:

"Britney and her family have incurred at least a million dollars in fees defending themselves against the ridiculous allegations in Sam Lutfi's lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed three years ago and has been an emotional drain on Britney and her parents, especially her mom, Lynne. Team Spears will formally ask the judge in the very near future to order Lutfi to pay their legal fees. They don't expect that Sam will be able to pay for the judgment if it's awarded, but they still want to proceed anyway."

They're just doing it out of spite! Wow, they REALLY hate that guy!

Sam has already been ordered to pay nearly $200k to the Spears clan for fees incurred in getting a restraining order against him.

Of course, Lutfi hasn't paid any of that outstanding debt.

If you can't tell, the guy is a real winner! LOLz!

Lesson learned Sammy boy, Karma is a BITCH!

[Image via Twitter.]

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