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Every GLEE-Tail: Glease Lightening!

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Tell us about it, stud!

Remember in the first season, when Olivia Newton-John called Sue Sylvester from the limo of her car? She introduced herself by name and supplemented it with reminding Sue that she was the star of the greatest movie musical of all time. Since then, it’s like Ryan Murphy has just been waiting for his moment to pay homage to the iconic high school flick, and last night, he finally got his chance.

Glee got all greased up and rocked the house with some of the best songs from the classic story, even if it's own storyline was just filler. (Hey, we've got to have one once and awhile!)

Still, for a lot of great reasons, Glease was most definitively the word on FOX, and we’re here to share all the nostalgia and nitty gritty deets right here with our fellow Gleeks!


You CAN Go Home Again

And again… and again… and again.

The Lima Shuttle was working OVERTIME last night as not only were Finn, Mercedes and Mike back to direct the newbie Glee members in their production of Grease, but Rachel, Kurt and Santana all jetted back for the big show. For our Manhattanites, it was the first time they faced their ex’s since everything went to hell in October. The pair soon realized that they’ve more than outgrown the halls of McKinley and hurried back to continue becoming the people they were born to be in Brooklyn. Santana, on the other hand, still has some growing up to do. And let’s get real here people – sure, maybe Finn can lead an extracurricular activity without being a teacher, but we’re pretty sure you can’t star in a musical without being a student! Take off that jacket, Lopez! Your time came and went. Maybe she's not as happy in Louisville as she thought! Maybe she won't be staying there for much longer. Maybe she'll finally use that money Gloria Estefan gave her and move to New York to be with Rachel and Kurt. One step closer… maybe.

Grease: The Greek Tragedy?

Well, if it was, then Santana would have never had to play Rizzo in the first place. Our homegirl Unique could have kept her part, regardless of her parent’s concerns over her taking the role. Yes, in the end, Sue got her way when it was deemed unsafe for Wade to be “Unique,” in every sense of the word, in front of the whole town and school. Sure, he was heartbroken, but we have a feeling he’ll rebound during Sectionals. Plus, it got us a kickass number between him, Naya and Kate Hudson. But more on that in a minute…

Elsewhere in the cast, Marley developed an eating disorder. Yeah, pretty sure we called that one last week. Luckily, it was nipped in the bud pretty quickly by a pretty face named Ryder. Despite Kitty’s devious trickery to force Marley to her knees in front of the porcelain gods (which includes altering her Sandy costumes to make her think she's gained weight), Ryder reminds Marley just how beautiful she is with a pep talk and a schweet lil' kiss. The look on poor Jake's face was sad, but the kiss didn't resonate with us quite as deeply as when Rachel and Finn kissed for the first time, but oh well. But speaking of which…

Finchel Fans REVOLT

The episode ended on a really high and equally low note. Think back hard now to the pilot, if you can, and you’ll remember that Finn and Rachel’s first duet was actually the Grease closer, “You’re The One That I Want.” Watching the newbies perform the same number, Rachel remembers that simpler time and in an instant, the scene in front of her changes. Now, the original Glee club members (plus Darren Criss) are back together, on stage, singing in perfect harmony. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

But then reality set in and Rachel remembers that she ended things with Finn. She gets on the horn to call her new beau Brody for support and who should answer his celluar device but – WAIT FOR IT – Cassandra!!! She’s a maneater, and Rachel catches her nibbling away at her man while she’s in Lima, trying to pick up whatever pieces are left of her former life. Heartbroken, she tries to make a quick getaway, but runs into Finn, who catches on quickly that her tears are over another man. They decide that its probably better that they cut off contact, otherwise they’ll just keep hurting each other.

That sound you’re hearing now is the heart of every Finchel fan falling into their gut. DEVESTATION!!!

Don’t even get us started on Klaine; needless to say, nothing has changed with those boys. They are still very much on the outs. Brittana fans may have more hope, but after Santana gave Brittany the greenlight to date again, something tells us she’ll be on someone else’s arm very soon… someone’s manly, blonde arm!

And that, as they say, is that.


Few Side Notes:

A. Sugar Motta continues to be serverly underused. What the rama lama ding dong is up with that?
B. Apocalypticly angry Sue is our favorite Sue.
C. Someone needs to teach the new kids about spirit fingers and Red Bull. They are sooooo lacking in the energy department.
D. Glad we finally got some backstory on Mercedes…maybe later she can explain how she was able to take two weeks off to direct a musical across the country?

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