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KStew is in, but the Sandman is out!! Kristen Stewart consulted her agent magic mirror and decided she has no other choice but to star in Snow White & thRead more…

34 comments to “Kristen Stewart Desperate For Snow White 2; Rupert Sanders' Next Project Is Saving His Marriage”

  1. Litlluvbug says – reply to this


    It's not just her affair that makes people not want to work with her. If she thinks that is why her career dies, she is so sourly mistaken. She has a huge likability factor. It may be shyness or awkwardness, but she always comes off as ungrateful and she is that great of an actress. I can't stand to watch her, its like nails on a chalk board.

  2. 2

    this is redic. When can we move on from this silly incident? She's so young and still learning. So many people have flings with coworkers. I'm not saying it's ok but it certainly isn't shocking. I'm sick of seeing the pics. I'm sick of hearing about how fragile her relationship is with her person. I hope they are on some remote island right now enjoying each other. Every relationship and career has it's challenges. Don't even get me started on the influx her career would likely have seen if she were a dude.

  3. Taylor says – reply to this


    Stop to call her a homewrecker, I don't understand why the media have to say so many stupid things..! She deserve a second chance..!

  4. shut up! says – reply to this


    This article is so rubbish. Don't worry about Kristen. She will be fine.

  5. lisa says – reply to this


    perez , perez, I dont think she is desperate for anything.. sources say..really looks like you looked into your magic mirror for a bunch of b.s.. im quite sure Ms. Stewart will be just fine. Then again you always talk trash about her anyway I would expect anything less from you , so carry on. As for Ms Greene and Mr Lautner not one of them has proven themselves outside of twilight Ms Stewart has as well as Ms Kendrick.. Npw what..

  6. Getoverit says – reply to this


    Seriously people get over it ..this so called sources should all be named since Kristen for one keeps her business to herself unlike the mistake she made that a whole bunch of people cant seem to get past . I wonder dearly where you article writers get all your information from ..Answer this ..why would she be desperate when she is rich? ..the jobs will come in ..give the girl a break.

  7. gargamel says – reply to this


    The only desperate here is this peresito…the only unsuccesful hispanic immigrant
    Hey did u get your green card yet? There's no free coke in united states for him so he keeps on trying to score any hit.

  8. Dunj says – reply to this


    Its sad to see how much ur jealous of Ms. Stewart . Ur hater and a bully and thatsit, youll never change, sad :-(

  9. 9

    she gets no offers because she can't act,

  10. 10

    Re: Litlluvbug – funny because everyone that works with her and have met her says other wise. you are just blinded with hate

  11. faithful says – reply to this


    once again Perez you fuck Kristen in the ass with your shitty comments. You know she is not desperate and your made sources are getting tired !

  12. ann. low says – reply to this



  13. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Kristen kind of admitted this when she was doing the Twilight promotional talk shows. Kristen did say she was not getting any good script offers. Kristen stated she was having trouble finding her way after the Twilight Series. Or something like that….

  14. 14

    Re: Taylor – But she is a homewrecker!!! Usually the media lies about something but in this case they are right, she is a homewrecker.

  15. 15

    I am going to be hated here by most people but I hate when they call Perez a bully. Well he doesnt like K-Stew but so what. This is his blog and people has the option to go to another gossip website, but no… people continue to read his blog… And when they dont agree with his opinion… They call him a bully. Honestly, I dont like K-Stew. I think she is ungrateful toward her fans and sucess. People say that she is just shy but there other actors that are just as shy that doesnt sound like her… including R-Patz (not much of a fan either) I am fan of twilight books but they messed up with the movies… All actors are not ugly per se but they are not the most beautiful people either… And K-Stew cannot act …

  16. Huh... says – reply to this


    She'll probably take the next year or two off and follow Rob around to his movies and filmings. She doesn't need any money, and would probably enjoy time off with Rob. It wouldn't surprise me if they married and then she returned to filming or getting more into producing. After the scandal, she might choose behind the camera for awhile, until her and Rob make another movie together. She wasn't bad in SWATH, yet, well, who knows what will really happen…?

  17. SS says – reply to this


    Re: Litlluvbug – agreed. I'm indifferent to her acting. But this whole scandal is more exciting than any movie she'll ever star in! lol take a hint kstew, people talk about your affair because its more interesting than your boring performances on screen

  18. kikay says – reply to this


    Where is Will.i.am when you need him!

  19. 19

    It was so funny going to Breaking Dawn and in the credits as they went through every character from every Twilight movie. As soon as they showed Stewart, EVERYONE booed!! I doubt it will make SW 2 do well to have her in it. I'd drop the idea. She really made a big mistake. (and yes, so did Rupert (much bigger).

  20. 20

    Re: Getoverit – She obviously didn't keep this one to herself considering she felt the need to apologize to Robert publicly. She will be ok I'm sure, but it will take a little time, not right away. I'm sure a lot of the audience did not go to see BD 2 to see her, they wanted to see the ending to the story, but had to deal with her in it.

  21. Granny Annie says – reply to this


    I did not like SWATH at all. Some of the effects were quite good, but all in all it was boring and slow paced, I and my movie friend were ready to leave after an hour. I also do not like K Stew, or rather the type of person she portrays to the public, you can be shy and still be respectful at the same time. Rob manages to do it. I will probably see most of his films but none of hers because of her acting style. I am not a hater, just know what I like to pay to see and what I don't. Rob is looking like a big dummie for taking all the crap and still hanging in there, but I still like his personality quite a bit. My comments of course refer to their public persona and in no way touch their private lives as none of us have any idea of that.

  22. sophie says – reply to this


    No one booed Kristen Stewart in my theater when BD2 credits rolled. I hope she does SWaTH2. I'm her fan and I think she demonstrated a love for the Twilight Saga and an appreciation of the fans.

  23. lmlol says – reply to this


    She will never be a big actress again. She just lucked out with the Bella role.

    1) She can't really act. A real actress is someone like Meryl Streep, who acts differently in every role. Stewart is just lip-biting Stewart in every role. That is not acting, that is posing and being herself — which gets old.
    2) Seeing the pictures of her getting felt up by that old man grossed a lot of people out. Before that I thought she was pretty and cool, if not a good actress. Now I kind of cringe when I see a picture of her — sort of makes me gag thinking of old man hands on her. That is the nature of public relations and image building. She blew her image — and, given that she is not a great actress, image was all she had.

    If 5 years we will just remember her as the girl in the first Twilight. By then they will be shooting a re-make.

  24. lmlol says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – Quite true..quite true.

  25. Troye LJ says – reply to this


    Please Kristen distance yourself from this project. Your name associated with a sequel will be tarnished by the constant reminders of the first no matter a new director or not. Your career and you are better than this following you around. And swath didnt set the world on fire. Sure it made you and universal money but money can't buy you happiness and fulfillment. No one actually needs a swath2 and certainly not you. Walk away.

  26. gargamel says – reply to this


    Just be glad that NON KSTEW FANS are still wagging their tongues otherwise we wouldn't know how RELEVANT AND POPULAR she is. GLOBAL PANDEMONIUM is all i could see wherever she shows to promote a movie. IT SUCKS to be on the losing end of a PISSING CONTEST. Your problem is…YOU ALL KEEP LOOKING AT HER BANK ACCOUNT AND HER MAN…SO LET YOUR PAIN REMAIN.

  27. gargamel says – reply to this


    That one up there that WISHED everyone BOOED Kristen….NICE TRY ON TROLLING.
    So how many times did you watch the movie? Closet pathetic LESBIAN.

  28. 28

    like anybody wants to see her pathetic performance

  29. heidi says – reply to this


    first of all to be a homewrecker like bbb-123 says you actually have to wreck a home and steal someones husband like angelina did with brad with no remorse, kristen is still feeling the guilt and in no way wants to take that loser away from his family. Its the pigs job to save his family and im sure this article is perez and his BS. Rupert was not even offered acording to film to direct the sequal, they want a new vision and im sure if he was given the chance he would choose drooling over kristen all day ( coming from a man who describes seeing her for the first time like the horney pervert he is) than saving his already doomed marriage from before.

  30. gargamel says – reply to this


    You paid 8 bucks plus a bucket of popcorn and large refillable soda to drown out your anger while kristen traded spit with rob. And you brought 4 friends to symphatize with you. That's how STEW earned her 45 million. And you go home and log on to this site to check out if there are still peep as MAD as you with the GODDESS of Legs!

  31. Jean says – reply to this


    Booing Kristen's name in the credits was a childish thing to do. She wasn't there to hear it so what was the purpose. I am sure she is aware of what people think of her tryst with Rupert and the way he is dissing her now is childish on his part. They were caught up with each other on set of SWATH and acted upon it. Both their careers will suffer for it and that's punishment enough and if Rob loves her enough to take her back then that is his business.

  32. sheila says – reply to this


    Wow, it's nice to read such a rational response in an article that mentions Rupert&Kristen. I don't like to comment on him much but will say that he did seem to drool over her from day 1 in his comments.Also, Perez' spin is less toxic then say the DailyMail(UK) which is trying to turn Rupert into a victim. It did seem like Universal was keen on keeping Rupert aboard at least in directing some other film like Van Helsing. In early August it was said that Kristen had one sequel written into her contract while Rupert did not. I liked Snow White well enough and think an experienced director could do more with the film especially since they hired a pretty good screenwriter this time.

  33. 33

    I agree, if she doesn't get any job offers its due to her lack of acting. She's terrible and really got lucky with the twilight movies. I mean come on, with taylor and Robert on screen do you really think anyone even noticed her?

  34. gargamel says – reply to this