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Kristen Stewart Enraged As Reporter Spills Secret Breaking Dawn 2 Ending! WATCH!

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Ooo SH*T! KStew's pissed!!

During a press conference for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, a reporter accidentally gave away the SUPER SECRET, SUPER SURPRISE ending that Twi-hards have been dying for!

…or at least hurting their backs for as they sleep in tents awaiting the premiere.

And Kristen Stewart's reaction is AH-MAZING!

Like a fierce mama cat, she quickly stops him from damaging her baby kitten any further.

You gotta PRESS that PLAY button to see it (above)!!!

Obviously don't if you wanna save the surprise. But if you're cool with medium-sized thrills, we will say this — he gives away the overall concept of the ending, nothing super descriptive with the characters. AND, if you've read the books, the ending he refers to is similar to the final pages of Breaking Dawn, but we think she stops him before he goes into TOO MUCH detail!

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33 comments to “Kristen Stewart Enraged As Reporter Spills Secret Breaking Dawn 2 Ending! WATCH!”

  1. 1

    how many kristen stewart and rob patterson stories can you post in a day?

  2. 2

    How is a montage a major spoiler? Someone needs to tell Kristen to keep her hands away from her face during an interview.

  3. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: trendingrecords.com – It's not only on this site. It's almost everywhere. Even the goddamn newspapers in my country writes a story about either them or the movie every single day. There is a thing called overexposure, ya know. Kinda getting tired of reading and seeing them all the time.

  4. 4

    What? This is yet again another NON story. Perez, she did not freak out at all!! Do you just put this crap up and make stuff about it, or do you even read and watch what you put up? This site sucks.

  5. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Exagerate much? LOL

  6. 6

    She has got to stop fidgeting and stammering in interviews! Neither her or Pattinson say much in interviews because they look like they can't stand sitting there answering questions. They may as well get used to it if they want to have long film careers. Promoting a movie is part of the machine.

  7. Amanda says – reply to this


    Good lord…could you over exaggerate any more?! How is she in any way, shape, or form enraged?! She stops him, and then says ignore him and when he repeats what she said, she apologizes and even jokes around with him by pretending to leave. Are you seriously that desperate for views??

  8. James says – reply to this


    Well if you all are tired of seeing the same thing from these sites then come too MusicCreedLive.com .

  9. Amanda says – reply to this


    Could you possibly over exaggerate any more?! Good lord. She is in no way, shape, or form enraged, and she even apologizes to the guy and jokes around by pretending to leave. Are you really that desperate for views??

  10. 10

    did any one understand what she just said? cause all i could was um um um um um

  11. Amanda says – reply to this


    Annnnd sorry for the double post

  12. Steph says – reply to this


    I didn't see any evidence of her being "enraged". I actually thought she stopped him quickly and politely (while being quick). She did, however, ramble a bit while collecting herself to answer the question - gathering her thoughts and avoiding further "spoilage", I presume.

  13. MendiMayhem says – reply to this



    Do we think they are referring to Bella letting Edward read her thoughts, and she flashes through their relationship so he can understand her feelings towards him? Must be.

  14. dalovely says – reply to this


    Ok, seriously she's on drugs or something is mentally wrong with her.

  15. 15

    I think they tell her what to say, then she mixes in her own ridiculously inarticulate nonsense, and the result is that she doesn't make a lot of sense!

  16. Carrie says – reply to this


    Uhm. That wasn't a spoiler if you've read the books. Way to fuck this one up Perez.

  17. 17

    Wow! Angry as the Incredible Hulk! I was terrified just watching her through the computer screen, I can't imagine how the people in the crowd made it out alive!

  18. aileen says – reply to this



  19. 19

    I have seen a few interviews with her where she makes these mouth sucking noises…odd but they sound like kissing noises…which is all she said she did with the married guy eek. I would never watch one of these movies, but for a girl trying to act so cool I really admire her for not trying to separate herself from what made her a household name like so many others would do. It is great that she uses her fake awkwardness for good instead of evil. I can't help but like this girl even though I don't want to see her movies. I want her and Rob to be together 4 ever( ;

  20. ann says – reply to this


    OK i think you and other people really need to grow up and show some class , and get over that thing with her and rupert , cause her and rob are trying to move on , but to me it seems as if u people that constantly bring it up are the ones that are really freaking jealous that it was not u making out with rupert urself and cant move on, rob and kristen are together get over urself and get over that fact , no one and nothing is tearing rob and kristen apart enough said good bye and good ridance to all u kristen and rob haters and that goes to perez also , quit making up stories

  21. Ann says – reply to this


    To all u people on this board that are kristen haters need to get a life and quit trying to mess up kristens , just because she is beautiful, and has a gorgous boyfriend and has money and fame and everything that u all want , u all have to make shit up , and Perez u are just jealous and u think making up crap that kristen didnt do or say like above , she was not enraged at all , she was trying nicely not to say something that will spoil the movie for us , but it seems like ur site and other sites dont give a shit , but atleast kristen and rob both do care enough for their fans not to ruin it and as far as her fidgiting that is just her , she is the nervous and fidgity type , hell i get like that to and alot of u say she is on drugs no she is not , that is jealous i hear , get over it

  22. ann says – reply to this


    First of all Kristen was not enraged in this video , she was just trying to stop a reporter from spoiling the ending of the movie for us fans that actually like to watch the movie ,and second of all FOR THOSE THAT THINK SHE IS ON DRUGS IS WRONG , HER FIDGITING IS A NERVOUS REACTION , I DO THE SAME THING WHEN TALKING TO PEOPLE I DONT KNOW AND 3 of all SHE HAS MORE CLASS THAN ANY OF YOU ON THIS COMMENT BOARD , so for those of u that are bashing kristen need to get over the fact that her and rob are together AND QUIT BRINGING RUPERT AND THAT SCANDLE INTO EVERYTHING having to do with her , rob loves her the way she is , and is still with her , and i for one am very glad he still is , it shows that he respects her and women in general , but his fans are completely ridiculas to be doing or saying what the do , its wrong and immoral , SO LEAVE HER ALONE , IF U DONT LIKE HER DONT WATCH HER MOVIES OR WATCH HER AT ALL , AND JUST QUIT WATCHING ROB ALSO CAUSE THEY WILL BE TOGETHER RATHER U LIKE IT OR NOT , GROW UP , AND THAT GOES FOR U TO PEREZ

  23. cheryl says – reply to this


    Re: aileen – u know saying a comment like this does not get u no where fast , did u ever think that her fidgiting like she does is a nervous reaction due to interviews but calling her a coke head and stuff like that shows that u really do not have any class what so ever , maybe u are one also , and i sure hope u are not a Rob fan at all cause he is very protective of kristen i have seen the way he is with his fans when they talk shit about her to his face , its not a nice picture , he is a very nice person but once u say something wrong about her the nice person goes away

  24. cheryl says – reply to this


    Re: dalovely – I just have one thing to say to u is that are u on drugs , are u mental , im sorry i have more to say to u , because obviously the drugs u are taking are making u very mental , leave kristen the hell alone , is that all u know what to do is bully people or is it just kristen cause u are jealous of her , because she is beautiful and her boyfriend just happens to be the guy that millions of women and teens want and cant have , oh yeah i forgot it is , kristen has more class than most girls and women i have seen in a very long time , she is beautiful , classy , and has a gorgous boyfriend and ur just jealous that u cant have him and u cant have what she has and has accomplished only in her very early 20s , which i say good for her and leave the cheating crap out im tired of people bringing that into the storys all this time , rob loves kristen and she loves him back so step off and let her alone , and go ahead a say something back to me i really dont care , i got to say my piece , now good bye , this Perez reporting has lived up to its standard of bull shit reporting as always , and people as always make stupid comments on it always about kristen , geez i wonder whats next , so gossip cop can debunk that again as always

  25. teri says – reply to this


    her fidgeting is freaking annoying, I mean come on. It is like something is wrong with her. She does it every interview, seriously you've been doing this how long?? Act normal

  26. 26

    Please stop with the Ads

  27. Raye says – reply to this


    Really? That's the big spoiler? A montage? Way to hype this lame video.

  28. 28

    god there u go the head grabbing she needs to be in a asylum

  29. Kentucky says – reply to this


    How is this a surprise ending? Its in the book where at the end Bella lifts her shield for Edward to hear her thoughts and she shows him her thoughts from the beginning of meeting him. Seriously? This is the big surprise everyone is talking about cause that isn't a surprise at all.

  30. Worms in Kittens says – reply to this


    aw… its a stupid question… why did you ask that?

  31. Sam says – reply to this


    I love how her fans say she has so much class. Cheaters have no class, period. Either way though if thats what he wants than thats his business. some of those responses I read sounded so childish. Your just jealous blah blah blah, it was a mistake she didn't mean to. if he cheated on her would people be singing a different tune? Anyways they are celebrities no one here knows them so stop taking things so serious. Thats for the people who like them or dont like them.

  32. chonchit says – reply to this


    is kristen and robert still in relationship??

  33. Marilyn says – reply to this


    Uhmmm, did I miss something? Because that reaction looked like a FAR cry from "Enraged"