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Mitt Romney's Concession Speech! Watch It HERE!

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He took his sweet, old time, but Mitt Romney finally conceded just after midnight on Wednesday morning.

Barack Obama was named the winner by every major network over an hour earlier, yet the Republicans were left yawning at the Boston headquarters while waiting for Romney's speech. It turns out he only wrote one for a presumed victory, so we imagine it was quite a scramble to act like a gracious loser on live television.

Check out the entire concession speech (above) to hear him thank his wife, Paul Ryan, his supporters and campaign staff before mentioning for a second time that he'll be praying for the winning administration.

He also echoed a previous sentiment by emphasizing the importance of reaching "across the aisle to do the people's work." Since our nation is "at a critical point," he advised leaders not to "risk partisan bickering and political posturing."

We certainly hope politicians take that message to heart.

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17 comments to “Mitt Romney's Concession Speech! Watch It HERE!”

  1. 1

    I don't blame Romney for waiting to be sure - in some elections the speeches don't happen until the next day. I really hope he is sincere about co-operation. It was clear with McCain's loss that the main goal of the Republican Party was to fight Obama instead of fight for America. Think of how much better things would be if there had been cooperation in the past four years!

  2. Lisa says – reply to this


    Perez, I really enjoy your site, but you have been so annoying and overbearing about this election. You preach that people should accept each other, yet you continue to alienate Republicans every day. It takes more than one man to run a country. Neither Obama or Romney alone are the answers this country needs.
    PS- Gay marriage is a state issue. It will be decided by your state legislature. Someday, the Supreme Court will decide whether it is constitutional to ban gay marriage. The president won't have anything do to with it. The only impact he will have is nominating a future justice. Do you know how difficult it is to amend the constitution? Never going to happen.

  3. 3

    Re: rosebud99

    That is a bunch of garbage. Democrats had an overwhelming majority in their first two years of Obama's presidency. They didn't need Republicans for anything. They were filibuster proof. And, they got nothing done. They didn't even pass a budget. They still haven't. So, maybe you make that argument the last two years, but doesn't work the first two.

  4. caravaggio_stimulated says – reply to this


    There is only ONE issue. The Economy and the Federal Reserve money printing based on what the major banks and our own government will not tell you: we are $1.5 Quadrillion in derivatives debt and counting and there is no way out. Both candidates cleverly avoided the real economy issues and refuse to educate Americans on how they can protect themselves financially in the next few years.

    What about the NDAA bill Obama passed?

    The voter ship that re-elected this asshole are selfish people and/or have no idea what is at stake for everyone in terms of stealing your wealth or hard earned money over years of working. But of course Romney would be no better as usually the Republican Party is used to launch war. Because Obama has already launched 'wider wars' in the middle east, don't put it past him to have a hand in going after Iran.

    This is what you call cleaning up George Bush's mess?

    Gay marriage is a NON ISSUE indefinitely. Its a fucking joke and a useful smokescreen for Obama in a time where the banks of Europe are trying to collapse all currencies and create a New World Order controlled solely by themselves (Royals, Vatican).

  5. Khorn says – reply to this


    Good job, Mitt. You deserved the job.

  6. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Very well said, Lisa. I’ve noticed that those sharing thoughts and beliefs similar to Perez also follow the mentality of, “Do as I say, not as I do”. It’s very hypocritical and loses it’s merit. Unfortunately, the majority does not understand the situation regarding gay marriage. Remember, the majority is easily swayed by celebrities, biased media, and false promises. I personally look forward to the reaction of those outspoken celebrities being taxed ridiculously high. Perhaps Jay-z will then rap, “I got 99 problems, losing all my money #1”. One last thing - the only thing worse than a sore loser is an obnoxious winner. . .

  7. Chanoc says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Well said!

  8. 8

    He thanked Paul Ryan? LOL, it was primarily that choice and his own idiotic behavior that cost him the election.
    Based on the economy; it should have been a cake walk, but he f'ed it up! Thank God!
    The masses need to realize that the NEW GOP party not longer includes the middle class - it's for the uber rich 1% and they want it all. They want to cut every program, PBS, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, FEMA, etc and then privitize those agencies so they can profit from it. The WINNER TAKES ALL mentality. These are the bankers that sold worthless securities to nuns, charities, small town governements, & their mothers, etc for profit.

  9. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    you're an asshole perez, you can't be gracious and and just report properly without being a jerk about it….as with all the democrat reponses on your re elected post, complete childishness

  10. prg says – reply to this


    i am glad obama won but i still respect romney hes a kind man and wish him and ann best wishes for the future

  11. 11

    Romney recruited 17 of Bush's neocon staffers. The U.S. would be back in more wars> Romney said he'd add 2Trillion to defense, and then there would be no taxes on the rich and deregulation. We'd be back in the economic mess that we're still crawling out of.
    He also said that he's consider militarty obligation for illegals to gain a path to citizenship (for his future wars).

  12. caravaggio_the_curious says – reply to this


    re: I dont believe you.
    You are in denial. Both of these guys are taking us to larger war regardless. Obama has created WIDER WARS in the last 4 years. Now it seems Obama will be taking us to Iran. Good luck.

  13. User1001 says – reply to this


    Perez- Stop telling us to respect everyone when you out of all people show the least respect to those who don't have the same opinion as you. You can disagree with republicans, but when you're bashing them in an immature, name calling way, then I lose respect for you.

    There's no need to insult those who oppose your beliefs, disagree in a respectful manner.

    So next time perez maybe you should stop being such a hypocrite. I used to enjoy coming on your website, but I think I'll go elsewhere.

  14. 14

    Mitt Romney is a good man. Obama and his campaign should be ashamed of themselves for smearing him the way they did.

  15. lovelydreamer says – reply to this


    As much as I love your site, I really dislike your opinions regarding politics. I understand that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but you constantly bash on Republicans. I thought Mitt Romney gave an amazing speech and acted very humble and kind despite his loss. I understand that people might not have agreed with his issues but at least he wasn't rude and talked nice about Obama. Hopefully these next 4 years will be better.

  16. Lauren B says – reply to this


    "The future IS beaming with LOVE, and we WILL eventually learn to live peacefully together on this Earth as fellow HUMAN BEINGS!"

    How can you expect to live peacefully if you cannot respect those with different views? Your blatant disrespect for those who think differently is absurd and hypocritical. Until the election I had great respect for your wisdom on equality & tolerance. That is one of the few things I DO agree with our president. I see now, however, that you only respect those with the same views as yourself- and for that, I think I need to stop coming on your website. I hope that someday we are all equal- gay, straight, liberal, AND conservative. I am not interested in partisan politics from either side. At least Mitt Romney is a respectable man.

  17. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: lovelydreamer – - I did not see the speech on TV as I was pretty tired, but Mitt seems like a good man and I voted for him.

    Tomorrow I have to start researching if I can live in Mexico for $1200 a month as that is all I get from Social Security.