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EXCLUSIVE! Glee's Blaine Enters The Dark Side With The Warblers! WATCH Full Song HERE!

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What trickery is this?! Halloween is over, so WHY are we seeing our beloved Darren Criss cavorting with his character's former — and now rival — singing group the Warblers in this EXCLUSIVE clip from the next, all new Glee?!

Could it be… is Blaine cheating on New Directions?!

Ch-ch-check out the EXCLUSIVE video of Blaine getting in touch with his Dark Side (above)!!

Goodness, all this cheating Blaine! We'd never have thought this of you, and we can't imagine Kurt would be very pleased if he knew you not only have forsaken him in the way of love, but you've gone behind your friends' backs to lend that unparalleled talent of yours to the enemy…


We just hope everything sorts itself out and that this rendition of Kelly Clarkson's killer tune with those sassy Warblers is a one time only occurrence… a mere dalliance we can forgive!

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26 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Glee's Blaine Enters The Dark Side With The Warblers! WATCH Full Song HERE!”

  1. David says – reply to this


    ooh god i'm torn, on one hand i want as much Blaine as i can possibly get and that means Blaine at McKinley but seeing him back with the warblers brings back so many good memories.
    I just love seeing Blainers in that blazer!! to bad this will definitely be the last time ever.

  2. David says – reply to this


    ooh god i'm torn, on one hand i want as much Blaine as i can possibly get and that mean Blaine at McKinley but seeing him back with the warblers brings back so many good memories.
    I just LOVE Darren to pieces!!!

  3. Marco says – reply to this



  4. Cho-Chang says – reply to this


    When Darren puts that blazer on my little heart goes 'weeeeeee!!' There's just something about a man in a uniform…

  5. David says – reply to this


    oops double post, sorry about that.

  6. samantha says – reply to this


    Blaine looks so happy to be back with the Warblers! i understand Hunte(the new guy) and Sebastian want him back,but do they realy want to give up lead vocals to him,cause you know that's what would happen?

  7. Adam says – reply to this


    sebastian is so sexy id let him ride me

  8. mette says – reply to this


    I LOVE Blaine with the Warblers.. I honestly think he belongs at Dalton, i mean the only reason he transferred to Mckinley was to be with Kurt and now they are broken up and kurt is in NYC, there really isn't anything thats keeping him there, since it seems like none of the ND kids care about him, since the only thing they were worried about was Finn, when Blaine ran out crying and is sad. But I also know that if he were to transfer back, that would be writing him out of the show, since it would be too many diff. places to shoot and there really wouldn't be a reason for him to be there, since he and kurt broke up..

  9. Caroline says – reply to this


    The New Directions are barely his friends! He's in pain and basically hates himself and no one at McKinley even cares to comfort him. He's happiest with the Warblers. He's the BEST with the Warblers. If he can't be with Kurt (which he MUST) then at least let him be happy with the Warblers.

  10. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Cheating? No, he was with the Warblers first and the New Directions aren't even his friends! Other than Sam no one cares so I say go back to Dalton, Blaine. Go back to where they love you!

  11. marcy says – reply to this


    nop.. Blaine belongs to ND now.. sorry guys

  12. Kat says – reply to this


    Cannot get enough of Sebastian and all the Warblers. Most underrated part of the show that has yet to be explored. Oh..and Blaine looks good too.

  13. hanan says – reply to this


    i just see this over and over again
    i adore blaine with the warblers <333

  14. Kem says – reply to this


    Sex on a stick, and sing like a dream. Can we have a warbler spin off with Blaine and Sebastian.

  15. Xavier says – reply to this


    Poor Blaine though, he's been showing signs of distress in the last few episodes and no-one at McKinley, not even Kurt has taken the time to sit down with him and hear him out.

  16. Jessica Loiola says – reply to this


    Blaine jumped into a table: he's back. And can we talk about what the fuck happened with Sebastians hair?

  17. Rancer says – reply to this


    Hey, Thad's still there! =D Wait.. he was a junior on season 2, right?… Whatever, Blaine WAS supposed to be too

  18. Philippa says – reply to this


    Seeing this makes me so happy! First of: I've hated Sebastian since day one but for some reason this makes me want to see much more of him. Secondly I love seeing Blaine with his blazer, with the Warblers, that's where he belongs. I want to see so much more of the Warblers, for me they're the best part of Glee (and I love everything about Glee apart from Rachel and Kitty ;) )

  19. Me says – reply to this


    Honestly, I have to say that this makes sense (as much as I love Darren being in the background, at least, most of the time). He was friends with the Warblers longer and only came to McKinley for Kurt, so he has no real thing holding him back. And if it'll put his character at peace with what happened, good for him. I never liked the New Directions anyways.

  20. blackness says – reply to this


    He will always be a Warbler, and Sam is the only member of ND who seem to care and I bet if the others want to rescue him, they only want him for his voice and crown pleasing antics. But on a more practical side, with at least 2 transfers already would it look good on a college script to put both schools and jump between the two?

    He looks so good in a blazer, but he won't be leaving New Directions sadly. Still maybe this will be the wake up call ND need to help him other than my wonderful Sam. Have fun Blaine.

  21. sakurajapan says – reply to this


    Blaine (Darren) is always amazing with the Warblers. Millions of your fans from Japan will always love and support you, Darren.

  22. victor says – reply to this


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  23. Anonymous says – reply to this


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  24. jessica says – reply to this


    Blaine could actually be happy back in the Warblers, I miss the old New Directions and I'll be honest I miss those boys in blazers even Sebastian the creep, and that's saying a lot.

  25. sakurajapan says – reply to this


    Everyday I watch this video (Blaine and the Warblers) over and over again.

  26. MR SAMSON says – reply to this


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