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Katy Perry & Rihanna: Marion Cotillard Sends Shade Their Way!

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Oh Merde!

It seems supremely talented French actress Marion Cotillard is NOT a major fan of American pop, as she recently divulged that she does not like Katy Perry's music, and while she thinks Rihanna is "stunning," her tunes are just not the movie star's style!!

But, perhaps Marion's dislike of Kaypers' melodies stems from the fact that during a horrific scene in her new movie Rust & Bone which follows the life of a killer-whale trainer who loses her legs to one of her charges, the backing music to the character's leg-loosing ordeal is Katy Perry's Firework!!

Marion recently talked about the scene and it's particular musical accompaniment, stating:

"I think it’s a good choice for such a horrific event. It's very expressive… I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but the song had a big impact on me. Now when I hear it, I feel uncomfortable. It makes me, not exactly sad, but it’s hard for me to listen to. I tense up, and I feel very emotional."

HA!! Ok, fair enough!

But why no Rihanna?! Does Marion not like the cut of her diamond-encrusted jib?

Mz. Cotillard revealed:

"I don’t listen to Rihanna very much, but I met her once and I think she is stunning. It was very quickly at the Met Ball, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her all night. It’s impossible not to stare at her. But, unfortunately, it’s not my kind of music."

Well, we guess not everyone can like the flavor of RiRi's cake-cake-cake.

And who knows, perhaps Katy Perry's darker, more mature next album will be more to Marion's taste!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Katy Perry & Rihanna: Marion Cotillard Sends Shade Their Way!”

  1. Panda says – reply to this


    Im coming back to this site after a long time these last few days, is it me or do you use the phrase "sending shade" or some shit A LOT. Is this a thing?

  2. 2

    geez will you ever stop twisting peoples words? she's not a big fan of their music so what? Thats not an insult its just a CHOICE and preference. Do you expect her to lie? she actually complimented both of them when she didnt even need to.

  3. asd says – reply to this


    i love u

  4. 4

    Most of the world share her sentiments.
    "American Pop" has become a dirty word.

  5. 5

    just because she doesn't like two singers it means she doesn't like american pop? nice way to add fuel to the xenophobe trend, El Kreepo!

  6. 6

    That was probably the nicest way to say she doesn't like their music. Not "sending shade" whatsoever.

  7. 7

    Just because you're far up their arses it doesn't mean that everyone else should be. I actually like her more now!

  8. MB says – reply to this


    I don’t love anything I can’t see, touch, talk to, never met, never talked to, including online, It’s just the way it is. A lot of the time, I don’t love anything I CAN see, touch talk to, etc. but I'm close to loving this lady Marion Cotillard. I hate American pop. It's the worst societal cancer the world has ever known IMO. I can't stand it, and the sight of the last MTV awards from start to finish made me sick. It was nothing but a bunch of completely untalented children

    If all I have from you is a pile of shitty music, polluting my ears from a car radio…. You got nothing. Hahahaha. Not good enough. Not even close.

  9. 9

    I think she looks a lot like Katy Perry! First time I saw her was in the movie "Contagion" and I IMMEDIATELY said to myself she resembles Katy Perry! I wonder if anyone else thinks so?

  10. 10

    Re: BritneyRoman – No! Marion is naturally pretty and petite. Perry is a dog without make up. Plus she's big & chunky with fat elephant knees.

  11. MB says – reply to this


    Re: BritneyRoman – No, she doesn't. I don't even know who she is or her work (I don't follow any modern pop culture, and I'm a bit annoyed that I was forced to look at some of it recently, because it's in bad shape)

    IMO, looks kind of go hand in hand with personality. Katy Perry has a kooky personality. Dresses specifically for elections (or whatever), unnaturally colored hair (something that is a big no with me) that sort of thing. Over the top cliche, and kooky.

    There is a big difference between music stars, and movie stars (actors/actress'). BIG difference. I think, from what I see. The difference is not really something you see though, it's a sub-coscious thing you notice. For example, it's impossible for me to see Taylor Swift as "glamorous", I don't care if she's on the cover of Vogue, because look at the quality of her work. Who cares how she dresses,or the stupid poses she does, trying too hard, look at her work. Katy's music is bad, but she's annoy the shit out of me in person.

    I also know better with a few of these pop stars. Hahaha. But that's it anyway. I'm gonna disappear and keep my mouth shut for a long time now :)

  12. MB says – reply to this


    And by the way, she mentions Perry and Rhianna and some people are going "she never said "American Pop" but I would bet that is waht she meant, and I completely understand what she means in that case.

    It's so bad, I can't believe that somebody, anybody hasn't come along 2,3,4 years ago, or longer, and just wiped the board clean with quality music, preventing things like One Direction, or that Want You Back girl (influenced by American Pop) from ever seeing the light of day.

  13. 13

    I dislike hearing what rock/rap/country/pop have become too. I bet Marion would like post-bands music, the new music that is replacing the generic stuff.

  14. 14

    Finally someone said it

  15. joey. says – reply to this



  16. 16

    That's OK. I don't listen to either one of these women either. And I'm perfectly happy.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    What shade? That was a diplomatic way of stating her personal tastes.
    Re: PHWOARR – Katy Perry has a practically perfect shape to die for, but you pick on the one little thing that she could probably trim/tighten herself in a week or two. Hard to ever be happy when you do that.

  18. 18

    leg loosing? You are a riot. An idiot but still a riot.