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Britney Spears Gets Confused & Demi Lovato Refuses To Mess With The Queen On X Factor!

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The X Factor finalists belted it out the best they could during the show last night, as they gave some diva-worthy performances!

However, as Simon Cowell stated, it seems something just isn’t working with CeCe Frey, who has been in the bottom two TWICE already!

Check out CeCe’s performance of All By Myself (above) which caused quite a stir amongst the judges’ panel!

Smart move on not talking back to Queen Godney, Demi! Ha!

Sorry Dem Dem — we’re with Britney, though… we just don’t get it!

Could this performance be CeCe's third strike? We're not quite sure anything can be done at this point to redeem the finalist!

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33 comments to “Britney Spears Gets Confused & Demi Lovato Refuses To Mess With The Queen On X Factor!”

  1. Max says – reply to this


    1.Not sure why the judges have it against Cece so bad!
    2.I can not STAND Britney! The only queen she is, is AUTO TUNE QUEEN!
    3.Demi needs to grow a pair and actually say something to Britney!

  2. sm87 says – reply to this


    I don't get what they don't get? Although I don't like CeCe as a person ( I think she's a bit fake, tries too hard personality-wise and so on), she does have an incredible voice, which is what the competition is about… so again, i don't get what the judges don't get. Makes no sense.

  3. laurel says – reply to this


    This girl should of never made it to the judges house. I really hope tonights the night she goes home it's long over due.

  4. 4

    That performance was really bad, her pitch was really off this time and parts of it like the end sounded like a loud screech. Overall not good.

  5. OasisGirl says – reply to this


    hat Kardashian that co hosts xfactor either has to learn to look forward or put her hair up cause all i see is cousin It talking into a mic

  6. 6

    Wow. That was horrible. Pitchy!!!!!! She couldn't hit the low notes and was all over the place. How did she get as far as she did????

  7. Joanna says – reply to this


    Haha! Demi knows wats up, no one talks bad to the Queen of Pop!!!!! As for CeCe, she had a lot of potential but has failed to live up to it. She has an ok voice but her vocals are all over the place & like Britney said, she is having a serious identity crisis. She doesn't know what kind of artist/performer she wants to be & she has no idea what kind of songs fit her style of singing.

  8. 8

    People get paid mills to say they don't get it? Is there not a meeting before the show to remind a judge they are being paid to make thoughtful (meaning think about it)and authentic with authority(as in judge is already a true(?) Superstar in this field) comments about the performance?

  9. 9

    I think cece's character portrayal has been messed up from the start. First she's a bad-ass, conceited girl, next she's a girl who's just vulnerable. And now she just seems confused on stage and off. Demi isn't helping her out either, she's making it worse. She hides her YA's talents by putting on an over-bearing theatrical show. Cece's performance here was just off-key, whiny and also sounded like she was yelling. It was emotionless and just an unfortunate disaster. She does have a great voice, but she's receiving bad guidance. I'd be surprised if she makes it, although I'm rooting for now as kind of the underdog.
    PS - why can't britney ever judge with more detail? She only says 1 line and that is it. She does have some good input here and there, so why does she minimize her critiques?

  10. 10

    Her vocals were bad. But you know what I don't get? BRITNEY.

  11. 11

    Why is she in this competition? From a vocal technique stand point, she is awful. She is scooping REALLY badly which is a big no-no in vocal training. Any one who has had any type of decent vocal training would have had that corrected right away. It's HORRIBLE for your voice and can lead to serious vocal chord issues if not corrected. Not to mention she's super pitchy. Why anyone would think this is good singing is beyond me.

  12. litlluvbug says – reply to this


    I think she dug herself a hole right from the beginning, acting so full of herself. Confidence and being a bitch are 2 very different traits and they can't be faked. I think she has tried to fake her way through everything and people just don't like her.
    She has a good voice, but she can't figure out what she should sing because she doesn't even know who she is.
    Production really did her a dis-service at auditions when they portrayed her as a bitchy, catty, know it all, but she did really say the stuff that came out of her mouth on camera, so let it be a lesson to next year's try-outs. Mean and bitchy is not the way to go, you can not come back from your first impression.
    She lost the competition the first time she said something bad on camera about another contestant.
    AND, poor thing works in a mail room. Some people don't have jobs at all, she won't get sympathy with that story. Sorry.

  13. 13

    hopefully she will be gone tonight….if you want to see a real good performance of this song, go to you tube, and type in Leona Lewis All By Myself. She performed it in the British X Factor, and ended up winning it…..gives me chills to hear her sing it. Cece screeches at the end……she is such a fake and a phony.

  14. litlluvbug says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – I think they don't get who she is as a whole and her songs are not matching her personality and they do not feel sincere. The Cece from audition and the Cece we see now are not the same girl. She came in at the bottom and all of that false confidence that she had in the beginning is gone. Plus last nights performance was kind of crap.

  15. CarolineT says – reply to this


    I am annoyed because Cece is gorgeous and VERY talented. Like Simon Says, those two just aren't working well together. I personally am NOT a fan of Demi Lovato and I have thought all along that she was jealous of Cece and sabotaging her on purpose. With the proper guidance, Cece will be a big star!

  16. mich says – reply to this


    She has a lot of power in her voice but she can't really control it that well, like she is either screaming and pushing so hard or really soft and when she's really soft, you can hear the pitchiness and lack of control in her voice. The tonality in her soft voice just doesn't shine.

  17. dez1876 says – reply to this


    Britney is a horrible singer and a horrible judge. It's like she's too stupid to gather the words to give any constructive feedback - good or bad. What's the point of having her there if she just makes worthless comments? She acts like the biggest diva when even she knows in her heart she can't sing and if she were up against Cece she'd epically fail. Screw you Britney! I dare you to sing live!

  18. Cecel do says – reply to this


    I agree with what Caroline says, Demi is still too green not to be personally involved. I believe Cecelia and Demi are exactly the same personality. It's classic girl on girl bitchiness on the high school level. Poor Cecelia, she is being sabotaged and I can tell Simon gets it but she's not on his team.

  19. IOioas says – reply to this


    Re: impress_me – I perfer short and sweet to what happens when Chistina and likely how Mariah go on and on forever. Or Paula going on forever and making no sense.

  20. 20

    I thought she was fabulous…almost back to herself without the attitude. I also think they need to darken her hair. She comes off as cold. Now, after seeing the results show, I would like to know what drugs the voters are on! Can't believe who got sent home.

  21. BritneyQueen90 says – reply to this


    Re: Max – Queen of Pop, honey! ;) If you can't stand a sweet girl, you probably like bitches better… ur a joke!

  22. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Watched the video, she sure hit a lot of flat notes.

  23. 23

    1st, they screwed Cece over by making her a bitch at the beginning (well it was her actions but they didn't have to show it as a rivalry like they did), 2nd, they ruined her hair - it's gawd awful. 3rd, they tried to change her personality and Cece tried to change it too really really hard - i've got to squeeze some tears out and look vulnerable - which doesn't work cuz CECE DON'T KNOW VULERNABLE. And, now, turns out she can't sing all that well.

  24. jenez says – reply to this


    ok she was off-key, screamed and.. it just sounded bad.p lus the fact that she acted mean at the beginning isn't helping her now. as an audience member i don't get her

  25. Bevi says – reply to this


    It was a train wreck. It's time for the leopard to leave the building.

  26. queen bee says – reply to this


    CeCe should not of made it this far…if the judges think she has a great voice then maybe they should retire. I cannot belleive that America voted for her to stay.

  27. mofo says – reply to this



  28. ItsKiwiBitch says – reply to this


    Re: sm87 – Britney has sold more records than Xtina & PERRY together!
    She is the new Queen of Pop (and Madonna has approved) Britney CAN sing. Or else Simon wouldn't even bother to have Britney on the show, never the less want her to perform on the show, nor be at good state with her!
    And what they don't get is that CeCe tries to hard, she is not her! Demi has turned her into a "Diva" that we already do see out there, she is not UNIQUE anymore. She used to be. She needs to be CECE - Not CeCe meets Xtina vs Katy Perry vs Celine. I don't get it either!

  29. ItsKiwiBitch says – reply to this


    Re: windbourne – Yepp CeCe used to be unique! I don't like what Demi has done to her. I don't like what Demi has done to all of her contestants

  30. ItsKiwiBitch says – reply to this


    Re: Joanna – She did hit the high note, but she couldn't go from one high note to the other :/. That was her problem :/

  31. ItsKiwiBitch says – reply to this


    Re: WowzaChild – Because her small details is actually often enough.

  32. AKaBooM says – reply to this


    Two weeks in a row, CeCe has delivered off-key performances caused by pushing too hard, poor breath support, and oversinging. I'm with Britney, I don't get it.

  33. antja says – reply to this


    jeez her tone is so off but she is not that bad…there are definately a lot better