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Lance Bass Talks Justin Timberlake Wedding Snub (Through The Tears)

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justin timberlake lance bass wedding

By now, practically everyone in the world has experienced second-hand embarrassment for the guys of *NSYNC for not scoring invites to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Italian wedding.

Somehow, Lance Bass has survived the bitch slap to his ego and is bravely willing to comment on Justin's cruel snub.

The deep throated voiced singer told reporters:

“No one was invited to Justin’s wedding. None of *NSYNC were invited. They had a small group of people. We did an engagement party for him, but nothing since then.”

Apparently, the decision not to invite the boy banders was made because the bride didn't want her wedding day to be all about the group's reunion. Which we totally understand.

For those of you wondering when the non-wedding reunion is going down, we have some bad news.

According to Lance:

“I highly doubt that we will ever have a reunion. I mean, never say never. But it won’t be any time soon.”


If the wedding snub has anything to do with them never ever (probably) ever getting back together, we will never ever forgive Jessica!

Honey, you're awesome — but you may also be the Yoko!!!!

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18 comments to “Lance Bass Talks Justin Timberlake Wedding Snub (Through The Tears)”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Justin Timberf*g thinks his sh*t don't stink, but his FARTS give him away. He thinks he is so cool and edgy, and he is just a pathetic little HollyWood hanger-oner ….

  2. 2

    Sorry but I totally agree. The wedding is about the bride. The media would have focused more about all of the NSYNC members being together than the wedding itself.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Awww, what a shame. In a few decades, the only ones that might have still cared enough to bother with seeing Justin are maybe his partner if still alive, whoever that is, and the guys he came up with from NSYNC. Whoops. Maybe not anymore.

  4. 4

    We'll see if he is still married to her in 25 years and if his former bandmates will still speak to him. Not cool JT not cool. But then I never thought you were anyway, lol. In my age group he's kind of a "Bieber" lol.

  5. G says – reply to this


    She must have some low self-esteem to be worried about being upstage. I doubt it's her decision though but the lil punk will never say its him who didn't want them there. He's so up his own ass, he can't see that he will always be known for nsync despite his solo career. JT is major douche.

  6. 6

    he probably had a NO GAYS ALLOWED sign put up at the entrance.

  7. Twilight says – reply to this


    While I can see and agree with the reason given, you'd actually have to BELIEVE the reason given. With the secrecy surrounding the wedding, there would be NO problem getting the sync boys to the ceremony and limiting PR exposure to their presence. I call foul on both the reason they weren't invited and on JT for being an ass about life in general. If he had wanted them there, they would have been there. Period.

  8. 8

    Deep throat? So you are bullying gays now. You are too unstable

  9. cupcake8503 says – reply to this


    They threw him an engagement party and he didn't even invite him. I think that is inconsiderate and tacky. I hope that they actually explained to the Nsync members why they weren't invited at the very least. Jessica is being insecure. FYI: People care more about why the rest of Nsync wasn't there than the actual wedding so you plan backfired Jessica!

  10. 10

    Re: mojo jojo – since when is a wedding based on what the media will focus on? that was selfish of her. kinda pathetic

  11. Fernanda Viana de Alme says – reply to this


    Jessica IS A BITCH!

  12. Fernanda Viana de Alme says – reply to this


    Re: hannahjane0140 – agreed!

  13. Deanna13 says – reply to this


    Is this the same Lance Bass who publicly dissed Justin Timberlake, when he claimed that he was the 'true' talent of NSYNC and not Timberlake? Ha! As if his deep,boring voice was what carried that group to success….Not. Bass is nothing but bitter beans and will find ANY excuse he can to keep himself relevant.

  14. tasha says – reply to this


    Oh for Gods sake, at least report this as Lance did. He was laughing about the way people were talking about it. He said they all celebrated together at the engagement party and all understood about not being invited to the wedding. It was a small wedding with each only inviting 50 guests a piece. That was family and close friends. They didn't want it to be about an NSync reunion. JC would not have been able to go since his brother married the very same weekend. Joey wouldn't have been able to rsvp to go since he was committed to DWTS. He had no idea he would get kicked off as soon as he did. Justin has a lot closer friends then the guys in NSync over the last ten years. People need to get over this the same as the people who still think Britney and Justin belong together. I didn't invite some of the best friends I had in high school to my wedding since ten years later we weren't as close anymore.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: tasha – I doubt an NSYNC reunion would've even made the headline radar, imo. They were his bandmates.
    I hope he asked his mom since he's moved on from her.

  16. Jonathan Hudson Brazil says – reply to this


    What makes me sad is the fact to see the pictures of Justin in Joey Fatone's Wedding in 2004.

    How could this happen with his bandmates?
    JT is a good guy and deserve control your own life and not Jessica.
    I can see her forbidding him get closer to Timbaland.

  17. Amanda says – reply to this


    @tasha: Joey so could have gone. The night of JT's wedding, he was doing nothing at a club. He went to Alfonso Ribeiro's wedding and his other friend's wedding after he was eliminated from DWTS. Chris was in Italy on the night of the wedding. Chris said in an interview he thought it would have been awkward if he asked Justin last month during their golf tournament, "why wasn't I invited?". Lance spent the wedding night tweeting. The Nsync members are like his brothers, they spent years 8 years together 24/7. Justin should be closer to them than Timbaland, Johnny Wright (Nsync manager), and Andy Samberg. Jessica thought an Nsync reunion would outshine her, but what they failed to realize was that the lack of a reunion overshadowed the wedding anyway. =P

  18. 18

    cameron dodged a bullet with this one jessica might be gloating now but there is really only misery ahead justin wants to be a blockbuster superstar hes virtually alluded to as much if she gets in his way shes out