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Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested After Heroine Overdose?!

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This is too sad!

It seems Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi has been arrested after an apparent heroine overdose in her Hamilton College dorm room Monday morning.

Someone called cops to Stephanie's room after finding her unresponsive, claiming she had OD'd on heroine.

Authorities found Steph alive, and also supposedly found a small amount of heroine along with weed and drug-using devices.

Stephanie has since been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia.

We hope Stephanie gets all the help she needs to sort out her headspace… it's SO sad that such a young lady already feels the need to inject herself with harmful mind and body altering chemicals.

You're in our thoughts, Stephanie!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested After Heroine Overdose?!”

  1. Honor says – reply to this


    Good everyone did the right thing, called police and arrested her, she may actually have a chance. Hope so! Wish her well

  2. Asana says – reply to this


    She OD'd on strong female role models known for courage? Possibly Super Woman or Harriet Tubman? Really? You're a writer?

  3. bEACHBUM says – reply to this


    Holy shiz! Asana, stole the words right out of my mouth!!! HEROIN is a hell of a drug.

  4. calin says – reply to this


    didn't Jon Bon Jovi said some snarky remarks about Madonna parenting skills for bringing her kids to premiers. The moral of the story is don't judge, you never know when is going to bite you back in the arss. Hopefully she gets the help she needs!!

  5. Sophia says – reply to this


    Why? What is wrong in this society …
    Why our kids poisoning them selfs with this horrible drugs???
    It's very sad, and I am sure Jon asking him self about now in a thousand times to …

  6. Kelly says – reply to this


    Haha, I guess I am not the only one who can read and thought "heroine" was funny:)

  7. 7

    JBJ's "PERFECT LIFE" ain't so perfect….all an act TO GET YOUR MONEY, FOOLS!

  8. 8

    Maybe they can send her to the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE 12-Step religious cult AA/NA treatment program that SAVED WHITNEY HOUSTON'S LIFE…..

  9. 9

    WHO KNOWS WHAT that OUT-OF-CONTROL DRUG-ADDICTED ALCOHOLIC PERV Richie Sambora did to her when she was a little girl…

  10. 10

    This little Bon Jovi Junkie will be DEAD within the year if she is subjected to the EXTREMELY EVIL 12-Step religious cult….GUARANTEED; but first the 12-Step religious cult will go after Bon Jovi's FAT WALLET….

  11. btyqwnfrommars says – reply to this


    @I Prayed….. JBJ is a very private person. Rarely does he ever speak of his personal life, much less claim to have a perfect one. The only fool here is you! He gives millions of dollars and his hard work to help others. What our children do when they are off on their own is hard to control for a regular parent. Much less Jon Bon Jovi. His fans support him for his talent and his contributions, not because we think he's perfect.

  12. 12

    heroin, not heroine.

  13. Alexandra says – reply to this


    Re: Asana – Haha, you rock! I was gonna say, oh phew she just had too much superwoman–at least she doesnt do drugs like those other celebrity offspring.

  14. 14

    poss of heroin a misdemeanor? not for the rest of us that would be a FELONY! its NY, liberal and corrupt. you wouldn't expect an Obama czars daughter to be charged like the rest of us.

  15. LoriC says – reply to this


    Ummmm, you spelled HEROIN wrong; more than once. :/

  16. 16

    Re: btyqwnfrommars – Now we know why he's kept everything under-wraps….

  17. Fifi says – reply to this


    I went to middle school with this girl and let me tell you this is the LAST THING i expected from her…so sad

  18. 18

    "Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested After Heroine Overdose?!"

    since when is it a crime to be interested in/study strong ladies? Was she reading too many stories about H G brown, or wonder woman??

  19. 19

    Re: I Prayed not to be Gay – OKRA you really should do some research before you make a fool of yourself,,,opps too late,, Nearly EVERY celeb drunk/druggy go to passages or their like. LOOK it up learn something.

  20. 20

    Hope she does jail time. Heroin possession is a felony, no exceptions for daughters' of idiot rock stars!

  21. 21

    Another couple of high school drop outs who think money can replace real values! Kind of like the United States!

  22. 22

    Which heroine did she OD on? Wonder Woman? Bat Girl?

  23. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sad news, wish her the best.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Agree. Sometimes the parent is the last to know when a kid has run off the rails. Very fortunate that she's alive.

  25. 25

    Re: calin – What has that got to do with his daughter taking drugs?? You can raise your kids to the best of your ability, but then you send them out into the world and hope your best was enough. There is only so long you can blame the parents.

  26. 26

    Re: btyqwnfrommars – Agreed

  27. 27

    OMG! She could've died!

    I hope she never goes near any kind of drugs ever again!
    This is so sad.