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Deadmau5 Tells His Side Of The Kat Von D Break Up, 'She Deserves…'

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kat von d deadmau5 break up his side

Does this smell like cheating to you??

With the cloud of Kat Von D's split from Deadmau5 lingering over us, we now see even deeper into the break up.

Deadmau5 has tweeted his side of the story following Kat's confessions.

With humble intentions, the famous DJ tweet-tweets:

Well that's sweet, but clearly the damage has been done.

There's a few routes fans can go with this one, with the cause of cheating most-likely being the most popular one.

But what do U think?? Did the mouse get trapped in something else??

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Deadmau5 Tells His Side Of The Kat Von D Break Up, 'She Deserves…'”

  1. 1

    Re: Lady Who? – LOL

  2. 2

    Why do they feel the need to make it so public? They can't keep that for themselves?

  3. mustangbiatch says – reply to this


    I guess they're gonna need laser removal for those matching tats they got…..Kat seems to have some major issues

  4. 4

    Why allways decide that it's cheating, Perez ?
    Could be drugs.
    "A familiar dark place"…

  5. kittykat says – reply to this


    if he did cheat my vote is on chelse kane,this tweet was pretty obvious lol

    Chelsea Kane ‏@ChelseaKane
    @deadmau5 Waking up to you fanning me with your ear almost made it all worth it. Thank you. :)

  6. 6

    Hey mouse, I'm still available!

  7. Kelly says – reply to this


    Do you guys have any idea at all that he is struggling with depression? He is. It doesn't mean he cheated. It could have been the depression itself, or drugs. Oh my.

  8. 8

    I hope he knows there just aren't enough showers in the world.

  9. 9

    just look at the picture they are holding hands but their heads are looking in different directions which depicts lives in different directions they can touch base but wouldnt last long .. this woman seems like a emotional vacuum waiting to suck the marrow out of someone ..

  10. not4nothin says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse number 777 – um…errrr you don't think they are just not trying to look straight ahead into the camera so the pap get's them looking "cool" and aloof. You can't really blame him for tilting his nose away from Kat. V. D. can you imagine the smell?

  11. Dalovelee says – reply to this


    If it is cheating I wonder how could it be possible? The two of them were tweeting 24/7 to each other so when was there time ….and just how bad is his depression?

  12. Christine says – reply to this


    he means anxiety and depression.

  13. 13

    i cant imagine she could make him any less depresed maybe he should change his name from dead if he wants to be undepressed

  14. 14

    No one wanted the reality show they were shopping, so they broke up. By the way, she's cheated on pretty much every single person she's ever been involved with.

  15. deadmauwho? says – reply to this


    Who? Why are these two important? Oh right for being nobodies.

  16. 16

    Re: LP ad above. LP is an exceptional talent.She has a huge voice and the emotional control to use it. May only great things be in her future. BTW, the band is wicked good.

  17. Corley says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – He has depression, it is not drugs.

  18. michy says – reply to this


    Re: deadmauwho? – deadmau5 is actually really popular.

  19. deadgirl82 says – reply to this


    Kat is making such an absolute fool of herself!!! Every other week she's declaring "true love" with some other random she's picked up, it last's a little while, then they either dump her or cheat on her… And it's not just men who can't get away quick enough-She's lost a lot of staff & friends because they simply can't take her crap, self-obsession, and her never-ending ability to make EVERYTHING solely about her!
    This is one chick who is so fame & media hungry, she’ll stop at nothing to keep herself in the public eye, which is completely pathetic & and utterly disgusting. Someone needs to remind this chick that her 5 minutes are well & truly over, and she needs to disappear before she makes an even bigger idiot of herself publicly!