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Gwen Stefani Is Looking Hot In New No Doubt Music Video

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No Doubt is doing it old school! Like, the 17th century old!

Gwen Stefani and the rest of her gang have just dropped their latest ska-tastic video, which features an arousing games of Cowboys and Indians Native Americans!

As usual, Mrz. Stefani is looking f*cking hot…. even if she's not 100 percent politically correct.

Ch-ch-check out Gweny-Gewn-Gwen ride 'em in their BRAND NEW music video (above)!

Oh, it is SO good to say "New No Doubt music video!"

Guys, promises you'll never take an 11-year-break again! Okay?

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37 comments to “Gwen Stefani Is Looking Hot In New No Doubt Music Video”

  1. 1

    Gorgeous video! And I love the song i'm going to go buy both right now! And I think it's beautiful to take inspiration from visually stunning cultures, there should not be offence taken when celebrating cultural aspects.

  2. Rod says – reply to this


    Amazing Video!

  3. Ver says – reply to this


    well, as a native american, I think it's pretty fucking offensive. This video does not "honor' me. Would you feel the same way if gwen stefani was in black face? She's pretending to be a race that she isn't it's fucked up.

  4. 4

    God it's just so beautiful! It's more of a fashion story and I want everything the girls are wearing in this video.
    Aside from that though black face isn't a cultural aspect of any black race so it's not the same type of comparison. But there is also African tribal influences in the styling of this video that are equally beautiful even though the primary inspirations are native american. If she was portraying any cultural style Aztec, Mayan, Zulu, Ancient Roman, Mongolian, I don't think it's wrong to be stylistically inspired by something. You can't claim inspiration as this is mine and no one else can use it.

  5. lisa says – reply to this


    she would of looked better with long black hair. change up that dyed blonde hair please

  6. 6

    Gwen is sooo beautiful but I hate this song! The rest of the album is much better

  7. Jes says – reply to this


    Looking racist to me… then again, I'm just a Native woman, what's my opinion matter?

  8. 8

    Gee, you wanna see something offensive? Go watch Erykah Badu's Window Seat, & then tell me how "offensive" this is….

  9. 9

    This song is boring but Gwen looks gorgeous.

  10. Yosema says – reply to this


    Well f*** me side ways…seems like everyone wants to just take our culture and put there "twist" on it. Can't anyone just leave our culture the way it is WITHOUT making it a joke?? Come on…she could of at least threw in a few REAL NATIVE AMERICANS in the damn video….SMFH!!!

  11. Yosema says – reply to this


    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra – so she can parade around in our traditional clothing, imatate our culture, portray our life style as "cowboys vs "Indians""???? "Indians" being the "bad guys" and then showing the "good guys" boozing it up with there "saloon girls"??? COME ON!!!! There is nothing in this video that OUR PEOPLE SHOULD BE PROUD OF! Or as you say "there should not be offense taken when celebrating cultural aspects." Our people do not take kind to those who use our culture as a fashion statement or let alone to have Gwen run around half naked in her so called "outfit".

  12. feather says – reply to this


    Offended. Really insulting to my family and future child that something like this is still acceptable in the 21st century. It is really a bad move on their career and a bad slap to the face for our first nations people. Not a fan anymore.

  13. 13

    OMG so people can dress in Asian attire and adopt style and history from Chinese and African cultures but GOD FORBID natives are touched???? Sheesh people, calm the fuck down. This is an adaptation of STYLE and a FICTIONAL STORY and has nothing to do with presenting itself as an accurate historical representation of a history or people.

  14. feather says – reply to this


    Re: bytchface – Any culture being made a mockery and a joke is still offensive. Even durring Native American month is like the silver lining.

  15. Yosema says – reply to this


    Re: bytchface – after everything that has happened to us the only thing we had left was our culture. Even Now our people are still suffering. When people make a joke of our culture, you guys expect us not to take it to heart. Yes other cultures are influencing today's fashion and other outlets. But we're the only ones strong enough to stand up for what's ours. We have a voice and tend to use it. WE'RE STILL HERE. So as long as people buy fake feather head dresses, allow us to be cheesy mascots, companies make raunchy costumes of "squaws" and "Indian princesses", and schools letting kids dress up as Indians for thanksgiving lessons…..we're going to be there. Say what you want but there will always be more of us out here ready to speak up.

  16. 16

    this is a very side B song. Boring

  17. 17

    this video is pretty offensive

  18. feather says – reply to this


    Reminder: 99th Congress, joint resolution, annual proclamation 99-471. Native American heritage month.
    "this calls upon federal, state, and local government, interested groups and organizations and people of the united states to observe such week with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities."

  19. IfIWasJuju says – reply to this


    If this band wore the star of david and danced around a smoke machine you fucking people wouldn't think it was fun and games. This band is stupid for allowing the director of this video to do what he as done. On so many levels this is offensive, but I wouldn't expect white people to understand anything about a culture.

  20. 20

    She is so hot.

  21. N8V says – reply to this


    There are so many musicians who are currently culturally appropriating Native peoples, Lana del Rey, Gwen and a ton of hipster musicians who think it's cool to be Native for a day. This is incredibly offensive. We are not costumes. It's fun to play dress up isn't it without having to really understand the racist history in this country???

  22. 22

    Re: Yosema – Um the indians here are the good guys and the bandits and dirty cops are the bad guys. I'm sorry you feel offended though. Perhaps they should have used a different culture that would be more receptive to being an inspiration, I'd love if they used mine (Spanish) just because I love to see things be reinvented. To think that we can never wear something similar to Egyptian jewelry or Grecian style footwear because it isn't "our" culture is really sad to me, because the first person that ever made anything in any culture did it with aesthetics in mind and those who from there tweaked it further in that same culture did it because they were creative and wanted to make something that was beautiful, that is one of the main reasons behind any design. We may not all be from the same culture but we are all people. When you try and separate yourself from others by saying this is "us" and don't use anything like us because you are "not", that also attributes to a problem. But the way you frame things is also important to if you think something is negative or not. They've done Jamaican (among many others) stylings before and Jamaicans love it. So what is the difference here? Probably the framing of thoughts, openness and temperament of the group.

  23. yopes says – reply to this


    Re: Ver – agreed. They are amazingly ignorant and equally terrible musicians though so try not to take it personally.

  24. 24

    As a Native American woman, I also find this offensive. How white supremacist of you to say what I should or should not be offended by. There are over 500 federally recognized tribes in the US and people still think we live in tepees. Is she wearing designs by real Native designers? No. Does she know that objectifying, over-sexualizing Native women helps contribute to the fact that Native women are 3 times more likely to be raped? Prob not. This is not creativity, this is cultural appropriation.

  25. 25

    Re: yopes – Don't take the racism in mainstream media personal. Got it! Woulda been cute if she dressed as an African slave with "African inspired" clothing?

  26. MissMary says – reply to this


    This video is stirring up a lot around Indian country it is offensive to our culture in too many ways. I've always loved No Doubt and still do just don't like the video

  27. Vonnie says – reply to this


    If Stefani had some REAL talent, she wouldn't have to dress in faux Zigfield Folly girl Indigenous outfits and mock our culture. Should I dress in a yarmakule with a cross dangling from my butt dancing on the Koran with a tattoo of Ganish on each bare breast? No? Thought not. Too much available info to be ignorant and stupid. Crass. Vulgar. Offensive.

  28. maxine says – reply to this


    its our culture ….not a trend. people get offended when others dress arab and such but we aren't aloud to be offended? our heritage is beautiful the way it is. no modern changes needed.

  29. jessyser says – reply to this


    people you guys are overreacting….
    Re: Ver

  30. kate says – reply to this


    this is offensive??? really??? wow! they were just having fun with the video people do this in shows and movies ALL THE FUCKEN TIME!!!! get over it dumb fucks!!! they didnt mean any harm any if anyone is offensive is those stupid singers like rihanna and lady gaga who have waaaayyy worst shit then this!!!…… people get off their backs! seriously!!!

  31. bella427 says – reply to this


    Please inform yourself…this is not 'hot' but once again another assault on Native Women's Bodies.

  32. xerelda says – reply to this


    This video is awful, the song is awful. I hope this ruins them. No Doubt should be ashamed of themselves.

  33. xerelda says – reply to this


    RE: CaritaDeCleopa,
    Why do you think we should assimilate into mainstream society? It is "us" and "you". We don't want to be "you". The dominant society already tried assimilation through boarding schools and forced removal of indigenous children. Take some history lessons, unpack your invisible knapsack and take a good look in the mirror before you continue your privileged dialogue on how we as Indigenous people should feel about this video…

  34. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Remember when Gwen was running round with a bindi? She hasn't changed. She loves to be offensive to other cultures. It's the misguided privileged white girl scenario of "I'm not DEGRADING your culture. I'm not TRIVIALIZING it. I'm just APPRECIATING it." Give me a break. Hipster racism is still racism.

  35. me says – reply to this


    Re: JuliaElyse – yet i wasn't allowed to be offended byt the language used by the jersey shore or those promoting it and the cast members, many of whom are pretending to be of italian heritage. discrimination and killing has happened since the beginning of time. STOP TRYING TO BLAME EVERYTHING ON ANYONE WHO WAS, IS OR WILL BE BORN WHITE. grow up and learn history.

  36. Sean says – reply to this


    You guys really just need to shut up, Gwen and the band are just doing what they want to do so leave it be. Im irish but you dont see me being offended when americand take st patricks day a step too far.

  37. Luis says – reply to this


    I am not Native American, but as a minority i empathize and am extremely offended by this video. The tipis, the costumes, the objectification of Native American women, the storyline (cowboys vs. Native Americans, really?). UGH. I was somewhat of a fan of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, until seeing this video…I am offended and sorry to my Native American brothers and sisters.