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Lindsay Lohan Facing "Significant Jail Time" For Lying To Cops!!

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OH sh*t!! Lindsay Lohan really might get put in the slammer for REALZ!!!

Earlier today, we heard that Santa Monica authorities are thisclose to filing charges against the controversial starlet concerning her car accident in June.

The charges claim Lindsay LIED to police — which is a misdemeanor crime — when she said she was not driving the vehicle, when, in fact, multiple sources reveal she WAS.

Now it seems, not only will the charges get filed, but the LA city attorney's office is hoping Linds will serve the MAX amount of jail time for violating her jewelry theft probation by telling untruths!

Sources close to the attorney state:

"Once Lindsay is formally charged with lying to cops, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing. At the conclusion of the probation hearing prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Lindsay to significant time in jail, up to one year. Prosecutors and cops think there is more than enough evidence for the judge to find Lindsay in violation of probation and are hopeful that this time, she will face the maximum penalty for lying to cops. Remember, the burden is much lower for a probation violation, just the fact that Lindsay will be charged with a crime is enough for her probation to be revoked and sent to jail."

That's some burning hot potato nuggets of legal justice!!

AND we also hear the truck driver Linds smashed into on the PCH with her rental porsche will testify in court!!

Ooooo Lindsay better get her story straight!

And perhaps its time she invest in ample amounts of soap on a rope!!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Facing "Significant Jail Time" For Lying To Cops!!”

  1. easyweblinx.com says – reply to this


    oops, the soap continues……….


  2. 2

    Hey retard, are you getting oposite story ready to post for when you are wrong. There is no way in fucking hell she will do time for lying to cops. For god sakes, they are letting people convicted of manslaughter out on home detention before trial due to no room at all. For god sakes, quit being such a dramatic fucking homo.

  3. 3

    Cops lie all the time what's the big deal…..

  4. 4

    eh, she won't get any jail and if she does, it will be what? An hour? Too bad L.A. is overcrowded.

  5. 5

    That's pure human excrement right there.

  6. 6

    Wouldn't you just jizz all over yourself if she did go to jail for a year. Quit wishing for people to fuck up. You are a worse person than Lindsay.

  7. bE-aTCH says – reply to this


    This SKANK needs to go to jail for ahwule…needs to serve some hard time ! That'll straighten her up !

  8. 8

    Yeah right she'll go to jail. She's broken the law and her probation so many times now and she's only gone to jail once for a week or two. Saunders has a hard on for her, she wont' do any jail time.

  9. 9

    Ok, let's go there again. Jail, jail, jail….. The last time she went through this, you posted "jail" crap all the time. Isn't going to happen unless she actually physically hurts someone. Too overcrowded for a misdemeanor charge.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Most kids stop lying before 9 or 10.

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    [re=6257313]Re: Moniker[/rle Yeah, too bad she is not up for re-election, as a California resident, I willl post when she is.

  12. teeter totter says – reply to this


    [re=6257313]Re: Moniker[/rle Yeah, too bad she is not up for re-election, as a California resident, I will post when she is.

  13. 13

    YAWN. Judge Sauter is a weak, fame-drunk loser who is now so firmly up Lindsay's ass that it would take Lindsay's notarized confession of murder before the judger would do her job. Pathetic.

  14. 14

    here we go again !!!

  15. 15

    Re: hoochpit – If she got jail time, it wouldn't be for lying to the cops, it would be for violating her probation. I'm sure nothing will happen, though, because she's Lindsay Lohan. They'll give her another stern talking to. If she were a normal person, she would do jail time, though. Regardless of how small they are, courts take probation violations very seriously. People who violate their probation always end up doing time.

  16. 16

    From what I've heard, Shawn isn't going to be defending her this time, either. I guess she's owed quite a bit of money and is dropping her or is going to drop her.