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Katy Perry Feuding With Rihanna Over Chris Brown's Violent Tendencies?

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katy parry rihanna feud chris brown violence rekindled

Oh noes!!

Katy Kat extended her claws to protect bff RiRi, but her move backfired and created a wedge between them!!

Katy Perry and Rihanna were happier than two peas in a pod, until Ri kissed Chris Brown at the VMAs!!

Just as that televised embrace began the CB/Ri rekindling, it may have spelled the end for her friendship with Katy!!

The Diamonds singer bailed on Katy's b-day party while Katy was mysteriously absent from Rihanna's huge Halloween bash.

One source close to the situation revealed why the Fireworks songstress has had enough of this game, saying:

“They’re barely talking and ever since the couple reunited, there has been tension between them. Katy has been spending a lot of time with pals Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Katy fears Rihanna is making a huge mistake and doesn’t want to be part of it.”

We aren't sure how bouncing around from one couple who maybe shouldn't retry their hand at romance to another is doing Katy any favors, but we appreciate her keeping Ri's best interest at heart!!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Katy Perry Feuding With Rihanna Over Chris Brown's Violent Tendencies?”

  1. easyweblinx.com says – reply to this


    great dress!

  2. IM.Kant says – reply to this


    He's using you as a mere means, gurl! Get away!

  3. Mill-Dog says – reply to this


    Dude, if it doesnt feel right, its not n the greatest good. What am I saying. Forget systematic reasoning about pleasure pain…YOLO!

  4. JurgyH says – reply to this


    Re: Mill-Dog – Ok, whatever Mill Dog. They are talking about this and not using force. Increasing communication's gotta count for something. If RiRi's down with the consequences of Katy Kat's rule, then she can roll out with Chris Brown like an Autobot.

  5. Rawling with My Homies says – reply to this


    Re: JurgyH – RiRi doesn't need to talk this out with Katy Kat. She's gtg on her own. Use your imagination RiRi and figure this out on your own like a Boss.

  6. Frank Black says – reply to this


    Considering Katy Perry is dating the douche John Mayer, she can understand that no one wants someone else telling them who they should and shouldn't date. I know many in her inner circle have their concerns about her dating Mayer and she's tuned them out. Being a friend is one thing but being overbearing is another. It's not her life to live just as it's not for anyone else to tell her who she should date!

  7. 7

    Bullsh*t… I dislike them both, but who is Katy to judge when she is "dating"/banging one of the other biggest douchebags on the planet?

  8. RawlingwithMyHomies says – reply to this


    She doesn't need Katy Kat 2 figure this out. Reasoning it out on your own, RiRi! then dump Chris and roll out like an Autobot.

  9. drew says – reply to this


    I think Chris is bad for her!!! Dump him!

  10. 10

    Are you seriously comparing Rihanna's bloody face to Kristen's little affair? You're so messed up Perez.

  11. 11

    again who gives a big hairy shit about 2 egotistical self-absorbed no talent idiots.

  12. idk says – reply to this


    Ok, since nobody here have that much sense. When Katy dated stupid ass Russel brand Rihanna felt some type away too but she stayed out of it cause it's none of here buisness, and she was still friends with Katy she didn't make because of Russel she wasn't friends with her. That's stupid! that goes to show you the kind of friend katy is she's selfish! Friends stick with you no matter what.#justsaying

  13. 13

    its funny that anyone actually thinks these two are friends outside of the public eye. these two are never at each others parties/functions. when's the last time you saw these two just walking down the street, having a girls day? never. most of the time, you only see these two together at award shows.

  14. 14

    Advice from Katy Perry? Forget it.

  15. 15

    it's on Rihanna if she gets hurt again.Not to sound mean, I do not condone hitting anyone. I just mean she already knows how Dbag Brown gets.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    No time for the Katy as back to chasin.'

  17. lol-@-haters says – reply to this


    xoxo is right. its so easy to fool you all the stupid one having opinions about it. instead of following ”patterns” that's what smart people do. weak minds fall under influences like this kinda crap.

  18. 18

    so rhianna can gt in between her and her guys but she cant do the same

  19. Luk says – reply to this


    ugly monky vs bitch kat? FUCK

  20. Jessica says – reply to this


    This better be a lie. Katy Perry lets a dirtbag use her for sex and she doesn't like her friend going back with her ex? Please! Neither one knows about self-respect and should not judge each other like that. John Mayer has made it clear he doesn't see a future with this woman and she still chases him everywhere… give yourself some advice. John will never love you, Katy. You're his toy for now, that is all.

  21. Sommer says – reply to this


    Who gives a damn what these dysfunctional celebrities do or say or feel. Going about half naked most of the time they do not get respect from their men. When will people wake up to realise they are worshipping these celebrities who have been given a talent but as women have reduced themselves to a low level by their loose style and deportment. Lets face it men will embrace women who dress half naked but they dont respect them.