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Matt Lauer Today Presence Scaled Back Because People Do Not Like Him

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Matt Lauer Today Presence Scaled Back Because People Do Not Like Him

It looks like Today just isn’t Matt Lauer’s day!

According to an NBC insider, the Today show’s new exec producer Alexandra Wallace is downsizing the host’s role on the show. The source says:

“Matt's on air reporting and interviews for the TODAY show are going to be cut back because Alexandra recognizes that he is widely unpopular and many view him to be responsible for Ann Curry being fired from the co-host spot.”

Oh, come one! This isn’t a popularity contest!

It is? Oh! Well, in that case carry on. The source says:

"This isn't personal, but Alexandra will be doing whatever is necessary to get the show back in first place, even if that means ruffling Lauer's feathers.

Look for Willie Geist, one of the co-hosts of the third hour, to be featured more during the first two hours of the show because viewers absolutely love him. Willie comes across as genuine and warm, unlike Matt Lauer.”

It’s a good thing NBC doesn’t have a track record of backing the wrong horse *cough*Chevy Chase*cough* and firing people audiences love *cough*Conan O’Brien*cough*. People might think it was a trend…

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17 comments to “Matt Lauer Today Presence Scaled Back Because People Do Not Like Him”

  1. chanel says – reply to this


    They need to bring Ann Curry back in some sort of co-host role to make amends with their audience. Have her co-host a different hour of the show than Matt Lauer. In other words they need to eat crow.

  2. 2

    He's bald and he cheats on his wife, what's to like?

  3. Aragorn says – reply to this


    The should have fired him years ago.

    Pretty much all of the morning news channels stations suck and should go back to the format used in the 50-60s. Present the news as is and save the ns for diff. shows later in the day or offer a small time slot for opinions after the news is over with.

  4. LoriC says – reply to this


    This cocky, cheating, self-important bastard deserves it. Ann Curry did suck, but who the HELL does he think he is?!? He is truly…nothing!

  5. alec haas says – reply to this


    He sucks.. watched the awkward interview with Robert De Niro he did yesterday and he was asking the stupidest questions.. could tell DeNiro was annoyed. Can't stand Matt Lauer.. such a tool

  6. 6

    maybe shorten the show and hour or 30 minutes and give anne her own show afterwards?

  7. elnoggin says – reply to this


    lauer is old. he is a tool. public perception is that he is a total control freak. enuf. i'm done with today.

  8. 8

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  9. 9

    he's been an ego maniacal dick for years. time to kick him to the curb.

  10. 10

    I remember when he was "cute" now he looks old and like he's half rat and half human I don't like him at all they do need to replace him …is Bozo the clown still doing his show?

  11. 11

    I have never seen Pink look so uncomfortable. Back off Matt, you tool.

  12. Whoa says – reply to this


    NBC's a trainwreck!
    Lauer's just one of the conductors, driving the douchebag car!

  13. 13

    GOOD CALL. I absolutely can't stand that guy and don't watch because he is so heavily featured.

  14. 14

    lauer is the most overpaid douchebag ever…
    in a year he will be the has been he is destined for…
    fuck him

  15. Cyndi j says – reply to this


    I love Matt lauer and the problem goes back to Katie couriers departure. Those two had chemistry. Along came Meredith that was pretty good and I was still watching. Then she left . This was the clincher , Katie couric co hosted good morning America one week so I watched. At that time I fell in love with josh and Lara , there chemistry is undeniable as are the rest of the people on this show, the shows formatt is fresh , fun and informative a feel good show. I've switched after 20 some years of today. Still love Matt he is a serious news man and you gotta love that.

  16. mikeb says – reply to this


    Matt may come accross as a cold fish but he is a good host. We all loved Ann. Willie and ms. Guthrie come accross as mindless flat characters,devoid of personality. I too have started watching other stations. Dated Al with his 1960's humor probably should anhor the show.

  17. mikeb says – reply to this


    Matt is a fine serious journalist who needs someone playful to match up with hidry personality. Merridith V. did this perfectly.