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Chris Brown NOT Sharing Rihanna's California King Bed & Fans Should 'Shut The Hell Up'

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He smooches Rihanna at the VMAs!

Then he's back with Karrueche Tran!

After dumping her much later, he swaps spit with RiRi at a Halloween party!

Chris Brown even flip-flops in this Power106 radio interview (above)!

First, he flatly DENIES a relationship with her, then brags about shining bright like a diamond!!

Furthermore, we aren't sure the singer's anger issues are completely resolved!!

CB actually even tells DJ Big Boy his fans needed to "shut the hell up" about him and Ri!

Wow!! These are the people who buy his albums!!

Geez, Breezy. Tell us how you really feel!

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19 comments to “Chris Brown NOT Sharing Rihanna's California King Bed & Fans Should 'Shut The Hell Up'”

  1. Raad Mulla says – reply to this


    Love this interview. About the "shut the hell up" issue, i think he was talking about the bloggers.

  2. 2

    In all fairness I think he just made a really stupid mistake because he was young and I doubt he'll do it again but who knows. If these two want to get back together or still are more power to them. Issues those two will have to deal with privately and some people do change and grow up. He kind of has the help of the world crawling down his throat so we'll see. It's a good thing he got caught early on he has time to get himself straight. It's fine to get angry it's just finding a better way to release it.

  3. Bambi says – reply to this


    Yes, yes, & more yes to what TheMissLeo has written.

  4. BReady says – reply to this


    I think it's about time to stop hating on Chris Brown. He is doing a lot of good in the world and he is trying to grow and be a better person. If you keep beating up on him in the media and forgetting all the good he is doing with domestic violence shelter and arts education you're just spreading more hate and should "just the hell up." This dude has taken enough. He's trying. Give him a break.

  5. Mdumiseni says – reply to this


    Give him a break already, Perez why are you always twisting chris brown's words? All you know about him is mostly gossip and rumours, you don't know is heart. You act like you know his every single move, its not like he ever said he's back with rihanna anyway. Try and put yourself in his position, he made a mistake and he's owning up to it. All this judging and hating makes me think a part of you is jealous of the life he lives. Forgive and let go… But I get it its all about publicity for you. #Teambreezy south africa

  6. mary says – reply to this


    if not now, they'll be back together. and if they aren't back together, they just probably Friends with bennies.

  7. louise says – reply to this


    I watched this interview that CB done and it didn't come across like Perez is making out! Give him a break!!

  8. 8

    perez is smoking some bad shit. He interprets every fucking sentence in a whole different way lol. You should work for Us Weekly or any other bullshit gossip magazine.

  9. 9

    Ghetto trash. He needs to go away. Why the media keeps pushing him is a mystery. He does not deserve it. He is always arrogant and vile.

  10. miss lane says – reply to this


    Perez is just a hater!! I watched this interview n chris was actually nice..perez u need to move on

  11. Jesusloves799 says – reply to this


    Perez, that is what you and the rest of the blogs/medias wanted to hear, now you can go marry Rihanna yourself, if she will have you and leave Chris alone. Hope it is truce now?

  12. Jesusloves799 says – reply to this


    Perez, that is what you and the rest of the blogs/medias wanted to hear, now you can go marry Rihanna yourself, if she will have you and leave Chris alone. Hope it is truce now??

  13. Jesusloves799 says – reply to this


    Perez, that is what you and the rest of the blogs/medias wanted to hear, now you can go marry Rihanna yourself, if she will have you and leave Chris alone. Hope it is truce now?? By the way, he was not talking 2 his fans, he was talking to the likes of you, who have refuse to take the hint Lol!

  14. Jesusloves799 says – reply to this


    By the way, he was not talking to his fans as you made it out to be, he was talking to the likes of you who are trying so hard to get his attention. Have a life Pereh, don't be so consistent in your hate lol!

  15. Self says – reply to this


    You people are in denial…of course he was talking about his 'fans': he said, angrily, "that you are the fans, just sit and watch". BAsically, keep your f'ing mouth shut and just buy a record or whatever. I don't wish Christ anything bad, but he does seem to have an anger issue and it was seeping out in this interview.

  16. 16

    only thing hes sharing his bed with is fleas from his skanky dog ass

  17. Me says – reply to this


    Chris was so open and honest in this interview! I loved it. He has grown so much and I'm proud of him.

  18. annette says – reply to this


    just because hes a celebrity does not mean he shouldnt be treated like every other woman abuser. He has cool music thats fine but its seperate from who he really is. I dont see why you guys are saying..oh your haters, or…oh give him a break… But if this man hit your mom, or your sister or your daughter, would you still say, oh hes changed thats okay if he hit my daughter or etc. You guys need to open your eyes on that part.

  19. JustBeingHonest says – reply to this


    Let's not forget that RiRi and Chris's first go around as a couple was rocky "even before the violence took place." So, I think it's wrong for the media to insist that Chris is crazy for not wanting to be with RiRi.. Like the man caught a case and almost lost everything dealing with this woman.. So Rihanna needs to look for another Jay Z replacement.. Really, I truly believe this is what's driving her obsession with Chris.. She's Beyonce and Chris is Jay Z.. #JustSayin

    Also, the media only wants these two back together so they can count down the days until Chris and Rihanna have another fight, which will happen because the girl has anger management issues.. I mean, at the end of the day Rihanna is acting entitled, too demanding and desperate in my opinion. And my advice to Chris is: Be careful and not too trusting of the "LOVE" RiRi claims to still have for you.. It's like they say, there's nothing worse than a woman scorned.. But, if Chris wants to chance being more than just friends with RiRi.. All I can say is: Good Luck With That.. God has spared you once and presented you with the truth so the decision is yours, the Man not Rihanna's..

    Oh Yeah.. Usher is DIAMOND.. "Confessions Baby" But, please continue striving for your dreams.. Praying for U..