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Katy Perry And John Mayer Pack On The PDA At Pal's Party

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They're still going strong!

So strong that they just can't keep their hands off of each other!

At least that's what we hear! Katy Perry and John Mayer were apparently SO into each other at their friend, Sophia Rossi's party at the Saint Felix in Hollywood on Friday night, they apparently were packing on the PDA like nobody's business!

Partygoers said they were being "so affectionate" with each other and we hear that:

"John had his hand on Katy's back a lot, and they were kissing and holding hands. [They looked like they were] full-on dating."

Between this and the complaints from their neighbors that they're having "loud sex," we have to say that this relaysh is most definitely ON! Katy is certainly smitten!

Just don't you dare hurt a hair on her pretty little head, John!

[Image via Josiah Kamau/Buzz Foto.]

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60 comments to “Katy Perry And John Mayer Pack On The PDA At Pal's Party”

  1. Nesa says – reply to this


    This douche bag know this is the only way to fix his career and Katy Perry is suffering from low self esteem.

  2. V says – reply to this


    This guy is such a creeeeep!!! I can't believe Katy Perry would lower herself to sleeping with a man that has had so many women. Oh and don't forget the ones we, the public, don't know about. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    id prob do john he has something i dont know what besides prob a myriad of stds but ok he does have some appeal on the other hand this girl has the worst taste in men truelly talk about liune urself up for heartbreak hes got a shopping list of exs to sayyyyyyyy soooooooooo .. u want more love why didnt u say sooooooo THEY DID SAY SO AND STILL GOT NOTHING …

  4. 4

    he must be great in bed

  5. 5

    That loud sex story was a FAKE. Stop pushing fake stories down everybody's throats!!!

  6. Honestly says – reply to this


    Re: Nesa – Get serious. This isn't just about his career. He wants love in his life. So he's messed with some girl's heads. It's not as if women will practically give it up for him (trust me, there are still plenty that would) I don't think he set out to alienate women. Maybe he was a bit confused. Geesh. I think he may have strong feelings for her. Kty posted an interesting Tweet during the time she and John were supposedly broken up. She wrote, "Hate the game, not the player". I LOVED that Right on woman! It sounded as if she REFUSD to hold a grudge. She's a big girl. She can take good care of herself.

  7. lolling hard says – reply to this


    Get this Mr. HONESTY:

    JOHNNY thinks he's played with a few girls heads, but it's the other way around. He's not as sly or smooth as he wants to think. I know a few girls who played johnny boy. You can give him all the credit that you want by saying that he's played with girl's heads but a few girls were also slapping their knees laughing as they fed Johnny boy fake sweet forget me knots, while telling their friends how they'd rather walk naked through the north pole, than seriously date him. Mayer would die from embarrassment to know which girl(s) said this. Women don't hold grudges. They go out and find someone MUCH better who isn't screwy like johnny boy. He got played and led on too. The women leave him and get with good men that they can introduce to their family. No one is holding a grudge. They're more like laying in bed with the real man, telling them stories of their nightmarish relations with Mayer. He's a womanizer alright. No one is wanting him back for sure. They're more like denying they ever knew him. Lolololos.

  8. winning like charlie says – reply to this


    Re: lolling hard – Right on! I agree. Name one honestly non celebrity gorgeous woman who is sitting around mourning over these two and I'll give them a kick in the arse and remind them of how scandalous he is and why they should get better men. When I finish with them, they'll be thanking me and hating themselves for taking Mayer seriously and for giving him the time of day. I bet there are girls who giggling themselves into a coma over this Perry and Mayer pairing. Women wake up and haul it away from the guy. Katy thinks she's got such a keeper. Poor Katy darling. Mayer's not in demand by anyone except KatyKat. I gotta admit that women get out and get hotter men. Hotties are out there who won't play games and are really sweet guys. Mayer let down so many women. These women Mayer deeply disappointed had enough with his nonsense and drama. They're not trying to win or get Mayer back. who would?

  9. Honestly says – reply to this


    ^^^Hmmm, interesting……but is the motive to date her for publicity? i tend to think not.

  10. Honestly says – reply to this


    I still stand by my "Hate the game, not the player" comment.

  11. Dani says – reply to this


    Why do so many publications make Katy out to be this lovesick person? It's always "she thinks he's the one" or "she's obsessed with him". I haven't read anything from even an remotely reliable source that mentions his supposed feelings about her.

  12. Malibu Beach says – reply to this


    I agree with V. Even fireworks dissipate and turn into smoke, as will mayer and perry. This is smoke. JM has a large appetite for an assortment of women. He should keep his options vast and being that he has wandering eyes, this could be to boost his career. Affectionate PDA means nothing to men. They can have pda with a girl for three days, go missing and be with another woman. That simple. Was jm drinking? Alcohol makes men horny and clingy. Men like jm can be with one woman, but want another woman. I wouldn't be shocked if he hasn't set a tentative breakup date with her in his iPhone already. If a woman will put out and give up the booty, then the man will be there for the taking of the booty, but will be wanting other booty from else where always. Wonder who JM was driving around Malibu looking for or checking up on? It won't last with Katy. His attention span with women is that to a nat. She shouldn't get too comfortable, but enjoy her place while she's it.

  13. Brooklyn Wise says – reply to this


    Here's something to ponder: Katy should ask John whose photos and time line he was looking at intently every 10 minutes, while he was hanging with his buds at a club in NY after his charity event, while she was in LA. John kept staring at his phone but he was not texting Katy. He kept watching his phone like he was looking or expecting to see something from someone else. He almost looked upset and restless. One fan asked him if he was talking to Katy on his phone at that very moment because he was distracted. It wasn't Katy he was distracted over or worried about. Dude wasn't texting Katy or looking for her. Is he still pining for and wanting that ex? I'd bet a mili on it. Ironic isn't it? I think so.

  14. I says – reply to this


    Re: Malibu BeachRe: Malibu Beach – That bad, eh? >"that to a nat" I wonder if KP knows about some of these other stories? I got the impression from one of the posters here that other celebs may know somethings the general public isn't privy to. I wonder if she is choosing to overlook and just has it bad for the guy. Maybe she really believes in him and is providing him with a lot of emotional support, good sex and friendship,right now. Maybe she has a wandering eye too. Heck if i know?

  15. Honestly says – reply to this


    Okay Malibu Beach and Brooklyn Wise, spill it. We're on to you. i suspect you know some things you are not saying, right?

  16. Honestly says – reply to this


    Re: Brooklyn Wise – How do KNOW it wasn't Katy? Are you a mind reader? Were you there? How can you be sure of this, or do you just SUSPECT based on some inside info? Maybe he didn't want to be rude and text in front of his friends. Maybe he didn't want to have fans running up to him so he tried to look busy.

  17. Bieber Lover says – reply to this


    Man, you guys are really making this guy out to sound like a playboy.

  18. What IF........... says – reply to this


    Here's something to ponder everyone: What if his ex doesn't want John back and hates him? Maybe that's why he's settled with Katy because he knows that he seriously f-ed up for an eternity with the ex gf and that he can't repair things. What if he doesn't have a choice, but to be with Katy. Did anyone EVER think about that possibility? Did anyone ever question the possibility that John has f-ed so terribly that his ex hates the very sight of him, the mention of his name, his music and that there's NOTHING he can or could ever do to right his wrongs with her? He may be sorry for what he keeps putting her through, but I'm guessing that this time that she doesn't want him back. I would love to think that she'd never trust him again. I did hear that he's sorry for hurting her, but that sorry isn't good enough for her and she doesn't believe him or trust him. Mayer couldn't get his ex back not even if he tried. It's beyond a grudge I suspect. That must be a tough thought and possible reality for John to swallow and digest. I'm just guessing on what I've heard from my sources. Now I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure about the ex finding a new few men, and hating Mr. JCM, but it could happen and may very well be. I wonder if he can sit and surely ask himself with confidence if she hates him? Most women end up hating him. They hate the player and the game. Maybe he should ask his ex if she hates him for sure. I would!

  19. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: What IF……….. – Wait? what ex are you talking about? Jen? And if he couldn't get her back even if he tried why do you recommend he ask his ex if she hates him? Isn't that a bit like shooting yourself in the foot? And why doesn't he have a choice but to be with Katy, there are a LOT of women in this world. They can't ALL hate the guy.

  20. keeping quiet says – reply to this


    Re: What IF……….. – Uh, wow. I can't really say anything, but the ex has been linked with another hollywoodish male and she was in a few magazines for recent product ads. She models her own hair for shampoo brands too. They use her as a hair double from the back for commecials with celebrities. They show her usually walking in from the back and use another model or celeb for the camera shots. She does do print modeling. I'm not sure about her hating JM though. That's an area that I'm ignorant to. Who would be privy to her hating him?

  21. sounds like him says – reply to this


    Re: Honesty – why does it seem as if John went and got theraphy to convince himself that he hasn't done anything wrong to anyone? A guy like him will go to people, lessen the importance of his actions, won't tell the whole story and take an opinion poll asking if he's done anything bad for someone to hate him. He won't allow himself to just admit that he's in the wrong. I'm guessing that he's only claiming that his last ex was only Jen to deflect his guilt? What a character.

  22. Honesty says – reply to this


    I Re: keeping quiet – I don't this she is his only ex.

  23. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: sounds like him – That can't be the ONLY reason he went for therapy. Maybe the guy just has issues in general. It sure sounds as if he may.

  24. Trust Me. says – reply to this


    Re: Honesty – I beg to differ regarding the hatred. Maybe he hasn't got the courage needed to get around to truly ask a few whether they hate him or not. He should ask the ex or maybe he's afraid to ask her. Jenn isn't THE EX from what I've seen. Jenn is happily planning her nuptials. She's not thinking about Mayer. I hear from sources that he's done plenty to be hated.

  25. Why Waste Your Time? says – reply to this


    All the women who hate JM just need to get a move on. Count it as "lesson learned" and forget about it. If he is in denial, the only ones that are feeling any pain would be the ones who hold on to anger toward him. What a waste of time and PRECIOUS LIFE life energy. You only get one you know.

  26. Psyche says – reply to this


    Re: Honesty – more like the unknown ex. doubt that that theraphy will ever make him accountable for his actions. A woman will tell a man that she doesn't hate him out of fear. She will pretend that she still loves him while she despises him. It seems that Mayer uses one woman to protect himself from the ruined reality with the last. That's why he goes from women, to booze, to music to women, all over again. It's all a distraction. He will infuse Katy into his life, involve himself in her on goings and more just to use it as a psychological shield to forget what he's done to the last woman. It's replacement substitution. Using one woman, dating and having sex to ignore his inner psyche, guilt and past. He doesn't have the ability or courage to confront his past or admit to hurting anyone. In his world and mind, it's all about what makes him happy and not about if he's hurt someone else.

  27. Interesting says – reply to this


    Re: Why Waste Your Time? – you sound like Mayer. Why shouldn't he be hated for what he's done? That's exactly what a spineless man like JM would say. Not accountable and "everyone else is just holding onto hatred but needs to get a move on it?" Classic mayerism psyche. It takes a dog to know a dog.

  28. Shatter fan says – reply to this


    Re: Psyche – I would love for William Shattner to get a hold of mayer and drill him about his long list of unknowns that he denies to his Hollywood rat pack. I respect the fact that Shattner is a recovering alcoholic with a sensible heart and mind. He knows right from wrong. Mayer doesn't.

  29. Imagine That says – reply to this


    Lol. I can just imagine the a–bullcrap toilet paper stories that John Mayer is fedding Katy Perry and company about wanting to be a better man, wanting to change for her, as he explained and denied away, and pretending to not know why women really hate him. His classic excuse for being a roving dog is that he's just trying to find the right woman for him to spend his life with, as he pisses and marks his territory and he can't help if women can't accept that, but that he didn't mean to hurt anyone and you can be sure that he's eyeing the chick over her shoulder while he feeds her this sorry a—- story. Same line and song sang at different times. It's more than that Johnny. You see, Johnny boy doesn't play by the rules or play fair. That's why he's hated. He's a fraud.

  30. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: Imagine That – Oh my god, really? I'm actually beginning to buy into what some of what you people are saying here, but as a somewhat Mayer fan i need a bit more convincing. Care to supply any more info? It might help break the, ahem, spell.

  31. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: Imagine That – What do you mean he "doesn't play by the rules or play fair?"

  32. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: Psyche – Man that;s neurotic and so UNhealthy. I can't believe it. My mind automatically wants to say, "What a pl***r!" . Just can't say it. It makes everything Taylor swift got on her megaphone about sound healthy, although calling him out in front of millions is a big step…perhaps its all Karma. She sure is "shining like fireworks all over his sad empty town".

  33. behold says – reply to this


    Re: I – I did hear that Katy is threatened by the non famous ex, so much that she's trying to be like her. She is well aware of John's other woman, how he feels for her still, but thinks that if she just ignores the ex while trying to morf into the ex, keeps sleeping with John, and using her witchcraft and meditation to keep John mesmerized, that she can force him to stick with her while forcing him to forget his ex. A reliable source that's really close and on speaking terms with John's older bro, told me that John's friends and brother aren't fond of Katy at all. Someone told me that Katy thinks she's a real witch and can use her magical powers to put a spell on Mayer to captivate and change him. Isn't that the funniest thing you've heard of? Maybe all the real witches around the world should form a prayer hour to break Katy's mojo? How about that?

  34. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: behold – Oh honest to God. That's just ridiculous.

  35. now we know says – reply to this


    Re: Honesty – "Break the spell," huh? So you used witchcraft did ya? That figures. We were wondering how he could be attracted to a talentless Rosie Odonell look a like. Now we know and John Mayer should know too. Thanks for solving that riddle!
    Signed the witch hunter and part time spell breaker!

  36. Why Waste Your Time? says – reply to this


    Re: Interesting – I'm a woman, not Mayer, thank you very much. I am just saying it is only hurting the women who are doing the hating.
    I guess if they all need to get it out of their system they should form a I Hate Mayer for Screwing Me Over Club and just plot their revenge.
    I don't recommend the wronged ladies let it go so mayer can feel comfortable at all. I recommend they do it for them, their lives, which are the only things they have any control over. They can't control making Mayer feel bad. He seems to have psychic defense mechanisms in that department

  37. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: now we know – What the hell are you talking about? OMG, just because I said the word "spell".

  38. Honesty says – reply to this


    Re: now we know – Okay, I'll come clean. I'm a fan who is a little too obsessed with JM…not romantically. I am looking for ways to be turned off to him so i can move on with my life. That's what I meant by that word. You can't be serious by saying I'm Katy Perry. I wish! Not because she's dating Mayer. I'd just like to have her lifestyle.

  39. lol at rosie oddonel says – reply to this


    There there Rosie, don't get your panties in a bunch. We don't care if the only way you could get him was to bewitch him.

  40. DJ says – reply to this


    It seems weird to me that these two are never photographed showing any real affection towards each other. There are always reports of it or "sources" saying they were kissing, holding hands, etc. When he was dating Minka Kelly, they were photographed kissing and holding hands. I think he was this way with Jennifer Aniston too. Maybe Katy and John will attend the American Music Awards together and that will be their big first outing as a couple.

  41. Eww yuck phewy says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – you better believe that if he attends the award show that he'll be lusting and eying other women and not caring if Katy knows it. That's his "way." He'll be with one woman but fantasize about trucking several others. Her sex won't be enough. he's so weak. He dogs one woman out (cheats on the last girl) I hear, who gave him emotional support, but goes and sleeps with another woman, who is Katy. John Mayer has no loyalty at all to women and he makes excuses to justify his dogmatic ways. That's John Mayer for you. KatyKats is setting herself up big time. He'll do one thing or another. Btw: I suspect thst he feels pressured into staying into this. If he's sleeping with her, why and how could any decent woman want to go back to him or go in behind Katy Perry, after she's been linked to Brand and his array of medical dictionary std's? I wouldn't want sloppy seconds or thirds. Who would? I hope the ex hates him and never speaks to or acknowledges him ever again. He's a tool.

  42. Just Thinking says – reply to this


    All this talk about how the ex feels or what she should feel or do is not anyone's place. That's something that's between she and John. Everyone is so quick to say how the ex should feel and how the ex should hate him. That's not right. Those two should work things out and talk it over. None of us know where she/the ex stands with John or if he's in discussion with her, whether he's sexing perry or not. This could be for publicity. Two people can still be close and still love/care about each other through some harrowing incidents and circumstances like this situation. Who knows, he may reunite with the ex and secretly smooth things over, if he hasn't done so already without Katy's knowledge. She can't keep an eye on him 24/7. That's for certain. Things could be great with him and the ex. Maybe she's just laying low, loving Mayer, and doing her own thing quietly. I doubt the story about her hooking up with some Hollywood guy. We don't know.

  43. I says – reply to this


    There has to be some redeeming qualities about this guy. No one is all "bad". I read his horoscope on some website. It said he is a born seducer. It's who he is. It also says he values his friendships. Can't remember everything else it said. Those were the two things which stuck out.

  44. Just Thinking says – reply to this


    What's your point? You pinpointed the words "friendship and natural seducer" as "redeeming qualities." Are you saying that he's a good friend to Katy and that he does have the tendency to land himself in trouble because of his flirtatious behavior with women, who tend to misinterpret his actions, causing them to think he's in love with them, fall hard for him? Women do have the tendency to misinterpret sex and affection for love, right??? Now what's your take on his standing and situation with the ex??? Be honest, clear and thorough and answer straight, this is critical, maybe your last chance and one shot…

  45. i says – reply to this


    Re: Just Thinking – Never said being a seducer is a redeeming quality. U did. I hope he's a good friend to KP, but I don't know. I think he is flirtatious & fun. My real problem is I think he says things and makes promises to women he may not keep. He sets women up, especially vulnerable ones. He sets women up emotionally and then disappears. . He needs to watch the flirtatious ,sweet, over the top, seducing talk, that's all. He may even make promises he doesn't keep. it's just a hunch. i know nothing about his ex. That said, I like the guy. I see good in him for sure, and, no, I am not Katy.

  46. i says – reply to this


    Re: Just Thinking – "Be honest, clear and thorough and answer straight, this is critical, maybe your last chance and one shot…" <<<what the heck is that supposed to mean? Stop being so suspicious. i get the feeling you think I know something. I know nada. Wish i did though.

  47. No One Important says – reply to this


    Re: i – Excuse me for a minute. I was scrolling through reading everything and Mayer sounds like a weak, wussy and spineless scoundrel. How can someone who does these things you listed (breaks promises, flirts, lets people down) to women, be a "trustworthy," "honest," and "good guy or even friend"? Sounds to me like he's the opposite. Those aren't redeeming qualities and I wouldn't call him a "good guy." Sure, he can try to be a good friend to KP, but from what I hear and have seen as to how he's treated others and put girls through, it appears that he's been a rotten squirrely bastard and have hurt others. He's certainly earned the ridicule for his rep. Reading this all gave me a headache.

  48. Me says – reply to this


    Re: No One Important – I have had a few encounters with the man. He has always gone out of his way to be very thoughtful and kind to me and I appreciate it very much. He also has had moments where he has seemed quite sexist, IMO and a put down artist. "Insensitive" is the word that comes to mind. He's a player, no doubt. I think when he fancies a lady he can be on his very best behavior. His big brother is a major jerk-off. Can't stand the guy.

  49. JT says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Never heard of his brother being a jerk-off but John surely is. I can see why his ex hates him. I can't imagine him being on his "best behavior" with anyone. I wonder was he ever on his best behavior with his ex. I highly doubt it. I think his brother would make a better boyfriend. He's charming. Maybe John's ex should have selected his brother. He seems more reliable, faithful, humble and more.

  50. Me says – reply to this


    With all of the dogging of him in the press, I wouldn't be surprised if he tries extra hard to make this thing work with Katy. That is unless she ends the relationship, or somehow his "ex" comes back into the scene. Either way, if this thing ends with Katy the media might just go crazy with it.

  51. Me says – reply to this


    Re: JT – See that's the thing about "knowing" people. I know JM has a general rep, but I also know I can sit in a room with 4 different people who have had very different kinds of direct experiences with the same person. Some positive, some not so good. I've had people tell me how they can't stand someone I like very much and visa versa. Would I ever want to risk being in a relationship with John Mayer? Not on your life, but that's me. My experience with his bro absolutely sucked, on more than one occasion, I might add.

  52. JT says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Do you really think his ex will come back or go back to John after this constant onslaught of hurt and humiliation he's raked her through? Is it possible for she and him to get through this all? I've heard of miracles like that happening, after one pereon has hurt another person the way I've heard John hurt his ex gf. What's your take on things?

  53. Sounds Right to Me says – reply to this


    Re: Psyche – "Re: Honesty – more like the unknown ex. doubt that that theraphy will ever make him accountable for his actions. A woman will tell a man that she doesn't hate him out of fear. She will pretend that she still loves him while she despises him. It seems that Mayer uses one woman to protect himself from the ruined reality with the last. That's why he goes from women, to booze, to music to women, all over again. It's all a distraction. He will infuse Katy into his life, involve himself in her on goings and more just to use it as a psychological shield to forget what he's done to the last woman. It's replacement substitution. Using one woman, dating and having sex to ignore his inner psyche, guilt and past. He doesn't have the ability or courage to confront his past or admit to hurting anyone. In his world and mind, it's all about what makes him happy and not about if he's hurt someone else." >>> this makes sense "some people have been known to run from themselves all their lives".

  54. Me says – reply to this


    Re: JT – I have no idea. Sounds like our boy has some major sobering to do.

  55. Me says – reply to this


    Re: JT – …he could be working on it as we speak for all we know. I don't like holding people to their past actions, even though it often is a predictor of future behavior, i believe people can change IF they WANT to BAD ENOUGH…but usually that comes when we a hurting enough to want to change. The motivation level has to be VERY HIGH.

  56. JT says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Do you think he wants his ex to come back and is he the type of man who would put in the "work and care" needed to help her heal? Very sad about "the sobering." How much do you think or believe he cared for and about his ex? Do you think he has a lot of guilt?

  57. Me says – reply to this


    Re: JT – He coud be totally taken with katy for all we know. I have no idea if he wants his ex back.

  58. JT says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Thanks for your honesty. Maybe his ex should cut all communication paths with him then, making it impossible for him to contact, find and reach her? It's just a hunch or a guess. I'm not sure if he still has viable means of contact with her. I could be wrong.

  59. CutTheCrap says – reply to this


    Re: JT – you are all so gullible! There is no hurt ex. Can't you see this psychobitch is trolling you? She does this every time Mayers name comes up. I just get out the popcorn and watch her string people along with lies about Mayer.

  60. Me says – reply to this


    "People are constantly changing Don’t cling to a limited, negative image of a person in the past. See that person NOW." ~ Brian Weiss