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Katy Perry & John Mayer: Jennifer Aniston Apparently Thinks She Can Do A Lot Better!

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jennifer aniston john mayer katy perry dating warning

No surprise here!

According to a new report, a friend of Jennifer Aniston's is blabbing around town, saying Jen wants to warn Katy Perry about John Mayer.

Having dated him herself, she knows his moves and the friend says it's all bad news for KtP!

Revealing the goods, the source says:

"Katy should really watch out. Take it from Jen. She’s been there and done that. And it took her years to recover. Jennifer gave John more than a year to prove himself as marriage material. Katy needs to be warned about John’s hypnotic ways before its too late."

Ummm, yeah… we hope she's careful too.

She's one of the Queens owning the game right now, and we'd hate to see anything hinder her from doing her best! Hasn't she seen enough heartbreak for one lifetime??

Gurl deserves a king! Hope Johnny Boy can handle her greatness!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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80 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer: Jennifer Aniston Apparently Thinks She Can Do A Lot Better!”

  1. PM2901 says – reply to this


    I think that Jenn is still not over John or Brad. She invited Brad's mom to her wedding, and now she's giving John's current g/f advice. Heaven forbid if Katy Perry is able to tame the beast that is John Mayer. It'll KILL Jenn! Her first choice is an intelligent (but, immature) rock star. John is smart, cute, and talented. Brad is every girl's fantasy. Although Justin is talented, Jenn would prefer to be with someone more mainstream, and she's not. At this point, I think she's just glad that SOMEONE. . .ANYONE wants to marry her. She needs to quit getting her girlfriends (Chelsey Handler) to speak for her and just try to be happy with her fiance.

  2. 2

    Considering all the bad press directed at John Mayer over the past couple of years, Katy Perry must be going in with her eyes open. Aniston did invest a lot of time in him and all she got from him was 'nice' , as compared to Jessica's Simpson's 'sexual napalm'. That's got to leave Jen a little bitter.

  3. Oh Please says – reply to this


    This is absurd. That was then, this is now. That was Jen, this is Katy. Two women with two different psyches, and two different relationships. While I firmly believe JM can be, ahem, "suavay and deboner", these are two different relationships. For gosh sakes wasn't Jen and John 3 or 4 years ago?
    I think this is hogwash written to make money, anyways.

  4. rosalinda says – reply to this


    I do not know who is more stupid in this story, who writes (coins) or who believes …

  5. Vness says – reply to this


    She kind of has a thing for losers doesn't she? lol

  6. lostnfound says – reply to this


    How do you feel john? When you read all of this? Does it make you really happy? is this why your name should be all over the media like this ? I thought it was only music now? It saddens me as a fan to google your name and not see your true fame mentioned much, are you done snacking on hollywood yet?

  7. reallywannaknow says – reply to this


    You are worth soo much more john, why do you do this to yourself?

  8. Jessica says – reply to this


    Why would Jennifer Aniston care about Katy Perry? I can't even be sure Jen is aware of Katy's existence.

  9. Here's the Thing says – reply to this


    Re: lostnfound – While I get what you are saying lostnfound, can this man help where his heart goes? Did he really date Katy just so he could get seen by the media. I think he knew full well what would happen if he dated Katy. To me she seems like a nice enough person, on the surface. Maybe he's crazy about her. Like any many other guys I think he's looking for his soul sister too.

  10. Here's the Thing says – reply to this


    Does he have to be "snacking on Hollywood" to have an intimate relationship with Katy? She's a person, not just a celebrity.

  11. Simon says – reply to this


    John Mayer is a dirty b-stard. He's no good for any woman, not even a female dog with four legs. Jennifer Aniston is right on point. I hope that John Mayer gets what he deserves after what I've heard about. He gets crazy about many females for about 6-8 months and then he's over them. He's a bonafied womanizer with no spine.

  12. LolaMarie says – reply to this


    Mayer has no conscious at all and is a man who thinks that he can handle women any way. Look at his long standing history. He licks his own as* and more, bites, barks, howls at the moon. Has fleas and spreads himself thin. I've heard numerous stories about women his hurt and keeps hurting.

  13. Tristan Johnson says – reply to this


    IDK. Dude sounds pretty lethal and as bad as rat poison. If I were any of the women he hurt, I'd make him pay big time, by writing a song like Taylor Swift and putting him on the radio, giving his crybaby a– something to really be humiliated about. Shooter Jennings had a valid point. He should have never backed down and should have kept up his tweet a–beating. His entire Rolling Stone article was full of sh-t and embellished with so much crock that he pulled out from his a– on queue. Someone needs to regularly call Mayer out for the slimy skunk of a jerkwad that he really is and indefinitely will remain. John Mayer is king douche amplified. I can see why so many women and people either openly or secretly hate the man. It's not because they envy him or want what he has.

  14. Ha! Thanks4theLaughs says – reply to this


    HA! He can do all the changin' he wants to impress and dupe Katy Cats for a bit but it won't fix a thing for all the chickas from state to state he treated like sh**. Some women will say that they forgave or forgive Mayer because they're too afraid and smart to let him know how much they hate him b/c they know that he'd probably play dirty with them and do whatever he had too to save his rep, stop ish from getting out and keep them quiet. I hear there's countless women. There's a thing called a memory and it stays with women forever. Women have memories like elephants. JM needs his payback in the form of a 1,500 page, *tell*all*sort of* manuscript with sequels that will outdo "Twilight Series." I believe there are many attractive and intelligent women who have stories to tell about how they wasted their time, love, hearts and more with the guy, believin' he was a good man who was going to change and do them right. Any brave takers? I know there has to be some who are willin' to drag his scrounge through the coals. Ever heard of "Water Gate" ? Got some news for ya, "Mayer Gate" would be a whole lot better!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    They're both free and over 21 adults. I've seen karma and Darwin catch up to players in a big way later in life. He'll get back what he puts out.

  16. Coasting Along says – reply to this


    Not a Katy Perry fan at all but if these allegations of Jen Aniston are true, then she's right. Smart woman. I keep hearing about the scandalous things he's done to women and it turned me into a former JM fan. His moral compass is screwed up in more ways than one. Katy P should enjoy this ride for as long as she's the "IT" girl. Soak it up gurl! For all Kat Perry knows, he's probably playing her now in some form. I've heard of girls thinking they were "IT" or the main squeeze with Mayer, but weren't because he ALWAYS has someone on the side or on hold. He goes back and forth, never cutting ties with women. I've heard stories of how he'll tell the current girl that he'd like to keep in touch with his ex's as friends, and keeps tabs on them; will reassure the current woman (who is now Katy P.) that he's crazy about them and how she has nothing to worry about…………. However, in his mind, he still has a "thing for the other woman and something going on." He's never too far away from the ex(s). Katy shouldn't get too confident about "taming the beast in him, as what was stated in a recent mag." (Cont.)

  17. Coasting Along says – reply to this


    (Cont.) Although I'm no longer a JM fan, I'd hate to see Mayer become p*ssy whipped and lose his guitar god bad boy persona that made his name and look like a bigger p ssy to friends allowing someone like Katy Perry to dictate his every move. If he changed for good, and let her tame him, he might start writing more crap music. He should save his changing for a more well-bred, deserving and modest woman. Kat P isn't deserving of it. His cockiness and active libido is what allowed him to write great songs. He can't turn into a weak obeying softie and why should he let a woman like Katy tame him? That's a joke. Her wearing dresses to her knees won't change her joke of an sl ty image. You can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. (Cont.)

  18. Coasting Along says – reply to this


    (Cont.) There's several players in the music industry who are famous for no reason at all, except the fact they did something slutified and are outrageously stupid. KP may be a player in the game and currently running things and that's only because her manager and pr team are throwing (more like forcing her on and signing her up for every event in the US) her at everyone's events, falsely building her ego up for talent that she obviously lacks in singing and forcing her screeching on the ears of the innocent, but that doesn't mean that the girl has talent. I bet Mayer isn't floored by it all and everyone with a brain knows the game of a pr team and manager paychecks cash flow. The more exposure and events they get their artists and clients in, the more money the manager and pr team makes. They only care about making money. Her pr team and managers know that she can't sing and her recent screeching on stage is plenty evidence. By the time we hear her songs, they've been chopped, cut, filled in, layered, dubbed to extend her holding notes that she can't really pull off and mastered in studio to trick us all. Listen to every live performance. I can't believe Obama is inviting her to sing again after she mucked up Al Green's song like that and that crapas- performance she did at the last one! Did anyone hear that sh-t? It was suckas- and she was drowned out by her backup singers who sounded better! She's no Mariah Carey at all.

  19. prg says – reply to this


    i am suprised john mayer hasnt got std yet

  20. Sugar Sweet says – reply to this


    A hit-maker, song writer and producer, will write a song for someone who has no talent at all, knowing that the person can't throw down notes on live performances and can barely pull it off in the studio; just because the person is famous or has a huge fan base and following, which will brings the writer more writing and producing gigs. People who are writing songs for Katy Perry know that she can't sing, unless they fix her up the way they want her to sound in the studio. They want a paycheck. That's it. Writer's will write and producers will produce just for the money, connections, notoriety. It's about collecting names, gaining a reputation and building a resume as a writer and producer. A song could be well written, but butchered by a singer, forcing the writer-producer to adjust the song to fit someone with no vocal skills, like Katy. There's a lot of peeps who are getting fame from writing for the talentless singers like Perry, but they haven't really earned the respect as veterans in the industry, for writing and producing "noise" for ex Disney kids or fledgling actresses; who wake up one morning and decide they'd like to experiment w/ singing. A producer will sit back and watch a singer struggling with hitting the notes for the song they wrote, but won't do a thing. They're getting paid by the artist's record company. Half the time, they're laughing at the singer in their heads. (More#)

  21. Sugar Momma says – reply to this


    (#More) By the time an artist is in the studio working with a producer, and he's leaning on one arm on the soundboards, playing w/those "I can give the talentless talent" buttons, looking at you through the sound booth, annoyed and bored, they don't care how bad you sound. In most cases, they've already been paid upfront by the rec company. They will sit there smiling, bobing their heads, grin at you and act like you did good in the studio. Hindsight, they have been know to shoot e-mail/texts their fellow artists and writers on the spot, saying that your singing skills are f-ckery, trucked and an abomination. Writer's exchange notes on singers too. Producers and engineers know they can give someone with no talent, lots of talent. That's why they make thousands! Ever heard of lip-syncing? Katy may have #1 hits but the writers and producers really deserve the props.

  22. jando9696 says – reply to this


    it takes jen forever to get over anybody……

  23. jando9696 says – reply to this


    ok hes made some mistakes but if you listen to his new albumn he talks a lot about how he doesnt like the man he was and wants to get better. its not like any of you actually know him so just stop hating and give him a chance

  24. whatever says – reply to this


    @Jando 9696 john Mayer is a proven douche. He will never change his ways. Tell that to the last person he hurt. I bet they won't trust him to hurt them again. His album is total bullshat because his first single was about how he was sorry for doing women wrong, but not even one month after dropping the single, he bleeps another woman over from what I've heard and seen. If he changes for Katy Perry, that will only make women from his past hate him more.he needs to back track and repair whoever he's damaged.

  25. Spellcheck says – reply to this


    Re: LolaMarie – That's "conscience" and "he's", dear. (eyeroll)

  26. kitschy Baby says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – True. Mayer can't just think that he can make up for all his hurt by deciding to change for the new one. He contradicts himself and you made an excellent point.

  27. lolamarie says – reply to this


    Re: Spellcheck – roll away until you have a convulsion.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Mayer doesn't need 'taming', (he's not some canine toothed mammal) and a great gal like Katy Perry deserves a functional man, not some fixer upper. He's either ready to be a man for his future family or not. It's timing. Settling down can improve tunes if anything as you're more grounded. To those who rip on Katy's voice, wrong. She doesn't have to be a Pavarotti; she has a definitive vocal and entertainment style, work ethic and look that has gotten her famous. For her kind of tunes, she IS the bomb, and that's why she's everywhere. Plus she's a nice person.

  29. 29

    a year u should be able to work that out in 20 mins clearly he aint god these girls are plain stupid i like his voice but the guy just seems way too immature for marriage

  30. areyoukiddingme says – reply to this


    Re: PM2901 – Do you believe everything you read, are you twelve or are you just insane? My guess—all three.

  31. AlrightyThen says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – And if he's not ready…yet…I think someday he will be. I like everything you said in your last post. BTW, who said he needs "taming", the paps.

  32. AlrightyThen says – reply to this


    "Timing, a ticka, ticka, ticka. Timing, a tocka, tocka, tocka." What's this about a "functional man, not a fixer upper" @v@ ? Explain please.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: AlrightyThen – Someone past playing and bedpost notches stage, but he's not alone in that. Sowing oats.

  34. E. Rosewater says – reply to this


    I can't figure out what it is about John Mayer that women can't kick, but once they do become fully lucid of what and how he is, the get far away, like Jennifer did. She's brilliant and although women involved with him are young and clouded, they will eventually come to realize that they're too good for Mayer. I believe that once women grow to truly hate him, and themselves for getting involved with him, they begin to distance and disassociate themselves from him completely. They re-write their lives and do extreme things to rid his name and presence from their life. Look at what Jennifer did and found! Great job! Justin is gorgeous and I'm very happy for them. A woman like Jen and any other woman John dogged out deserves a real man like Justin. I do believe that Jen probably despises John, as all women now do. I don't think they despise him because it didn't last, I think there's more to it. He seems like one of those men who will make the last woman seem needy and paints them out to be the problem, not taking on blaming himself for the problems he caused. He's never the reason in his mind, and to him, it's other women. I could be wrong. I don't know him but the way he fired off at Tay Swift sounded like he had a guilty mind. He was in the wrong for what he did to her.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: AlrightyThen – Should clarify…someone who's ready for THE relationship instead of having to convince an unconvinced person. I guess functional wasn't the right word, so stand corrected.

  36. Say What? says – reply to this


    I've heard that JM flirts with the female friends of whoever he's dating, secretly slipping them his number and e-mail, sending them flirty texts, and if the gf finds out, he makes the friend out to be crazy and jealous. I was told that if he returns to a restaurant twice, that he's scoping out the next hottie to fool around with on the dl. He scopes out waitresses too and females where he dines. He did that to aniston a lot when he was with her. No place was off bounds. He's far from finished sowing his oats. I'm sure. He can't be tamed because he has a wandering eye. He's young and has a right not to be grounded in a serious relationship. He should definitely play the field more and not allow himself to be restricted or suffocated. There's no ring on his finger. He's basically a bachelor still. Anything goes, even staying in touch with ex's if he desires.

  37. Gregory Pitts says – reply to this


    Everytime I hear marriage and family mentioned in an article with Mayer, I wonder how many women he's fed that line to? He's not ready to marry Katy Perry. Is she thinking right? How do we know that he's not planning to marry someone totally different that's not in the picture that we don't know about? Men do it all the time. They can be with one woman, but be thinking about and have possibly told another woman his future plans to marry her, and to sit still and wait. My friend did this to a girl he was seeing. He was seeing this one ritzy posh flashy and superficial hollywood chick, but had told another regular working gal (girl 1) that she was it or "THE ONE" for him. The current flashy posh Hollywood chick (girl 2) was talking family and marriage but my friend married the woman that he had told was "THE ONE" from day one, which was girl 1. Mayer could just be testing the waters as we men often do. Nothing is written in stone and we men never let other women we are sowing our oats with know what's up. A man can sleep with a woman and sex means nothing, but have a spiritual lifelong bond to another chick who they're not having sex with. Katy needs to get her head out of the clouds. None of us know what Mayer has cooking and to be painfully honest, Katy can't be too sure of herself of what Mayer is doing when he's not on lockdown with her. That's life.

  38. ArightyThen says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – What's "young"? for heaven's sakes the man is 35 fricken years old. Yeah he's a rock star, but still.

  39. Soul Stirrer says – reply to this


    Re: Gregory Pitts – I agree with you. Whether Mayer is absent or present, ANY woman who's with him, secure or not can't peacefully enjoy the time together without wondering who and what he's REALLY thinking of, when he goes from talkative to suddenly quiet, getting that long and lost gaze in his eyes, as if he's picturing the face and physical attributes of another woman. I'm willing to bet that he often does that and goes from talkie talkie chitter chatter, to a dead silence where he's not speaking, and you can tell that his mind and soul has drifted off to somewhere else. I bet he will play it off as just being observant and mindful, but it's a disguise. I bet he seems didtracted and distant a lot to and with Katy Perry. It's just a hunch. He seems as if he does that a lot. I'd love to be a synapses in his beautiful mind.

  40. AlrightyThen says – reply to this


    Re: Gregory Pitts – Do you think he a actually means it in those moments when he may be feeding a woman's mommy/family fantasies, or what? Maybe he's a man who just crushes on women easily. He can't help himself.<<<(poor excuse, I realize)…..OR perhaps he's not ready to settle down….or God only knows.

  41. Say What? says – reply to this


    Re: ArightyThen – That's still too young to wed for someone like Mayer who spent most of his early life devoted to making his career and his name. 35 is very young for him. The man still needs to get around to living and he still has things to do. People can get married at 50. Mayer shouldn't rush it. 35 is young in the music world. Gene Simmon's was also a rockstar from KISS and he got married over the age of 50. He made sure that he was ready.

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – Gene was led to his A-Ha moment by a hard headed woman. She spent years wishing and feeling badly about it, and he almost lost her because of it.

  43. Gregory Pitts says – reply to this


    Re: AlrightyThen – I think Mayer would be serious about those fantasies if he's spiritually bonded to a woman. A man can have sex with a woman but it doesn't mean he's really ready to have kids. That's a huge responsibility. My friend fed Hollywood chick those fantasies, but confided in me that he wanted to marry and have a family with girl 1. He said that he felt more spiritually connected to her. I'm sure Mayer could be sincere about having a family with a woman he's known for a long time. He seems as if he'd only consider settling down with a woman if he really trusted and had developed something long and withstanding with them. He seems untrusting of new territory and Perry is new territory in my opinion. I do think that Mayer flirts too and that women misinterpret his actions, falling for him too soon. That's just my opinion. I may add more after thinking about your question.

  44. Jody says – reply to this


    Re: AlrightyThen – My opinion may not matter since I'm a girl but he seems shy and like he'd only settle down with a woman he could really trust and be himself with. I don't think he's trying to become Mr. Katy Perry and be in her shadow. He seems like he wants to be Mr. John Mayer and his future lady to take his name without and chaos of fame attached to his career to complicate things and life. He seems like he wants a woman who isn't tied into fame at all. He seems well suited with a woman who is regular and not a pop singer. Maybe that's what he needs? He needs calm and stability in his life from my guess. Am I wrong?

  45. Hmm? says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Sounds like Mayer's possible situation. I wonder if he has a woman waiting on him to wise up and return? Hmmm and aha! I'm not talking about Katy being that woman or situation either. Shannon was with Gene for years and put up with his cheating but he always returned to her.

  46. AlrightyThen says – reply to this


    Re: Hmm? – I've heard there is, or at-least was, such a woman.

  47. Hmm? says – reply to this


    Re: AlrightyThen – I think she's still there in his life. She "is" and not "was". "Was" is past tense. "IS" is present. ;) Just had to reassure you.

  48. Cam says – reply to this


    Re: Coasting Along – Wow, you sure are majorly fascinated by Mayer's sex life (lol). Lots of unfounded and inaccurate ideas here. How many hours did yo spend writing ?

  49. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Jody – I disagree with you. I don't think he would put himself through all the paps and scrutiny again if he wasn't in love with her. Montana locals say these two have been together for at least a year because Perry has visited his ranch many times for extended periods. There are some pics taken in local pubs to prove it. They have a lot in common. They're both, eccentric and changeable like chameleons, and big time talented and successful, both are savvy business people. I think he needs a woman who is his equal and who he can't push around. Perry might be the one for him and vice versa. I have no idea why people get so angry at him for dating consenting adult women to find out who he wants for life (that's what dating is for). Most women he dates fall in love with him but I think that's because he's fabulous and it hurts if he leaves. Do people really expect him to stay with someone he's not in love with? I don't get the hate. Most of the hate about Mayer has nothing to do with him and is more about people making up romance novel type stories for excitement.

  50. Say What? says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – That's remarkably odd. So Mayer has been seeing Perry for an entire year and she's been at his ranch in and off for an entire year? How sure are you about this claim? You're proving that he is basically untrustworthy and a lathario, if you are accurate. So you're basically saying that Mayer was involved with several women, one being Perry, while lying to one or several? Explain.

  51. Whoa!! says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Are you John Mayer? People tend to speak for him a lot and how do you know he's in love with Katy Perry? You have stated several jaw dropping facts and have let the marbles spill out of the bag. Talk about skeleton's in the closet. Very interesting. Can you prove that Mayer has been seeing Katy for an entire year?

  52. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    To anyone who thinks or claims they've been spotted together in Montana for a year, he hasn't even lived there for a year. Check your facts. All it takes is a simple google check, since he stated it in interviews.

  53. MAIL MAVEN says – reply to this


    Awe shucks Sam. Given me a minute to E-mail your post to someone who's an authority on John's private dating affairs for a year. We can verify your claims. BRB.

  54. SeLaVie says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – Maybe they've been taking for awhile, but seeing each other for an entire year? I find that hard to believe. She was still married a year ago, and she dated two other guys, that we know of, up until last spring. AND, I thought JM had someone else he was focused on during that time. Oh well.
    I'm beginning to believe whenever JM does finally settle down, it may indeed be a forever thing. Just saw Leonardo broke up with his latest gal pal at 37….must be nice not to have to worry about shriveling ovaries.

  55. R&B says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – Thank you for clearing that up ;) Yeah, it did sound like Sam was embellishing his entire post and like it was fluff made up to "hurt someone who's special and close" to John. To my knowledge, John isn't a resident of Montana, but does own property in LA too. He's a resident of NY.

  56. SeLaVie says – reply to this


    Re: MAIL MAVEN – I hate your post. You and your so-called expert "friends" who have the inside scoop. It's ridiculous.

  57. SeLavie says – reply to this


    Re: Say What? – Oops, I meant "talking", not "taking".

  58. SeLaVie says – reply to this


    [re=6255605]Re: MAIL MAVEN[/re WHAT are you trying to prove? What's the agenda?

  59. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    Ok… I did the work for you all. Nice, huh? ;) In his RS interview he states that he moved there after filming his Shadow Days video in March this year. Just clearing up Whoa's question of if Sam was JM. Clearly not. And they clearly haven't been seen together in Montana for a year. Hmm… seems odd anyone would make such a bold claim. In fact, it seems to me the only person who would do that wouldn't be JM, but KP. Or someone else doing it for her, on her behalf, for some sort of "benefit". Whoops.

  60. R&B says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – ❤ I love you and thank you!!! ;) XO ❤

  61. puffyclouds says – reply to this


    Only comment I have is when you have to play games when you really like someone , there is no real relationship built on much when you have to play games and not be just yourself, I myself prefer a honest, straight up man, now that's loving relationship, one you can be comfortable in. Best feeling ever.

  62. truthbseen says – reply to this


    Your right, i noticed that all also.

  63. sherlock says – reply to this


    Haha, I love how the smart one lured the curious kat comments right on out, wow, that was pretty cool to sit and watch. Right on!

  64. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    One last comment on Sam's bold post: being an equal to someone does NOT simply mean equal bank accounts, or equal status. Not to mention, there are plenty of creative, talented people out there who aren't famous, and for many reasons. Really, that sort of brazen statement would only be made by someone who has a lot of money and is hoping to push some sort of claims for some sort of hopeful benefits. Hmm… Why? I can pretty much guarantee no one else would say such a thing. Like any "regular" person out there would say, "You know, that so-and-so is famous and wealthy, and they are only deserving of someone who is famous and wealthy!" No. Give me a break. EVERYBODY deserves someone who is right for them and good to them, that they love. There is something very wrong with a statement like that, and I'd be scared to live in a world where everyone thought that way. We all should be. Cont..

  65. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – This is good to know. I actually think it's a good thing for people to question each other's facts. I didn't say it was a fact. I said some locals said they saw them together over the past year. There were tweets and pictures but I don't have a way to verify the locations or times or to know if they were actually Montana locals. The most recent was a fan pic tweet where the bar sign was visible (so verifiable) and that person said Perry had been to the ranch 3 or 4 times. Second, putting "I think" in front of what you say and describing where you got the idea defines it as an opinion, not a fact. In addition, as I said, I think he is in love with her and I listed some reasons why I think it is likely such as that they're both eccentric. Now if the fact checkers would challenge all the negative claims John is a bad person, that would be a good thing.

  66. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    Cont..JM is a very smart, insightful, observant, and discerning man. He is also very kind, caring, and compassionate towards ALL walks of life. Anyone who knows him, or has ever met him, will tell you that. Or heck, anyone who wants to search his work with Veterans or children, and see the touching photos. The eyes and face never lie, and say more than words, or simply signing a check.
    Therefore, it seems to me, that anyone who is to be his equal for life, or really any lengthy amount of time (without clashing), would be someone of the same or similar qualities and characteristics–regardless of status, etc.

  67. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: MAIL MAVEN – Except for saying I saw some tweets people posted saying they have seen J and K together for a long time before they were publicly seen, I didn't make claims. I gave opinions. I described why I think they have a lot in common based on public pictures and their own words. I would prefer you not betray them and expose private information unless they choose to share it. Seems there have been a number of invasive pics taken of them at private parties, etc that they were not aware were being taken, for example.

  68. R&B says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – Beautifully and breath-takingly said ;) . You're right and some seem to think they're better than others because their famous and bank accounts are "bigger." That's cruel because I may not be famous, but I have heart and soul. Loving someone for who they are, and not because of their fame and status is so cruel. People are more important than money or status, and that's something John knows for sure. John rocks and that's why I love him for who he is! I agree with your statements, all four, from beginning to end! XO❤

  69. R&B says – reply to this


    What I meant to say was: "loving someone for who they really are, minus fame and bank accounts, and NOT for what they have or who they are" is what matters. People are more precious than materialistic possessions.

    Re: Realitycheck[/re] Beautifully and breath-takingly said ;) .

    I think I got a bit choked up and teary reading your post RealityCheck and the result was me making a huge error. :/

  70. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – What the hell are you going on about! I did NOT say anything about fame, bank accounts, wealth, status. YOU DID! That's in YOUR head! Hell I didn't even mention beauty becuz these two are not shallow people. I said I think they are a good match because they are both talented, eccentric, changeable (meaning multi-faceted), successful, she is his equal, etc. I could go on for two pages about why I think they're likely to be in love and how compatible they are and all their great qualities (that I know of having followed JM for 11 years) but this is just a small comment section of a blog. People on here are trashing John everywhere and you come after me for complimenting them using shit I didn't say!? WTF!

  71. JustAdmitYouGotOwned says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Why don't you just fess up and admit that you're a ball-faced, haughty, rude, and instigating liar, who full-well knew you were coming in to cause nothing but "hurt, to belittle someone and drama" by insinuating that people aren't good enough for John, like you and your camp has been doing since the beginning? Many intelligent people can figure out who's team you're on, who you are and what your purpose was and is. What you wrote sounds a lot like when someone said something about another girl being a "nobody" because she's not famous… Ring a bell? I guess you don't know that a person's health, personality, heart and soul, and genuine spirit, is worth MUCH MORE THAN BEING FAMOUS, AND HAVING A HUGE BANK ACCOUNT. JM doesnt jelp people and support causes becausr he'll get press and more fame. He does it because he's a beautiful man who REALLY cares! That shows your mindset, true personality, intentions and more. And JM is a great guy. It's funny how you came in and basically attempted to make him look awful. You falsified your statements about him being with Katy for over a year. Shameful. Not nice. So wrong.

  72. NotAnIdiot says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Let me first begin by asking you if you're really going to sit on your blackberry, or possibly your computer, and continue to play coy or dumb, acting as though you said nothing that should rock the boat or hurt others? You lied and were called out! Everyone with a logical and analytical brain can interpret what you were conveying. We can read between the lines. You basically said in babble that JM needed someone of an equal status, meaning fame, money, press, popularity and power. Your words, not mine. Are you going to pretend that you have no idea how your statement affected a few? Then you fabricated a story about what Montana locals had said. Save it. You came in with the intentions of causing tension. Everyone, even a child, can clearly grasps what your shallow comment was saying. Enough.

  73. OMG says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – You're not smart are you?!? Geeze girl! Read your statement. You just came in again to reiterate what you said initially in your first false post that was filled with oddles of bullcrap. You mentioned materialistic compatibilities again and you think you're right or being logical? Realitycheck is saying that just because a person is famous and or whatever, does not make them perfect for each other. It's about more than fame. Sheesh!!!!!

  74. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: OMG – I think you're the same person using different names trolling and trying to pick fights for fun. Untie the knot your panties. It's cutting off your brain circulation. TEAM MAYER AND KATY! I'm outta here.

  75. unknown says – reply to this


    Re: OMG – . If you look over comments sections in many other john and katy postings in past few months on perez site , you will find sam acting same way.

  76. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Actually, that is INCORRECT. #1-I have no need whatsoever to go in under several diff names, unlike some. What would be the point of that? If I have something to say, I'm gonna just use the same name. #2-I also knew I had no need to even dignify your hilarious responses and give any more effort bc I knew it was pointless, and that it was so transparent, it would come clear anyway. And gee, what do ya know? It did. ;)

  77. Realitycheck says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – And to be clear, by "some", I mean you Sam/Whoa or whatever other names you use, that is trying to pull the same crap that any rational mind could see through. There's a clear line, and uh.. do you feel that breeze? Your transparency is showing ;) *walks away*

  78. Twilights Zone says – reply to this


    Re: Realitycheck – stop it realitycheck impersonator. You're not the actual person who initially came in as "reality check." Two totally different people. Freakish, Sam. Yeah, we know it's you already.

  79. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    poor Jen should jut but out-Katy's probably using John for what he is best at-being a good time on the rebound-transition guy-besides Katy is younger, prettier and more talented than hag Anustain-and not sticking the red hot poker up his arse about marriage and babies-Anustain has sent a lot of good men screaming in terror-sorry jen-it's NOT them it's YOU-I think mostly Anustain is upset that they might have a good relationship and she can't go around bad mouthing John like she bad mouths Brad all the time-and if you want to say what about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt??? come on one is brain dead and the other is even more of a desperate needy cling on than Anustain-John used them for what they were good for-a month of easy sex and publicity-then run

  80. 80

    Re: Sam
    He only bought that house in Montana a year ago, and he didn't move in til the beginning of this year. Katie was also still married to Russell Brand. There divorce wasn't final until this past summer.