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Aaron Paul + Barack Obama + Glee + Pete Wentz = Our Head Exploding!

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What do you get when you pile Aaron Paul, Sophia Bush, GLEE's Harry Shum Jr, and Paul's fiancée Lauren Parsekian?

Something awesome!

Now add in Pete Wentz as a hitchhiker, and we're just utterly speechless.

See them all invite you to Invisible Children's MOVE:DC.

Ch-ch-check out this inspiring video (above) and then also check this Breaking Bad inspired picture of President ObamaAFTER THE JUMP!!!

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17 comments to “Aaron Paul + Barack Obama + Glee + Pete Wentz = Our Head Exploding!”

  1. stephanie says – reply to this


    what is the song at the begining? I love it.

  2. emily says – reply to this


    I don't like how they're not wearing seatbelts back there

  3. 3

    Well…glad you explained who Lauren Parkesian is, because no one else has a clue.

    And thanks Perez, for taking something that is presented as bipartisan and twisting into a partisan cause.

  4. Ellen says – reply to this


    Not again, this group has been shown over and over again to not know what they are talking about and are more focused on making money for their organization then doing any actual good for Uganda. Please don't publicize for them. Incredible that this video, shows nothing at all about the causes that Invisible Children are working on and instead is only focused on how to road trip to DC and have a big dance party.

  5. Ellen says – reply to this


    Here is a link to some of the criticism about Invisible Children. Perez you owe it to your readers, even on a gossip column to be a better informed. I know Ugandan politics is complicated but this group has simplified and exploited the situation for their own good, the video that went viral was full of misinformation. Now can you even explain what this day in DC is even about????

  6. Richard says – reply to this


    Re: Ellen

    Ellen, your comments could not be more off & unproductive to the cause at hand. All it would take is 5 minutes of your time at to read what this day in DC is about.

    Also, I urge you to watch Invisible Children's latest film "Move" ( ) for an update on the organization and their completely legitimate & inspiring cause. If one person doesn't attend Move:DC because of your comments it would be a tragedy because all of the information you could ever want is on invisiblechildren.com and your comments are completely off base.

    And, NO, I DO NOT work for the organization. I Just happen to be well informed and have educated myself on the conflict and the cause which I am proud of because so many people have blindly jumped on your bandwagon without researching the facts for themselves.

  7. Richard says – reply to this


    Re: Ellen

    My previous comment looks crazy because it deleted all of my links.

    kony2012 . com for everything about DC.

    You can search "invisible children move" at youtube to see "Move".

  8. 8


  9. Susie says – reply to this


    I agree with Ellen. Being someone who has both studied conflict and development, and has actually travelled to Uganda several times, IC does more harm than good. My last trip to Uganda (just 2 months ago), every person that I talked to disagreed with the whole "Kony 2012" movement and felt both exploited and angered by IC. Richard - great that you have read-up on the issues, but the people's voice who matters are those that are actually involved and affected, and I can assure you that the majority do not support IC, and are especially upset with their tactics and lack of in-depth understanding of the situation. They too agree that IC is just an organization that is more interested in their own agenda and NGO branding than the actual people affected by the LRA.
    As a development worker (I work for NGOs in sub-saharan Africa), I feel that IC is an irresponsible organization that is making a bad situation even worse.

    Perez - great that there are celebrities in this video, but not everything with a famous person is needs to be included. Please be responsible when advocating for causes.

    If you consult or read almost anyone who is actually involved and educated on conflict in Africa, and especially Uganda, or anyone from Uganda, you will see that IC and their tactics are not welcome.

  10. MariaPompeo says – reply to this


    1. they are breaking the law with no seat belts.
    2. Invisible children are the charity with the highest in house administrative costs therefore less $$ go to the people in need; and
    3. That whole 'Kony' debacle ended with that dude masturbating in the street. nuff said.

  11. Jordan says – reply to this

  12. Jordan says – reply to this


    Re: MariaPompeo

    Maria, that is simply not true. The administrative costs of invisible children is 17%. Go read their profile under Charity Navigator or check out their financials posted on their website. They have better financials than most NGO's. And the only report of masturbation was from a person who wasn't even there. The dozens of eye-witnesses did not report that. I'd recommend seeing jason russell's interview with Oprah. Enlightening to say the least.

  13. John says – reply to this


    Re: Susie

    Susie, if you have really worked in the region, you would understand the scope, the sustainability, and the local emphasis of IC's programs. 95% of IC's staff in Uganda is Ugandan, including the leadership positions. Their programs focus entirely on local empowerment and self-sufficiency. I would highly recommend going to IC's blog and reading about some of the success stories there. Or better yet, check out the programs page.

    Next time you are in Uganda, I would humbly recommend you talk to one of the tens of thousands of Ugandans who have benefited from IC's various programs.

    If you are truly an objective development worker, then you will be able too look past IC's polished videos and see the amazing quality of the programs they run. To say that IC cares more about it's image than the people they are helping is not only incorrect, it is downright offensive.

  14. Ellen says – reply to this


    Thank you Susie, I completely agree with you and I also work in international development so know how Invisible Children is viewed by the rest of the international development community. They are actually being studied now in university programs as a example of exploitation in international development. I have also spoken to many friends in Uganda who have shared Invisible Children's horrific reputation.

    Anyone who takes the time to read the materials of IC can see that they are more interested in their own image and the cult of personality of Jason Russell. This campaign is once again aimed at young people, who might not know much about Uganda or IC and can easily be convinced by celebrities and a fun road trip idea. Especially since IC takes no real opportunity to inform young people. I am sure IC originally had good intentions but they campaigns are full of misinformation and obviously show a lack of professionalism. I just wish IC would listen to the justified criticism from the US, the rest of the world and especially from the people of Uganda.

  15. Susie says – reply to this


    Re: John – Oh, so to hear about IC success stories I should read their webpage, on stories that IC put up. Wow - of course that won't be a biased answer. And for your information, I have talked to people who have benefited. And I have read into IC. My feelings (and educated opinion) is objective. I have looked into both sides, have you??? Im not saying that they have never done good, or that absolutely no one has benefited from their programs. But currently, I completely disagree with the whole "Kony 2012" movement. Anyone who is actually educated on the whole matter, pretty much knows that it is one of the most irresponsible campaigns around.
    Development work needs to be held to just as high, or higher, of a standard that other organizations are held to. Just because the goal appears to be wanting to help, doesn't mean that the methods are correct. IC has demonstrated just that.

    And tell me, where is you "objective" opinion?
    And I really don't care about offending IC. They are the last of my concerns.

  16. Kerry says – reply to this


    Re: MariaPompeo – I have watched many of the interviews with Jason Russell and I watched the recent Oprah interview. The problem that I saw from the beginning and continue to see is that Jason Russell is not well informed. He took the criticism very personally as an attack on himself and not on the many limitations of his video and campaign. He was very defensive and that led him to put an immense amount of pressure on himself. Its horrible to see where that pressure led and the very public breakdown yet the criticism of KONY 2012 was mostly fair. I know he never meant for the video to reach so many people because in the process the distortions and even ridiculous premise of his campaign had not choice but to be questioned. Its essential for people to care about the rest of the world, especially horrific atrocities, its just very disappointing that so many people were dragged into a campaign that is so uninformed.

  17. Ellen says – reply to this


    Re: Susie
    Once again Susie, I totally agree, a campaign and NGO can not be only about good intentions, especially when those intentions lead to an irresponsible campaign. I went to IC website and spent way too many hours researching this organizations since I was so appalled at their methods. They have just continued on and learned nothing from their criticism especially since the video above is complete and total fluff using celebrities and parties and once again skipping over the serious complex issues in Uganda that they pretend they are actually about. This video is irresponsible and does nothing but continue to diminish Invisible Children's already destroyed reputation in the ngo community.