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Oprah's Favorite Things 2012: The HUGE SURPRISE Reveal… Sneak Peek!

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These military spouses just FLIPPED their SHIZ!

Phew! We gotta calm ourselves down here!

But Oprah makes it so hard!

Watch her exciting reveal tease for her Favorite Things 2012 special (above)!

Though it's rumored to be a trip to Africa, nobody will really know until Sunday, November 18, at 8/7c on OWN!! Any ideas??

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18 comments to “Oprah's Favorite Things 2012: The HUGE SURPRISE Reveal… Sneak Peek!”

  1. 1

    you get to meet gaybarry and moochie and a trip to kenya to meet barry's family who live in a hut. fun times.

  2. 2

    All the women in the audience get to have their GENITALS MUTILATED by an African Witch Doctor Okra personally flew in.


  3. Rosie Oh says – reply to this


    A trip to Africa ?
    Why is that one of her favorite things ?
    Oh I remember, that's where her and Gail set up their school for young girls
    The same school where the students were molested by the bull dykes tht Oprah and Gail hired
    Could make an interesting case for Gloria RedDress

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gail's TWAT…one of O's most FavOriTe things…..'specially when it is all wet and moist. Hmmm Hmmm…she shore do want her some of that love pie… !

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Who is this chick again … ?

  6. 6

    Hey PERVez, when are you going to copy the report about the pervert gay pedo who operates ELMO? I was right and you were wrong since the beginning. when you copied the story about the "retraction" I asked "how much of my tax dollars did they spend to make this go away?" As it turns out it cost $125,000.00 and it didn't even work. You were just happy as a pig in shit that it was covered up, now even YOU have to admit this PEDO GAY PERVERT needs to go to jail. He is no better than Jerry Sandusky, and your were all over that Gay Pedo Pervert. So where is your hypocritical out rage.

  7. 7

    Sesame Street needs to get sanduskied

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    He is too busy posting half nude pics of himself, hoping some good looking guy (HIGH) will come a call'n……

  9. 9

    Re: raypearson – Why are you so friggin obsessed with Elmo? On every post?

  10. 10

    sorry but watching people get free things isnt interesting to me. Do these people even need free things? are they the homeless and desperate ones who need them? No of course not so the whole thing is just crass and pointless. Giving people who already have things even more things. Stupid. Then theres Oprah playing the Santa Mother theresa role as if it all comes out of her pocket(not that she'd even notice if it did). I mean, just self indulgence at its sickening worst. No thanks!!

  11. Bubble says – reply to this


    This mess today is what happens when you train a new writer without supersivion.

  12. 12

    Oprah doing what she does best, ADVERTISING !
    They're only her favorite things cause she's getting paid to say they're her favorites!!!!
    Come on really? She knows the power her opinion holds. On her show she had a book club and when she said she loved a certain book and it's the one she's reading, the book would go straight to best seller, same with products. That's also how she became so rich.

  13. Sam says – reply to this


    Wish she was doing this for women actually serving in the military.

  14. 14

    Is this giveaway for military spouses only? or can an old retiree like me join in? Please!!

  15. OBUMER THE MAGICAL JIG says – reply to this



  16. Sandy Hike says – reply to this


    Im in complete awe of you , you've got to be one of the most blessed people just by the way you help everyone. To read the messages people left for you are inconcedarate things I've read. Your favorite things show yes I will admit I'd love to be apart of it all but to busy taking care of my mom dad died last year and I promised I'd be her and 6yrs laterim still doing something I know god blessed me to do. I've had a lot of o moments especially right at this moment. Thank you for what you continue to do by blessing others. Those comments phooey ! Maybe some day I could meet you. May god bless you!! Sandy

  17. Bobbie Wilkerson says – reply to this


    help me Oprah Bobbie Wilkerson I love your favorite things

  18. SAM says – reply to this


    Not a big O fan since she backed obama but her favourite things show for the military spouses is fabulous! They ARE serving! Thank you Oprah.