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Kristen Stewart: I Did NOT Agree To Be Famous!

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What a cruel, cruel world!

TONZ of people dream of becoming an international superstar, but Kristen Stewart was never one of them!

In a recent interview, Kristen revealed that she always thought of herself as an indie actress, and that it’s "funny" how people "forget" that back when she agreed to play Bella, Twilight was just a modestly budgeted movie with unknown actors from an unproven studio. No one — especially not KStew — expected the movie to be the larger-than-life 5-film blockbuster!

The irritated actress wants people to know that:

“If I don’t look elated in a paparazzi photo, people say, ‘Well, you signed on to this!’ Well…not really, all right?”

Stewart can pinpoint the moment she began to realize what the film would become:

“It was at Comic-Con, when we were literally hit with the energy of 6,000 people like a brick wall in the face. That was the moment I went, ‘What the f*ck is this going to be?’ ”

That poor gurl! HA!

Sure, we can imagine how horrible it would be to have photogs find you cheating everywhere you go. BUT, we're sure her MASSIVE paychecks help her deal with it all.

In the end, Kristen is one of the luckiest people in the history of ever! She gets to do what she loves, she's respected for what she does, and she gets paid by the truckload!

Cheer up Stewie! The fame wont last forever, but those frown marks might! LOLz!

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