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Nicki Minaj Dishes On American Idol Fight, Barbra Walters & Alleged Gun Comment! WATCH HERE!

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And the Barbz is HEATED!

During the most recent installment of Nicki Minaj's E! special Nicki Minaj: My Truth, the rainbow-bright rapper addressed the now infamous, on-camera "fight" with Mariah Carey during American Idol auditions…

AND slams Barbara Walters for not calling Nicki to comment after Mariah claimed to the journalist that Nicki had threatened her with gun violence.

Ch-ch-check out the Roman Reloaded mastermind as she vents on a private jet, wineglass in hand (above)!

Obviously, Nicki denies having EVER said anything about a gun, and actually has some rather endearing words to say about the legendary singer that is Mariah Carey.


We wonder if the fight really WAS legitimate or if it was all a play for ratings?! Well, we're sure neither party will ever tell…

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24 comments to “Nicki Minaj Dishes On American Idol Fight, Barbra Walters & Alleged Gun Comment! WATCH HERE!”

  1. Gigi says – reply to this


    Icky Garbage

  2. 2

    haha she's funny.

  3. 3

    can't this no talent piece of garbage just stfu…

  4. 4

    Barbara doesnt speak to ghetto blacks. Only Hollywood blacks like Whoopsi.

  5. 5

    Theyll never get the smell of fried chicken out that plane now.

  6. V.V says – reply to this


    Sorry to break it to you Nicki, but you're not black anymore. Idk wtf you did to your skin but obviously its some kind of bleaching something went on because you're looking fairer and fairer every day. Its a damn shame.

  7. REAL says – reply to this


    Her true colors and immaturity is showing, NICKI don't know her influence or just don't give a damn which her personality and lyrics really show. SAD is what she is seriously on every level. No LITTLE SISTER you should not wanna be Nicki, be yourself and respect people, that's the type of person people should glamorize.

  8. 8

    ugly ass plastic faced clown

  9. 9

    Re: V.V – yeah, these black pop/hiphop women who get lighter day my day must really hate their race. It always starts with blond straight hair and goes light from there. While whites have their little boy wannabe ghetto thug, the blacks have their wannabe valley girl barbies. really sad way to live your life girls.

  10. 10

    y don't u guys just stfu n leave nicki alone! look in the mirror, barbara dnt av any fuckin sense, she is a bitch! she should just call nicki and hear here part of the story b4 taking side!!
    #fuck u haters, nicki not goin anywhere! Jamaica in this motherfucker, i wish a bitch would

  11. George says – reply to this


    Team Nicki!!!

  12. 12

    Re: V.V – STFU

  13. 13

    Re: JamaicaBB – I'd like to reply, but have no idea what you're trying to say, try communicating in english.

  14. Just Keeping it Real says – reply to this


    Both women are very talented no doubt about that. Nicki comes across as a very colorful personality w a very generous heart. The example that comes to mind is when she took the two little British girls shopping that she met on Ellen. They were huge fans and did a fabulous job signing one of her songs. We never seem to hear about Mariah doing things like that. I think Mariah needs to reinvent herself as being a diva isn't really working for her anymore. Mariah as I said is talented but she does come across as self centered…

  15. REPUB says – reply to this


    she is a dusgusting fucking pig

  16. 16

    Nicki is just mad that she doesn't have high power friends in the industry. With that filthy mouth it's no wonder. Barbara doesn't want to call a ghetto black chick for an interview and after your comments she's done with you. It's clear nobody can shut your trap.

  17. 17

    What a classless Ghetto Bitch. Barbra is like 3 times older then Nicki have some respect no matter who is right or wrong. She wishes she would have a career of Barbra for over 50 yrs.

  18. 18

    Skanky ghetto lard-ass whore … bet she blew every jew she could find to get a career. I bet you'd like to try that approach to, Perez, but most don't bat for your team, and you're most disgusting than most. Asshole.

  19. D-LOC says – reply to this


    IF Mariah wanted Nicki off the show, then Nicki (paranoid) would be OFF THE SHOW…
    Surely you dont think American Idol producers would pick Ms Minaj over THE LEGENDARY Ms. Carey, who has yet (too classy) to tell her side of the story…
    Vulgar Nicki needs to grow up, AND BE MORE GRATEFUL to MC!!!
    ( & perhaps find a doctor to help with HER DELUSIONS…..)

  20. joshiesmommiie says – reply to this


    idk why mariah did up out my face remix with this monkey nikkii- shes so weird, n colorful? who cares shes avoiding being natural and normal & does look like a skin bleacher. her side profile looks exact to an ape, maybe roman was a little rescued monkey lol. no matter how blonde the hair or pink the clothes , shes just a wanna be white girl.

  21. emma says – reply to this


    Re: Just Keeping it Real – then you really need to look harder, Mariah took a seriously ill little girl to the zoo and spend the whole day with her and the animals. Mariah takes groups of poor american children EVERY christmas to meet "santa" and his raindeers. She even has a summer camp for poor kids. Mariah has a whole room in her house (see on cribs) with all her fans artworks framed on the wall and letters from her fans in scrapbooks.

  22. John says – reply to this


    Who cares about Nicki Minaj anyway? Her name sounds like a play on Kylie Minogue and her sister Dannii. Secondly, her whole persona is like Lady Gaga "lite." She seems to be bitching every week about somebody "doing her wrong." Barbara Walters? Really? BW is a respected televison journalist and personality. It is all for show and to get better ratings for the has-been American Idol series.

  23. Rita says – reply to this


    Mariah didn't run to Barbra. Barbra ran to Mariah. Barbra even said this.. And omfg, NICKI, stop going on about being black. That's not the reason Babs didn't call you. I mean, ffs, Mariah is bi-racial. She didn't call you because she doesn't like you as a person.

  24. 24

    Re: Pansy Hunter – whytalk about yourself like that you twat…