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Katy Perry & Rihanna: Marion Cotillard Sends Shade Their Way!

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Oh Merde!

It seems supremely talented French actress Marion Cotillard is NOT a major fan of American pop, as she recently divulged that she does not like Katy Perry's music, and while she thinks Rihanna is "stunning," her tunes are just not the movie star's style!!

But, perhaps Marion's dislike of Kaypers' melodies stems from the fact that during a horrific scene in her new movie Rust & Bone which follows the life of a killer-whale trainer who loses her legs to one of her charges, the backing music to the character's leg-loosing ordeal is Katy Perry's Firework!!

Marion recently talked about the scene and it's particular musical accompaniment, stating:

"I think it’s a good choice for such a horrific event. It's very expressive… I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but the song had a big impact on me. Now when I hear it, I feel uncomfortable. It makes me, not exactly sad, but it’s hard for me to listen to. I tense up, and I feel very emotional."

HA!! Ok, fair enough!

But why no Rihanna?! Does Marion not like the cut of her diamond-encrusted jib?

Mz. Cotillard revealed:

"I don’t listen to Rihanna very much, but I met her once and I think she is stunning. It was very quickly at the Met Ball, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her all night. It’s impossible not to stare at her. But, unfortunately, it’s not my kind of music."

Well, we guess not everyone can like the flavor of RiRi's cake-cake-cake.

And who knows, perhaps Katy Perry's darker, more mature next album will be more to Marion's taste!

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