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Demi Lovato Calls Simon Cowell Out On Prepping His Lines On X Factor!

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X Factor has seen a lot of changes this season already, from complete artist makeovers to name switches!

Last night, we got previously eliminated Diamond White back, a new name for LYLAS 1432 Fifth Harmony — and artistic direction swaps!

One contestant makeover that was Simon’s biggest concern? One of Demi Lovato’s Young Adults, Jennel Garcia!

Check out Jennel’s rendition of I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (above)!!

SeXXXy… but we miss her spunkiness that we saw from her audition!

Simon seemed to have the same problem with DemDem’s other finalist, CeCe Frey, whose makeover turned her into a Miley Cyrus-Ke$ha mash-up!

While L.A. viewed the performance as a Joan Jett parody, it really just made us want to watch Crossroads! LOLz!

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12 comments to “Demi Lovato Calls Simon Cowell Out On Prepping His Lines On X Factor!”

  1. Kelly says – reply to this


    I have quite a few things to say about the X Factor.

    1) Demi Lovato should be fired. She's a joke of a judge and mentor. She destroyed her contestants, she removed the qualities that we saw in their auditions that made them stand out and is turning them into industry puppets. Where is Jennel's girl next door innocence? STOP making Cece prance around in stupid outfits with ridiculous backup dancers. That girl thrives with stripped back performances and her personality shines. She should be singing indie pop. Paige Thomas needs to go, nothing stood out about her from the beginning, she's only a pretty girl. Willie Jones should've stayed. Demi only sent him home because she has no idea what to do with him, hence, she should not be a mentor.

    2) Britney is by far the most improved judge/mentor. I know she's a bit robotic onscreen, but I truly think she stepped up her game behind the scenes. She's listening to her contestants and made great improvements this week. I was doubtful last week, but Britney is coming through.

    3) David Correy could've won the competition. He has charm, good looks, and a great voice and stage prescence. Diamond is a sweetheart, but it was David who should've been brought back.

  2. 2

    She does seem a little too choreographed now. She was spunky in her auditions. Now they are dressing her up and showing her how to move. They should give her more freedom to pick out her outfits and move naturally on stage.

  3. Sky says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – Well…You've basically said it all.

  4. Love24 says – reply to this


    All I have to say is lyric 145 is an amazing group that needs to win this! There's defiantly a gap in the market for a female rap star and a group like lyric 145 is what's missing in the industry right now. There is a lot of great talent on X factor but lyric 145 has the x factor needed!!

  5. Elly says – reply to this


    Kelly I agree with you Demi was a real disappointment she really let her contestants down her manner and tone is extremely rude and annoying her inexperience and immaturity shows, replace her with Paula. Brittany has upped her game and was impressive I could actually hear her team sing and sing extremely well. Carly Rose and Janelle are real contenders. Vino is my fav he has soul, Emblem 3 are full of charisma. Demi did such a bad job with Ce Ce that I suspect she may go. David Correy would have been the better choice though Diamond is great. I think there some prejudge against Jason I felt uncomfortable about the harsh way he was dished by the Demi and Brit feedback includes the pros and cons. Khloe is getting better and I admired her asking for more detail from one of the judges, she has heart. I have warmed towards her.

  6. Steel says – reply to this


    I liked Demi better when she was either being playful and bright during interviews or encouraging girls with self-esteem issues to live healthier lives. What happened to her? This new bitchy attitude is really unbecoming. The "X Factor" live shows are bringing out the dark side of her personality. I'm afraid one of these days she's going to punch Simon in the face.

  7. Rach says – reply to this


    Re: Steel – I feel like her being bitchy has to do with Simon….I'm sorry but simon threw her under the bus way to much last night. Demi is very young she is the youngest judge to ever be on one of these shows so naturally Demi is learning how to do this just like her contestants….she is actaully more hands on with her contestants than any of the other mentors that's been told by her acts…but I do feel like maybe Demi will get better throughout the show like I said she is the youngest and she has only been in the buisness for about 6 yrs or so so she is contantly learning everyday

  8. 8

    I love how Demi was acting towards Simon. As if he was being a bully, when he wasn't. He was making a very valid point, which L.A. Reid also made; it was basically a copy of what had already been done. She basically threw on a leather jacket, some studded stuff, and black eye makeup, and didn't really make it original - other than gyrating her hips. Some people can't tell the difference between bullying and criticism.

  9. Steel says – reply to this


    The best part of the 11/7/2012 live show was when Demi and Simon stuck their tongues out at each other. (You had to pay close attention to see it while Khloe or Mario were talking behind them.) That's the cute, harmless banter they became famous for back in the earlier auditions, a refreshing change from the cold arguments they're having now.

  10. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – you took the words right out of my mouth. Demi is completely ruining her team, and it makes me sad. CeCe and Jennel are my favorites, but they're nothing like what they were in the beginning. CeCe needs more slow, ballad type songs to show her range (her version of I will always love you at boot camp was flawless). Couldn't agree more about David Correy…he was one of the most talented singers on the show. I find Diamond very annoying and thought her version of that Whitney Houston song was a travesty…I was shocked that the judges were so in love with it.

    Love24…I completely disagree about lyric145. I think they are so annoying and overrated. They're like a bad cover band of the Black Eyes Peas. All they do is jump around and yell their lyrics…I could get up there and do that (not trying to be disrespectful at all…just stating my opinion)

  11. bob says – reply to this


    Re: BillieJoesEntourage – I agree with this so much! He was just being critical and there is nothing wrong with that

  12. zsae says – reply to this


    Relax. She is learning how to do it. dont critique, and Simon and Demi, they get along well guys! So dont be like oh, she was rude.Not, she said what she think and its very true to say it when a million of person are wacthing you. They get along well and the hav the confidence to say to the other one. Pls