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91 comments to “Taylor Swift Stole Lyrics From Another Artist?!”

  1. 1

    Nashville's Little Prick-Teaser in the news again…

  2. 2

    Really? One cheesy line? I'm sure there are many songs who have similar lines.

  3. 3

    this is really sad - ONE lyric, which could easily be an homage to someone she admires - leave the girl alone. i was a matt nathanson fan, but i think this is really bitter of him… seems like he has a touch of jealousy in the fact that his career won't launch no matter how hard he tries. "anwering machine" didn't quite do the trick. jerk.

  4. illyssa says – reply to this


    Oh, who cares. No one is listening to his music anyways. He should be happy someone more famous than him appreciates his music and now his line is known to more people :)

  5. melissa says – reply to this


    its one line WHOOOOOOOO CAAARRRREEEESSSSSS. god people find anything to get rowdy about these days.

  6. BrookeRivers13 says – reply to this


    Those lyrics would've gone to waste if she didn't use them because NO ONE even listens to his music. Who is this guy?

  7. Whatever says – reply to this


    I'm not even a TSwift fan, but really? That one phrase? It could easily be a coincidence. It's not even anything original. Kind of lame of him to jump straight to the conclusion that she "stole" from him.

  8. 8

    I think the fans were harassing him at the way he handled it. Pretty unclassy. It could have been an honest mistake. It also seems like he's using Taylor's name and fan base to get attention for his music.

  9. ohhaiiii says – reply to this


    that bitch steals lyrics from so many people if you dig deep enough actually. One small example is "i need you like a heart needs a beat" ( Apologize, One Republic) and "I need you like a heart beat" (Tell Me Why, Taylor Swift) shes a huge fan of them. Theres also another idie band (cant remember their name) she listed on her USA today ipod play list and they say something VERY similar to "This isnt hollywood this is a small town" which is what she says in her song White Horse. Bitch can bite me.

  10. 10

    Seriously? He's pissed over a small lyric? Many people have the same experiences and simple sentences like that are easy to recreate without hearing someone else say it.

    That line isn't genius. It's not like it's the main line in the song either. He just wants press. There are millions of similar lines in various songs. It's not like she's making millions off of that little lyric.

  11. ms832 says – reply to this


    I'm a huge fan of taylor swift, like the biggest, but thats almost the exact same lyrics. and ive noticed some of her lyrics in the past are pretty close to some john mayer lyrics, so shes definitely "drawing inspiration" from other artists. all too well is still one of my favorite songs on red though

  12. Lu says – reply to this


    Perez, let me tell you something: you're disgusting. You know why? Taylor acts so sweet with you, she's for sure one of the few celebrities who actually treat you well, and all you do to thank her is spread stupid rumors about her AND help to spread LEAKED songs. Seriously, this is ridiculous. I hope she starts being a bitch with you, because you deserve it. However, I know she won't, since she is so damn classy. Take care. Sincerely, a swiftie.

  13. Thou Shalt Not Steal says – reply to this


    Time to compare "Red" and "Blue"! How much has Taylor Swift stolen wholesale from Joni Mitchell? The cover on Swift's new album "Red" is hauntingly reminiscent of Mitchell's 1972 album named "Blue." All of a sudden Swift is using the term "pretty lies." That phrase would immediately ring a bell with anyone familiar with Mitchell's "The Last Time I Saw Richard." One of the songs on Swift's album is even called "The Last Time." European images, such as cafes, figure into Mitchell's songs just like they do in Swift's "Begin Again." Mitchell's "California" opens with the lyrics: "Sitting in a park in Paris, France…" And Mitchell invites "Carey" to "Come on down to the Mermaid Cafe!" I find it remarkable that people are unaware of the similarities between "Red" and "Blue." Many people do not have a reference point or choose not to care that a star has copied a musical icon. The public is gaga over Swift, but anyone with any musical knowledge would know that Swift has stolen rich material from Joni Mitchell. Don't tell me Swift never listened to "Blue"!

  14. Yeah.... says – reply to this


    Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer: "I'll Never Speak Again, I'll use my hands"
    Treacherous by Taylor Swift: I'll do anything you say if you say it with your hands"
    If you look up who her favorite artists are, you'll find a disgustingly large amount of similar lyrics. This girl is so unoriginal, im ready for her to go away

  15. AlyssaA. says – reply to this


    Who gives a rats ass? No one knows who the hell he is…

  16. Eek says – reply to this


    yeah not to add fire to the flame but her first song she put out called "Tim McGraw" was a complete and utter rip off of "Strawberry Wine" by Deana Carter gag

  17. Matt > Taylor says – reply to this


    Seriously?! Some of you people think Taylor is better?! Matt Nathanson blows this poptart out of the water…. Get some real musical tastes people.

  18. MB says – reply to this


    I've heard of him.

    Years ago, I told one of my ex girlfriends that Come On Get Higher, when I heard it on a long run (as a delivery truck driver), made me think of her.

  19. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Matt > Taylor – Some people think Katy Perry is a talented "artist". hahahahaha! fuck……

  20. MB says – reply to this


    Re: BrookeRivers13 – He's from back just before music went all out black hip hop, even from white people, and drummers became obsolete to the drum machine. In other words, music turned to complete shit garbage.

  21. 21

    F*ck him. Liar.

  22. 22

    If she didn't use it exactly, she didn't steal crap. This putz is a liar… so what, he thinks he owns that line? Nope. It's no different than if she read a line i a book, changed it a bit and made a song on it. This guy pulled his tweet because now he's scared for defaming her like that.

  23. Elaina says – reply to this


    Re: Chris_Mc – So umm if I write and release a song that says "Its a love story baby please say yes" instead of her "just say yes" Im not stealing? That sounds easy as fuck, You guys im quitting my day job and becoming a writer.

  24. MB says – reply to this


    This is why I don't just play, record and post non-copywrite music Indiscriminately out there on youtube or where ever, even if it flows from me like water from a tap, at a higher quality than what most of these kids or their "songwriters" (hahahaha!) could ever dream of coming up with, even if I don't want to do anything with it.

  25. TaylorisaWHORE says – reply to this


    Re: illyssa – and in a few years everyone will be saying Taylor Swift who?. That or she would be an unwed mother with all the Dick she takes.

  26. me says – reply to this


    If he really thought she stole it, he would have contacted his lawyer instead of tweeting about it. He just wants attention.

  27. PoorGirl says – reply to this


    leave the poor girl alone, shes got the herp from John Mayer

  28. Dan says – reply to this


    Even if it does go somewhere, Taylor could totally pay him off to shut him up. She's got more money in one year probably than he's ever seen in his whole life lol

  29. JFOX says – reply to this


    Re: Chris_Mc – You clearly have no idea how plagiarism works.

  30. Johnny says – reply to this


    This is just like the thing that happened when "Hold it Against Me" came out. Some old people were all up on Britney because one line was similar, not even the same words. They're just attention whores who want some free publicity.

  31. MB says – reply to this


    Re: PoorGirl – You mean Katy Perry's boyfriend?

    You know what the problem with the music industry is today? American girls. Not women, but girls.

    ^^^ On another note, if I, as a normal average guy, had a shot at "dating" one of these modern pop music stars, I wouldn't touch them with a 10 ft pole. Any of them. There is something really fucked up and immature about girls, children in the music industry today. More so, than any other time in history, imo.

    My celebrity crush atm is Emma Stone actually. Shame she's a friend of many of these stupid girls.

  32. Lets Be Fair says – reply to this


    Let's be honest, the girl stole the line. Matt is an massively talented incredibly kind guy, all she would have had to do in ask him if it was cool to paraphrase him; he would have been stoked.

    I do find it curious that everyone is so willing to defend her and try to take Matt to task for speaking the truth. If you're angry with him for the way he chose to address it, ok; BUT you should also be angry with her for choosing to "pay homage" to someone without crediting them for it.

  33. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    I've heard of a lot of artists using a line from another song they admire. Is it really theft if its just a line and they are a fan? Maybe she didn't realize it at the time? I just can't see her jeopardizing her song writing reputation to steal one line.

  34. JDS says – reply to this


    Wow. Sue Her! And then Sue all the other artist who have used 'I can't leave without you' or 'When i look into your eyes' or 'Lalalalala', because they must have stolen it from someone else as well.
    All this drama over one line? It happens all the time!

  35. 35

    WTF?! TAYLOR SWIFT DIDN'T STOLE YOUR LYRICS!! It's just a simple line that Taylor might think of too (SIMPLE and anyone can also think and use it without knowing that song) — (It's not a big deal at all) ahah Poor you.. making some gossip just for you to be known again. How Pity.. No one knows you, well, You succeeded, People know you now.

  36. 36

    GOSH! WTH people!! making it a big deal?? ahaha How funny…
    Make it a BIG DEAL if she stole the whole song or maybe a stanza..
    IT's just a line! Simple Line!! — i can also use that without knowing that line came from the song "I saw" or Taylor swift song "all too well". ENGLISH! EVERYONE CAN USE THE SAME THOUGHT!

  37. 37

    I LOVE Matt Nathanson but I think he overreacted here. If it was a few lines or even a couple I could see him being concerned…but one line? Yes she might have stole it but it might just as easily be a complete coincidence.

  38. tswiftsucks says – reply to this


    Shes a crazy little whore, running through guys and running through other artists song lyrics. The only song she has ever sung that was any good was her collaboration with THE AMAZING Civil Wars, Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games, and you can totally tell that the Civil Wars wrote that, but the little bitch whore gets credit. Everything else she does is catchy country pop fodder. I love Matt Nathanson's music. He is original and absolutely amazingly talented. Taylor Swift is only famous because she stays in the news with her tabloid craziness. Music is a popularity contest nowadays, and it is definitely not about who has the best music, because between the crazy girl and Matt, I would take Matt's music anyday.

  39. 39

    I think I wrote a poem in high school once that said something almost exactly like that. Maybe he stole it from ME, lol

  40. purple says – reply to this


    What? After Taylor commending & being a supportive friend to you, now you're creating like backstabbing her. What The Fu**!!!

  41. Jane45 says – reply to this


    Re: Thou Shalt Not Steal – Wow, this is so true. I needed this reference point. I also want to thank Perez for coming to his senses and not overlooking some obvious truths.

  42. Botany345 says – reply to this


    Finally, someone rescued Perez and he has become DE-hypnotized about Swift. For years, Perez turned to stone when he looked into Medusa's eyes or in some instances Perez just turned and looked the other way.

  43. Leila says – reply to this


    Honestly the songs are very different and its just one lyric, Taylor is a truly talented artist and deserves the recognition she gets. She may not be your taste but dont take the fact that she works just as hard as every other singer songwriter out there and she is just a 22 year old girl trying to live her dream. What is super awkward is The first line of Matt Nathanson's 2008 song Come on Get Higher is "I miss the sound of your voice"
    That EXACT line is from a Motley Crew song If I Die Tomorrow released in 2005.
    I mean what a hypocrite, he needs to stop trying to draw attention to himself by creating drama and just let his work speak for itself like every other artist.

  44. 44

    Having a similar line shouldn't be that big of a deal. What I think you should talk about is the new single by Hunkasaurus called, "This is not about Taylor Swift". I like it.

  45. MB says – reply to this


    Re: tswiftsucks – I agree about the "music" and yeah… any guy who would date this girl at this point in her life, not to be mean, she seems very desperate to have someone, anyone there right now, would have to be crazy. She doesn't know shit about love or how to have a normal relationship.

    Advice to Taylor…. put "love" on the backburner, and concentrate on "life". And I don't mean "fairytale land", I mean life. Put the past in the past, and don't LOOK for anything.

    I listen to this one radio station here where I live that plays the oldies, and I've had some issues in the past, with the people who run it and work there, and their music is all pathetic garbage nonsense about love and the loss of it. I listen to it and I wonder how these people allow "romantic love" to be such a dominant factor, almost consuming in their palylist. Age? No, they're old fucks. To me, there are much more important things in life, than romantic love out there especially if it's nothing but trouble and drama.

  46. pity says – reply to this


    so…..i wrote this line in my diary a long time ago…maybe,he STEAL my words…Lol!!!

  47. nina says – reply to this


    If she's a fan and probably heard this song a few times, she might by accident used it subconsciously while writing. Its one line not a huge deal to actually notice the plagiarism. He should be thankful that an actual celebrity admired his music. This stupidity has probably sky rocketed his sales and increased his publicity. Never heard of him till now, so yeah. This is a good thing for his career. Stop being a jerk!

  48. 48

    That stinks. She is a thief! Well to be honest I'm pretty over her. She is just another flash in the pan cutesy pootsie singer. I mean her songs are never deep. Mostly bubble gummy pop crap. & The press focuses on her looks too much. Now we know why. Because obviously she is not all that talented. Hey maybe Kanya was RIGHT!!! You don't see Beyonce stealing nay lyrics. Matt's people should sue & Taylor should admit & apologize.

  49. Kloe says – reply to this


    Who cares!!!! The next time people will call the sentence "ooh ooh" plagiarism

  50. 50

    I mean, that's pretty obvious that she took that line from him. Whether or not she was doing it to honor him or whatever, it's still not right for her to take a line of his song without asking. Even if it is just one little line, that doesn't justify it. And it's not like he said that to get attention and get attention. He actually does have a fan base, and some of his songs are pretty popular. She should just own up to it.

  51. Janae says – reply to this


    Re: ohhaiiii – FIRST of all. Taylor Swift came out before One Republic's song Apologize. SECOND of all . She is not a bitch. You're just upset and mad because you are lonely mean and pathetic cyber bully who can't be successful in life anywhere else. So get your facts together before you start accusing someone who has had and achieved all of their goals in life.

  52. Janae says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous .

  53. Emma says – reply to this


    Who did she steal from? Never heard of this guy. It was only ONE LINE! Ever heard of coincidences? It's like when Selena got sued because her song had the same melody in the chorus of some no-name people. STUPID!!

  54. Valery says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah….
    I think that is done on purpose to hint at Mayer

  55. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – Honestly, I don't think any of these hids have enough talent in them to come up with anything original on their own and NOT take snips of things from everywhere to build on. I'm not so sure any of them were born to do this. They really don't have the talent for this type of career, regardless of where they are now. They just don't.

    Me, I've been playing drums since my early teens, guitar since my early 20's, started coming up with and recording things on a 4 track recording in my apartment since my early 20's, using nothing but influence, not trying to be anything, just playing what sounded good to me, and now, even taking 5 year breaks from playing anything, it just flows from me, I never loose it, but I choose to do nothing with it because I DON'T want the fame or the shit that comes with it. I know what I do (for fun) is good, because I honestly like it myself, and I "have it". I'm brutally honest with myself. If it's shit, I know it.

    These kids today, don't have that, and what they are doing is influencing a new generation with this trash they call music.

  56. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – And I think Taylor now, by hiring "songwriters" and people to help her, talented people like Ed Sheeran, is basically avoiding any potential bullshit that comes from stealing snippets of things from everywhere.

    There is a difference between stealing and consciously trying to be something and influence.

  57. guy says – reply to this


    Dude just needs to chill one little line what a shame thats how he wants to garner attention over a line that happens to be simiular to one of his "Need" hers "needed" plus Liz Rose helped her write it so dude needs a chill pill

  58. 58

    anyone ever hear the song girl next door by saving jane?
    Which has the lyrics, "She is the prom queen I'm in the marching band She is a cheerleader I'm sitting in the stands"
    those lyrics (which came out before you belong with me) to me sound a lot like the lyrics in YBWM courus, "But she wears short skirts I wear t-shirts She's cheer captain And I'm on the bleachers"

  59. stella says – reply to this


    so maybe his accusation is a bit harsh, but what is Swift saying about it? does she acknowledge that she ripped him off or was she intending to honour him? In any case, neither line is grammatically correct.

  60. 60

    Re: BrookeRivers13 – It shouldn't matter who listens to him sweetie ! Its the fact he wrote them. You wouldn't want your work to be stollen and used by someone else who then gets very rich off it.

  61. MB says – reply to this


    Re: stella – Gramatically correct doesn't count in music.

    Actually looking at these lyrics, because I didn't, I read somebody say "2 words? big deal…" kind of thing in here, but yeah…. reading it, that's more than two words.

    I'd have say to all pop artists, start doing your own thing. If you got any shit in you, if you are worth half the money in your bank accounts, do it. Don't rely on songwriters, fads, stealing, etc…. lock yourself up, pick up a guitar, don't think about anything and come up with your own thing.

    You all suck dick. Pop artists who basically go into a studio with somebody elses music, stolen or bought, have their voices manipulated, can't play an instrument in the studio or live, should be ashamed of themselves.

  62. MB says – reply to this


    []Re: stella[/re] Gramatically correct doesn't count in music.

    Actually looking at these lyrics, because I didn't, I read somebody say "2 words? big deal…" kind of thing in here, but yeah…. reading it, that's more than two words.

    I'd have say to all pop artists, start doing your own thing. If you got any shit in you, if you are worth half the money in your bank accounts, do it. Don't rely on songwriters, fads, stealing, etc…. lock yourself up, pick up a guitar, don't think about anything and come up with your own thing.

    You all suck dick. Pop artists who basically go into a studio with somebody elses music, stolen or bought, have their voices manipulated, can't play an instrument in the studio or live, should be ashamed of themselves.

  63. Someone says – reply to this


    It's one tiny bit of a song, I think it's an accident/coincidence

  64. Whatever says – reply to this


    The first line of Matt Nathanson's 2008 song Come on Get Higher is "I miss the sound of your voice"

    That EXACT line is from a Motley Crew song If I Die Tomorrow released in 2005.

  65. 65

    not surprising….she has a tendency of borrowing. girl next door by saving jane and you belong w me by taylor swift are so similar right down to the music video.

  66. 66

    Re: CrazyCanuk87 – YES!!! i just said the same thing.

  67. Mary says – reply to this


    She also stole lyrics from Need to Breathe. They played the song "Eyes Open" while opening for her on tour for 6 months before she wrote "Keep your eyes open" Check it out…

  68. Who Cares says – reply to this


    So, should I say WOW???

  69. PN says – reply to this


    Maybe that's what Taylor Swift came up with when writing the lyrics to All Too Well. It just blends to the body of the song. I don't know why Matt Nathanson is getting so riled up because a set of verses is similar to a song he wrote in 2003. Maybe because Taylor is selling millions of albums and he isn't at this moment.

  70. Likibella says – reply to this


    Anyway ur Taylor swift american sweet heart is a whore she had more men than rihanna

  71. Lovethamusac says – reply to this


    She didn't steal a whole song she used the same line as him and if he is her inspiration than that is bound to happen. He should be flattered, its not like she used the same melody, rhythm or even the same meaning as his song. He is a dumb ass for insinuating that she copied him.

    TSwizzle <3

  72. 72

    Not to insult either of them, but it's not even THAT original of a line. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Get over yourself Matt Nathanson, you're a one-hit-wonder.

  73. ohhaiiii says – reply to this


    Re: Janae – Actually if you werent a fucking idiot and did your research you would realize that One Republics song came out before Taylors. Sorry if stating the obvious makes me a "cyber bully" that was the lamest shittiest comment ive ever read.

  74. Elizabeth Kopuz says – reply to this


    Listen to "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane. (She was out WAY before Swift) then listen to "I'd Lie" AND "You Belong To Me" she has been a thief since day 1.

  75. Elizabeth Kopuz says – reply to this


    Re: Lovethamusac – Listen to "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane. (She was out WAY before Swift) then listen to "I'd Lie" AND "You Belong To Me" she has been a thief since day 1.

  76. Leigh says – reply to this


    This is honestly the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Do you really think that Taylor Swift, being such a huge fan of Matt's, would steal his lyric? It's so ridiculously STUPID. And for the girl next door song, the songs hardly have the same tune AT ALL. Many girls feel that way, being compared to someone who is 'better'. The only lyric that is even CLOSE to similar is the bleacher one.
    This is just a load of crap that haters indulge in because they can't find anything else 'wrong' with Taylor Swift. Seriously, just about every artist has had the similar/same lyrics to another singer/songwriter's song.
    This is being completely blown out of proportion and I honestly like Matt's music, but the way he's acting is so immature.

  77. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: ohhaiiii – Are you kidding me? Fricken writers write that in books, it't not like it's the most original thing ever!

  78. Swiftie. says – reply to this


    Perez, seriously, are you kidding us?
    I guess almost every song in my music library will be stolen from each other. There are so many lyrics that are very close to each other. Taylor used "never say never" in a song years ago, and then Justin Bieber did too later, but did you comment on that ? No. I don't get why you are waisting your time, and ours too, at spreading rumours about Taylor when you're sometimes acting like you two are friends. She's like the sweetest girl alive and she probably won't get mad at you, but you've got about 20 million swifties against you. I just don't get why you would do this to her, but I guess you're just another jerk who wastes everybodies time with mean stuff, come on… this is not fun anymore, this is just rude.
    One darn line and you say it's stolen? You're just another mean guy…

    and I bet most people will be like, "who is this guy anyway?" so maybe he should shut up about Tay and be happy that at least someone has heard of him & appreciates his music…

    and I agree with the other swiftie down in the comments, you're disgusting.

    - Swiftie

  79. Andrea says – reply to this


    The bottom line is that it is his lyric. It is ridiculous to say that "someone needed to use it". It was being used in a beautiful song. Matt Nathanson writes beautiful lyrics. They are his. There is no "homage being paid". Regardless if she did it on purpose or by accident, Matt Nathanson has every right to be upset. His writing is ten times better than anything she writes. And now-he gets her angry teenie bopper fans, who know nothing about music, chewing him out. He is catching hell because she put his lyric in her song. Taylor Swift is a business woman, Matt Nathasnon is a lyricist and I am stooping down to a level of stupidity by posting on a message board…on a gossip column site. Music has gone to hell. Peace, I'm going back to the seventies and listening to Joni Mitchells album, "BLUE." Matt, you're invited to come along.

  80. Andrea says – reply to this


    Re: Elizabeth Kopuz – Agreed.

  81. Brian says – reply to this


    She looks like a horse and annoys the %$#@ out of me. No, I am not gay, I just have taste in women. And my friends can't stand her either, plus her music is nothing special, I don't see what all the fuss is about.

  82. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: AlyssaA. – considering they DATED, she could have done that completely intentionally and the song could be about him. dont be a dumbass.

  83. Kelmore says – reply to this


    Ok look, I am a writer and I find inspiration in reading other writers and sometimes, there is that one line that sticks out, jumps out at me and I write an entire piece based on that one line…actually, I have also been inspired to write because a single word did the same thing. But as far as the line is concerned, I will deviate it myself to make it fit me but, not lose the meaning, the feeling it gave me when I read it. Now, if that is stealing, then I too am in trouble and so might be a host of other writers as well. Ease up on the girl already….damn!

  84. Alex says – reply to this


    Not to mention the exact line from The Killers' Midnight Show "Beneath the chandelier of stars and atmosphere."

  85. Annebelle says – reply to this


    not plagiarism. apparently, just because someone wrote a song with a line of lyrics doesn't mean that another person can't come up with it. Taylor Swift wrote a song called "Lucky You" and it was unreleased and was written before she became famous and a few years later, Justin Bieber wrote a song called 'Never Say Never' . It's not fair to say that she plagiarized because they're not the only one who can come up with that. It's just about what happened in that person's life that makes them come up with lyrics like that. Even I can come up with a line like that. I never even heard of matt nathanson ever in my life. I like to write poems and one of my poems has the line, too. People like that that accuses a person before even hearing their side of the story isn't fair. And plus, that's only ONE line. Leave. her. alone!

  86. Annebelle says – reply to this


    Re: Alex – that song isn't even released.

  87. Matt says – reply to this


    To anyone who may actually read this. He was being sarcastic.

  88. liam says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah…. – did it ever cross your mind that maybe the song is about him and that line was a deliberate reference for listeners to maybe pick up on? It's been done before.

  89. liam says – reply to this


    Re: Lu

    I have so much respect for you for saying that! He's no better than the sleazeball paparazzi who try to make a living off misfortune.

  90. c says – reply to this


    Re: ohhaiiii – you are so stupid. i guess your just jealous, that "bitch" is more succesfull than youll ever be

  91. c says – reply to this


    Re: Andrea – someone's overreacting..