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Ahhh it's almost wintertime in NYC and while the ret of New Yorkers are prepping for potential future snowstorms and buying balaclavas in bulk... It seem… Read more…

8 comments to “Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Seem Gleeful In NYC!”

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    "Is Rachel raising her hands to the heavens because she's actually enjoying being single?!" Too bad we can't say the same about Lea. We're all ready for that farce to end, just like Finchele and Klaine did. It'll be a joyous day

  2. 2

    No one cares about this show anymore. This show used to represent or at least try, High School kids, not superstars in NYC.

    Cancel this shit already.

  3. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! When Lea Michele tilts her head back like that, her nostrils look like a pair of bat-caves!!!

  4. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: hamster25 – if you're really a fan of lea and wants her to be happy, you'll be supportive of her including those she chooses to bring into her life. if you're only happy if she is with whomever it is you want her to be with, that is not really showing support for her; rather it is a selfish kind of love, conditional on her doing what you want her to do. please think about it.

  5. Steph says – reply to this


    I LIKE the show, though I tolerate the "show within a show" thing. "The Break-Up" was a fantastically done episode, all ’round. I'd prefer a spin-off in NYC with Kurt/Rachel and Quinn is nearby, with maybe the others coming in as the Powers That Be determine (not limited to Mike, Mercedes, Santana and whoever else we can snag. That would have the allow those who started watching in high school to relate to the "starting out" situations. And where do you get "superstars in NYC" from a first year NYADA student with a heavy grudge by her dance instructor and a maybe designer/performer (yet to be determined)? They're just starting out and things change on a dime.

    Two, at least HALF if not more of the scenes in the (still young) season HAVE been set in Lima, WITH the high school group. While I haven't been terribly excited by the newbies, they are starting to "gel" a bit. I don't find the mix as fun or interesting as the original characters or performers…maybe it's the chemistry. But it's just a TV show - and it's early in the season, yet, recouping from a lot of changes.

    Off screen relationships are their business, not ours. And I dare you to have a continuous shot done of YOU that DOESN'T have an unflattering shot in it. Despite Lea being awfully tan for a NYC resident, she looks great, as does Chris.

  6. StrainAsylum says – reply to this


    I LIKE the show. I like the original cast and character mix best. The new performers, while talented, don't excite my interest very much, as yet. Marley and Unique are the most charismatic combo, so far. The others are kind of vanilla.

    "The Break-Up" was a great episode - very well done in all respects. I'd prefer to see more NYC stuff, but I understand your apparent need to have a group that you relate to (i.e. teenagers). I like the NYC possibilities because Kurt & Rachel are a great combo and their experiences are more interesting (to me). I'd like to see the rest of the older cast coming by, with the younger set as applicable. If Blaine is one, fine, but I like the drama of the break up and the possibilities. I think I'd like to see them back together eventually, but this is more real, esp with a long range relationship (Mike/Tina? Brit/Santana?)

    People try being a little nice. It doesn't hurt much and costs nothing.

  7. 7

    The ladies do look happy now don't they.

  8. boston61 says – reply to this


    They are very young. Everyone feels like that in their early 20's. Enjoy it while it lasts.