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Man Behind Dark Knight Massacre Hospitalized After Multiple Suicide Attempts

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james holmes new mugshot


James Holmes has tried to kill himself with multiple "half-hearted" attempts at cracking his skull open.

Stuck behind bars for the brutal shooting massacre that shook the nation during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, James tried to escape through death.

Law enforcement sent him to a hospital once they realized he ran headfirst into a jail cell and then tried to crack his head open from falling backwards multiple times off of his bed.

WTF!?! This guy really needs help!!

We've yet to hear of new attempts since his release from the hospital.

We're sure he's trying to run from the 12 deaths he caused, so there's no doubt that police have a strict watch on him now.

But suicide will never be the answer. He's gonna have to face what he did someday. We just hope that day comes sooner than later.

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10 comments to “Man Behind Dark Knight Massacre Hospitalized After Multiple Suicide Attempts”

  1. 1

    …Yea, he needs help. Let's all be super compassionate and help him, poor guy…SMH…

  2. pqute says – reply to this


    It's really important that you keep posting this persons picture and cover every story imaginable about him. Otherwise some teenager isn't going to see how the press is infatuated with such terrorist and that teenager might not see that as a reason to emulate him in the future.

  3. rlsvt says – reply to this


    Psychologists don't believe this man is truly mentally ill. He is a genius, of the worst kind. Look up some of his psych evals. They think he meticulously planned this horrible attack for months and some believe he may have had help. He also knows he cannot commit suicide by falling backward off his bed and is probably trying to get to a hospital purely to escape his jail time.

  4. rere6011 says – reply to this


    I love you Perez, but as a first responder involved in this case, can you please take his picture down. The content is fine, but you are giving him what he wants.

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Just leave his cell door cracked open an inch or two and he will be taken care of at no cost to the state.

  6. 6

    How about we just leave him alone to finish the job. He'll either put up or shut up. Either way he deserves zero compassion.

  7. bigmom says – reply to this


    Why not let him finish himself…save the tax payers some money. Instead lets spend millions to prosecute andv to keep this man alive so he can have more time in the press so we have more to talk about.

  8. dawnetello says – reply to this


    Alleged!! Alleged!! Alleged!! James is innocent! What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty, do the research, don't just assume, listen to witness testimonies, police audio, don't just believe what the media reports, think about it, James was apprehended 90 seconds after the cops showed up and but he wasn't booked for 12 hours later? Why? Cause he was high off his ass on Vicodin, here's an idea, for all who thinks he's guilty take 10 Vicodin cover yourself head to toes in swat gear and see how long it takes you to get out of the gear I bet its longer than 90 seconds

  9. Arid says – reply to this


    James Holmes is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  10. wilson says – reply to this


    he doesnt need help, he needs to die. something is wrong with him, he knows it, and the guilt is killing him. i doubt he could ever live in peace unless he forgot about the situation entirely