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Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Make Fun Of Taylor Swift, Gangnam Style!

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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley really kicked up dem boots Thursday night at the CMA Awards!!

Opening country music's biggest night with jokes and zingers galore, they nailed Taylor Swift harrrd on her cute, (now only sometimes) curly head.

Ch-ch-check it ouutttt (above)!

And they just kept goin' with it too! Sorry, Swifty!!

We're sure the dixie pop-tart had a good laugh about it, though. ;)

And OMG that Gangnam Style dance was ON POINT! We know a lot of other award shows that could take note, mmhmm!

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24 comments to “Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Make Fun Of Taylor Swift, Gangnam Style!”

  1. Leslie says – reply to this


    Carrie Underwood has always taken mean digs at Taylor Swift. Not just when she's hosting the CMAs. She is very jealous of Taylor's success and quick rise to fame. But Taylor is the one who gets the last laugh–all the way to the bank.

  2. 2

    Re: Leslie

    i TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THAT!! I can't stand Carrie Underwear anyway!!

  3. stuffy says – reply to this


    What are you talking about Leslie? Carrie has never said a single mean thing about Taylor anywhere. If Taylor can't handle Carrie AND BRAD's joke, she needs a backbone. She's done way worse in her songs. Taylor pretty much implied that Camille Belle was a slut. That joke was not that mean it was a play on a song Taylor actually wrote herself.

  4. uncarrieliken says – reply to this


    why does carrie underwood think she has to change clothes every few minutes on the cma awards. mkney spent on clothung could of been donated to american red cross.

  5. Jane45 says – reply to this


    Re: P I N K Y – The non-stick surface that Swift has enjoyed for the past six years has begun to diminish and can be observed by how all the TV host interviewing Taylor now make fun of her many relationships or her one songwriting subject. The dancing with stars host Tom Bergeron even said she was like Sean Connery.Taylor did this to herself and the truth about her is now sticking to her like glue..like forever. If you want to blame anyone blame Taylor Swift.

  6. Jane45 says – reply to this


    Re: P I N K Y – The non-stick surface that Swift has enjoyed for the past six years has begun to diminish and can be observed by how all the TV host interviewing Taylor now make fun of her many relationships or her one songwriting subject. The dancing with stars host Tom Bergeron even said she was like Sean Connery.Taylor did this to herself and the truth about her is now sticking to her like glue..like forever. If you want to blame anyone try Taylor Swift.

  7. Julie says – reply to this


    Would Carrie find it funny if she was made fun of for her failed relationships ie: Tony R. Not everyone finds a perfect match. Yes Taylor writes songs about her life but the only song that may have been considered mean was Dear John and if it was about John Mayer that douche deserves it since he likes to use em and leave em after of course he discusses publicly what they were like in the bedroom.

  8. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Re: Julie – Julie it's clear Taylor Swift is infatuated with the IDEA of "LOVE". Taylor has the mindset of a 14 year old girl, her actions show just how immature she really is. I am starting to think Taylor is "slow". She clearly can NOT maintain a relationship. Her songs are evidence that she does not accept any responsibility for any of her failed relationships. It's becoming evident that she uses the men she dates as victims just to write a song, think about it without those men she would not have had those "hits". Carrie Underwood is by far the better vocalist, entertainer and person. Carrie has written songs about her relationships, but doesn't make it as obvious as Taylor does. Carrie has staying power, Taylor however does not. Taylor will NEVER become a Member of the Grand Ol' Opry one of the only Country achievements that really give you Power.

  9. Riddler61 says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – What is mean is every time I have to hear the retard songs that Taytor tries to sing and that horrible excuse of a voice. Her daddy bought her way in with millions. She would have never made it any other way. Look at her jealous face every time Carrie performs. Carrie can burp and sound better than Taytor.

  10. Riddler61 says – reply to this


    Re: uncarrieliken – why don't you donate your clothes money to the Red Cross? Hmmmmmm.

  11. Whatever says – reply to this


    Honestly, the first few times carrie underwood has made jokes about Taylor it was all in good humor but she literally takes digs at Taylor at every single awards show now and its a bit much. She just makes herself look bitter and nasty. People have said that Taylor wont last 4 years ago and guess what she is still here and she is just getting bigger and better. She is not just an american country singer, she is a global superstar who is in the history books. Her name will always be known and she will continue to get better. Remember she is only 22, she has far more time to grow and be relevant.

  12. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I will be so glad when this Gangnam stuff goes far, far away!

  13. 13

    Re: Whatever – Shifty swifty is certainly NOT a global superstar. Only in north america is she a superstar. Elsewhere she is a minor star. Having a no1 on itunes doesnt make you huge. her sales globally are poor and her album will nosedive very very quickly outside the US.

  14. Briguy says – reply to this


    For those upset about the jokes being made…you do realize a writer creates those jokes not the host!?! It's a fricken joke peeps, lighten up! Lol

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Briguy – Agree. Thought it was entertaining.

  16. Brianna says – reply to this


    As a matter of fact, RED has the #1 chart slot in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It's also high on the charts in Belgium, Italy, and Japan. The Global Sales are doing quite well, actually.

  17. jk says – reply to this


    Re: Jane45
    WHo are you to tell her how to spend her money? You know she didnt already hand over some money to them already? Why do you have nots think you have the right to tell people how to live their lives? My stomach rolls every time I read some silly ass statement by people like you who think they are such a big shot that they can tell people with money what they should do with it. How much did you give?? Not a damn dime, you are just busy blowing smoke up peoples asses making it sound like you did lol Then when the people with money do give and the paper get a hold of it and print how much they gave,then people like you are sayiing "they only gave for the publicity"..SHe changes clothing because the people who actually put this show on tell her how many times she should change..moron

  18. jk says – reply to this


    It is so silly for have nots to start telling stars what to do with their money LOL How foolsih people sound when they say well they should have given the money to the Red Cross, actually the Salvation Army is the only one that does bnot pay their CEOS big money, the money donated actually goes to the people but = beyond that , when start donate money the paper print it and then the same know it alls say "they only did it for the publicity". I bet these people that are telling stars how much money to give away that THE star worked ofr , never gave a damn dime to anyone but they try to make themselves look good, or smart and they just sound stupid.

  19. Dave says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – Leslie, I don't think either Taylor or Carrie are hurting as far as banks go. YOU are the one that seems to be the jealous type. Carrie has never said mean things about Taylor, everyone jokes about Taylors many, many relationships all which seem to be very short and about which she then writes a song. Maybe when she and her fans grow up then there won't be anything more to joke about.

  20. PN says – reply to this


    They said that Carrie Underwood had those dance moves down on Gangnam Style, but look at Brad Paisley! He was getting it on with his own dance moves on that PSY hit song, even with the dark glasses! Oh I know that he's been secretly listening to that song despite his repertoire of performing strictly country songs! Brad had his own dance pop move when he busted a move to Gangnam Style! Nobody talked about Brad's part of the performance(they only talked about Carrie's), but he was ripping it! They were both tearing it up on that 30 seconds of that song! But ouch, did they take a swipe at Taylor Swift, even saying the lines of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Taylor looked shocked when they took a swipe at her recent breakup with Connor Kennedy!

  21. regina says – reply to this


    Re: Jane45 – Because she can..Reba changes alot too.

  22. regina says – reply to this


    Re: Riddler61 – I don't think Taylor goes out with guys to "use them"..she just can't hang on to them because of her obesseive a clingy ways. A couple of dates and she buys a house near them and wants all their attention. Conar kennedy said she "freaks him out" and that it was him that broke up with her, but of course Taylor says otherwise.

  23. regina says – reply to this


    Re: PN – Even Taylors buddy "Ellen" made fun of her big time! So did Tom on dancing with the stars! One good thing is…at least she isn't flipping her hair all around now and jumping up and down like a pogo stick to her new songs!

  24. emme says – reply to this


    if you don't like brad and carrie's jokes just ignore them and move on.they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And taylor can't even write a country song anymore!